Skyfire has updated their blog letting everyone know they are hard at work on Skyfire version 4.0 that is apparently going to be made available in the "coming weeks". When Skyfire updated to version 3.0 it brought a lot of changes such as social networking and overall, a better browsing experience.

With version 4.0 they are once again going to be introducing new features but also a new pricing model. While we're not sure what that means for end users in terms of costs but Skyfire was quick to note that all current features will remain free. Check out our previous hands- on to get a look at Skyfire 3.0 and we'll be sure to let you know when v4.0 drops. [Skyfire]


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Skyfire 4.0 upgrade coming soon, promises better browsing experience

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This is fantastic news. I love Skyfire and look forward to seeing what a paid version has to offer!

I just wish other developers like Rovio would follow the lead. Not having a paid ad free version of Angry Birds SUCKS!

Luckily my Nexus is rooted(ad free) and the version of Angry Birds I have on my Xoom does not play nice. The ads don't work :D