LG's latest supersized smartphone meets its predecessor

Mobile World Congress

The LG G Pro 2 was announced before Mobile World Congress and while we already went hands on, we've gone back to check it out next to some other LG devices. Namely its predecessor, the Optimus G Pro and its little brother, the G2

Make no mistake, the G Pro 2 is a big phone. But, what's truly very impressive is that it isn't that much bigger than the original Optimus G Pro. With a 0.4-inch screen size increase, the G Pro 2 is just a tiny bit taller and wider. Side-by-side with the G2, there's a more noticeable size difference, but again, not as much as you may imagine with a 0.7-inch screen size difference. 

Otherwise, the G Pro 2 is clearly part of the G2 family. It has traded the glossy back of the G2 and the Optimus G Pro for a more textured finish, though. Find a bunch more family photos after the break. 


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Sizing up the LG G Pro 2, LG Optimus G Pro and LG G2


i thought the same way, but i actually like it that way now. Recent apps are accessible by tap-holding home so you still get the full functionality of recent apps, but also get a larger menu button. I know it doesn't conform to android standards but i was never a fan of the new-old 3 dot menu button. The button was small and sometimes hard to hit as it's in the most obscure location possible when using any phone one-handed.

The on screen menu button is a doozy. On my G2 you can change the layout.. But you can't put the "normal recents" on there. Personally it's not a big deal as I'm rooted and running a custom ROM and have installed LMT (PIE) but for those that use their on screen buttons, you'd think the traditional layout would at least be an option.

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If you have root and running Exposed you can change the buttons to your liking ever on a stock ROM.

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I don't understand the "every iteration must increase in size" design process. I bought the G2 because I thought the G Pro was awesome but bordering on too big. The G2 was a great compromise. This dwarfs it. 6" screens are seriously getting too big in my opinion. In a perfect world they should have focused on making the G Pro faster, thinner, smaller and lighter while maintaining the 5.5" screen. Unfortunately they couldn't resist "bigger".

Its because there are lots of consumers, (myself included) that wanted a slightly bigger screen than last years model...I've had the note 2 for a little over a year now and have been waiting for this exact phone from lg before I upgraded

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The G pro had physical button and 5.5 inch screen. The G Pro 2 has 5.9" screen with on screen buttons which consume a portion of the real estate. The 5.9" is disingenuous like HTC announced display sizes. It is certainly not 5.9 inches of usable real estate. I am not advocating physical buttons, on screen buttons are preferable in my opinion but the screen size needs to be declared with an accompanied USABLE SCREEN measurement.

I bet they are nearly the same in that measurement.

I loved the G2 but the GPS problem turned me away. I really want LG to compete with Samsung, but if you are not gonna update your devices on time then at least make them work as intended out the box. The G2's GPS sucks big time.

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My G2's gps works great. I constantly use it for navigation. And, it just got updated to Kit Kat last night. I can't speak for everyone, but my G2 has been great, and it just got better.

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huh? My VZW G2 has been flawless...I live in a city surrounded by 10+ story buildings and don't have any trouble locking. Sometimes it takes 30 seconds, but usually only when I turn it on while in the parking garage. If i turn it on once on the street it connects almost instantly.

I love my G Pro, even over the G2. The G Pro 2 increased screen size is welcome, but I am fan of the physical and capacitive buttons. I don't like on screen buttons. Really wish they stick with that with the G Pro 2.

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I bought the G2 because the G pro and Note 3 were too big. G2's physical dimensions make for the perfect sized phone for my hand, and its almost non-existent bezel means i get a larger screen than similarly-sized phones.

If LG cant upgrade there software to kitkat for the optimus g pro i will not be buying my next phone from them. They need to show support for it's current customers to keep them happy or they face losing them forever. Personally think i will be upgrading to the oneplus one next. http://tinyurl.com/p57n9ef