Once upon a time there as a little rumor that Skype was going to shed its exclusivity with Verizon and once again be available to everyone else. Friends, that day has come. Chat and call all you want. It's cool. Free Skype to Skype calls. Call internationally for cheap. IM your friends. One caveat here is that calls have to be made over Wifi in the United States, but that's not the worst thing in the world.

So let's raise a glass to the death of another exclusive agreement that shut out more users than it included, and get your download on after the break. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Skype for Android breaks free of Verizon exclusivity, now available for all


X10 mini - Sony Ericsson promise the 2.1 update at the end of the month, but they said that last month too :-(

Get Tango. It is available in the market and it allows you to video call over platforms i.e. iPhone 4 to HTC Evo 4G. I have had problems with fring and the quality sucked.

They still do have it...notice how you have to make calls over WiFi? Verizon is still and will be the only company to make calls over the calling network. That's what they have exclusive, not Skype itself.

Now if Verizon would unbundle it those of us that have no use for Skype wouldn't have to have it running on our phones all the time!

This x1000. Now that Skype is available to the masses, let those of us on VZW who have no use for it delete it from our phones.

Tried this with my Sprint Evo 4G and got the following message:

"Sorry, Skype for mobile is not available for your phone.

Switch to one of Verizon's best selling ..."

If you have a US based, non-world verizon phone, would you be able to use Skype if you traveled overseas to place a call back to the US?

Yes, but Skype is American and Fring is Israeli. I'll buy Israeli only after there's a peace deal.. so those of us that boycott now have a viable option.

Skype was founded by a couple of Swedish guys, coded by Estonians, and is headquartered in Luxembourg, they're partly owned by eBay but you could hardly say this is an American company.

From the Market page: "Some handsets (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S) are not currently supported"

Thanks, Skype.

did same to me, then realized the phone was adding a space after u/n. I removed that and it worked.

No love for Samsung Galaxy phones:( I tried it and it force closes when I try to do anything with the app.

Guess I will still have to use Nimbuzz for making Skype calls on my phone.

Sorry but having to use Wi-Fi IS a big deal. If I am near a wi-fi spot I could use any app really including a PC.
So now I have to be near a Wi-Fi spot and STILL CANNOT make a video Skype call either??? No thanks!

The entire idea is to be able to make a Skype call no matter where you are, quickly, easily and with video.

Everytime I tried to make a call, it shut off my Wifi a few seconds into it. Also, I'd like there to be a way to get rid of that annoying "Skype is logged in" notification up top. Also, I heard that it's VERY intensive on the CPU so I would imagine it could be a battery killer.

Also, IME Skype's call quality is a lot better than Google Voice's. I haven't tried Google Voice in several months since it was pretty bad last time I gave it a shot - laggy, other party had trouble hearing me (not a headset issue, since I didn't have the same problem on Skype with the same hardware). I love Google Voice for a portable number and for their general setup/voicemail, but not for their actual VOIP quality.

Exclusive to making calls over 3g. Skype app has never itself been exclusive. IPhone had it 3 years before Verizon, and still has it.

I am so glad about this. Finally no more nimbuzz or needing (well used to) Fring. I can finally go right on my phone.

Its somewhat of a resource hog from what I see though. Which sucks. But at least its here. They can always update now.

But I am reading that 3G doesnt work & on the EVO (which is what I have) the front facing camera isnt utilized for video chatting.
Skype App Finally in Market ... No video chatting

This is pretty unfortunate and frustrating. But I guess it will come along. Does iphones skype apps have video chat?

Now we need Skype on fring again so we can have video chat from phone to PC. I know we have imochvia, but the quality is too good. Anyway, this is great news.

Skype for me is working good. (EVO 4G) BUT this is totally pointless since we cant make video calls. we all have the unlimited plan so we wont be charged for making any calls on skype anyway. why is video chat disable. i agree with phillysdon04 we need skype back on fring so we can take advantage of the (EVO 4G) HIGHLY POWERFUL GREATNESS LOL, BUT this is the first step, still better than nothing I GUESS.

Whats all the problems with EVO? I just installed on my EVO and it works fine. Not very useful but works fine. Calls not working even on wifi but IM is fine.

Be careful folks the Verizon Version uses your minutes to make skype to skype calls or is it skype to land. And it always runs in the background.

Duh, you're making a call on the Verizon network. Last I checked when you make a call on a network it uses minutes.

It shouldn't use minutes if ur making the call over the data network! Verizon is a garbage nickel and dime network.

I downloadd it to my Captivate, but I get the following error trying to login:

"We're sorry, but we couldn't sign you in. Please try again later."

Keep getting the error.

Google needs to update google voice app to allow VOIP calls.

The Verizon one let's u call over 3g and on Verizon. Where the new Skype works on all Android but you have to be on WiFi.

To be honest Skype is a little too late
And still is behind
We should've been able to video chat from day one
But now with apps like Tango where you can chat from EVO to EVO
OR EVO to iPhone or any phone with video capabilities
Fring and Skype are pretty much obsolete to me right now
I will forever use Tango until they prove to be better

worked great this morning but now all I get is this error.

"We're sorry, but we couldn't sign you in. Please try again later."- EVO on wifi.

What a horrific piece of crapware. Overly bloated that can't be moved to the SD Card and it stays running sucking down battery juice like a vampire. To top it off, you can't even log in.

Skype, get out of the Android platform. At least until you hire some people that actually care enough about the product and have the passion to write the app correctly. LIke the guys behind Angry Birds at Rovio. That app defaults to install on the SD Card, as all large apps should.