Android phones aren't the only chart toppers around here. Pop culture sensation Lady Gaga (Phil's favorite, don't let him kid you) can always be found sitting high on the Billboard Charts. So why not put those two together? Well, the Japanese did just that. Click on after the break to see two Lady G commercials advertising the Sharp IS03. The device will be hitting Japan's KDDI au network, and will boast a beautiful 960 x 640 3.5-inch screen.[PointGPhoneThanks for the tip, machine!


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Sharp IS03 gets some Lady Gaga promotion -- can't read its poker face


I pre-ordered mine.. Still waiting... And of course the phone is still stuck with Android 2.1 until at least next Spring, assuming Sharp doesn't bail on updating it!

Looks too much like iphone.... ??? Maybe companies should stop making their phones look like the typical iphone ><