Swype beta for Android

For those of you rocking the Swype beta -- ie it did NOT come presinstalled on your phone -- it just got a pretty sizable update. Here's the full changelog:

  • Resolved an accuracy issue that was introduced in the last Beta update. New software features supporting additional languages were included in the beta before the test plan for those features was complete (it is a beta after all). Subsequent testing identified the accuracy issue and corrections made. These new tests have been incorporated into our regression testing to prevent future accuracy issues.
  • Added Double-Tap-to-Edit and Cursor Restore
  • Added microphone button (QWERTY only. Requires Google Voice Search be pre-integrated in your phone’s ROM)
  • Added French & EXPERIMENTAL Chinese Pinyin languages
  • Modified new word priority defaults. The word-choice-window will now be ordered more intelligently when encountering custom dictionary words
  • Fixed a bug where an extra space would be added when replacing a word by Swyping after opening the word choice window
  • Improved the "Hidden-Word" dialog handling so it doesn't show up as often (more improvements to this next time)
  • Improved prediction when handling various path collisions
  • Lots of minor bug fixes

The tl;dr version:  Better, faster, with voice-to-text, finally. Now only if Swype would put this in the market. For those of you already in the beta, head to beta.swype.com/android/get to update your installer. For everybody else, well ... [Swype] Thanks, Sean!


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Swype for Android beta updated


Too late. The beta is closed but if you go to beta.swype.com you can register to be notified when it reopens.

I gave up swype after I found "Better Keyboard". This is the only keyboard I can actually type fast in portrait with. Landscape is even better.

Man, I do not understand the purpose of this being a closed beta. Not only that, but why do i need to install swype-installer.apk, then log into my beta account and then download my phone-specific(ESN/IMEI) unique swype.apk file.

What the hell?

And god forbid you get the "The ID of the Phone doesn't match your registration." error like i did, or you'll have to do this:


Each account is tied to your ESN and IMEI number? Really? So swype has a database that has every user's phone IMEI number,ESN number and the phone type.

cant wait for that to get hacked..
(BTW, i had the older version of swype installed and used it on the regular.)

What about Droid X users? Is there an update, or are we already using the latest since the update in Froyo? Anyone? Bueller?

10.71 MB ... way too big. It was bad at circa 6 MB but unusable for me at this size. Swiftkey sits at 2.12 MB. Real pressure on the size of Android apps over the last couple of months and the implementation of apps to sd on Froyo is not delivering consumer benefit. Really hope they address this in Gingerbread and don't rely on newer phones coming with more internal memory.

There's a decent learning curce to Swype, in my experience. But now that I've figured it out, I absolutely love it. I've nearly given up on the physical keyboard on my Epic as a result. In a small way, I feel as though if I had know that before-hand, I would have gone with the Evo instead. But I still love my Epic just the same. And Swype.

The installer is now self updating btw, so no more uninstall & re-install dance after this beta... As far as I am concerned the usability improvements in this update really prove that Swype knows what they're doing, even if the business model is questionable and they take forever (and then some) to update. Double tapping to switch words is a great time saver, and the tweaks to auto spacing and word suggestion are very smart, they've definitely studied actual user behavior.

Installed the new version on my Evo, now it won't let me select input devices to switch from stock back to Swype keyboard. Last version worked fine, any one else having this problem?

yeah im having problems on my evo. says its not for my device. i uninstalled and reinstalled. gonna try it again and then a reset if it doesnt work.

Having the same prob, got it to turn on in the settings but it now says the same, 'The Swype package you installed is configured for another device and will operate with limited functionality'....won't let me swype to type

Major Fail on my Droid 1 running Simply Stunning. I tried every trick in the book to workaround the "configured for a different device" bug but none of the old workarounds helped this time. Especially galling when the are bragging on their changelog about the streamlined installation process! After struggling through numerous uninstalls, file deletions and reboots with no success I reverted to a Titanium backup of the previous version. This really ticks me off because I badly wanted that voice input. What a tease! Screw these guys!

There's no excuse for this still being in beta.

It does not take five months to beta-test a keyboard that's already released standard on newer Android devices. How hard is it to put it on the market and fix any remaining bugs with updates?

uninstalled and reinstalled both the installer and swype 3 times. reset the phone and did it again and still the same problem. emailed swype about it.

Still using Shapewriter. No registration. No serial numbers. Works on Evo... just lacks the voice button :(

I just downloaded on my EVO. It was very simple, painless, and worked perfectly. I love Swype! This update is so much better, and I really like the speech to text option too!

That's it, I'm all done with Swype.

The last version was inaccurate to the point I hadn't bothered using it for over a month and now this version won't even install telling me the phone doesn't match my account. I'm not going through the ridiculous steps required for a problem with their installer.

Very disappointing experience. Major fail

Try uninstalling both swype and the installer, then reinstall. When you get to the "start download" screen, start the download. When it is finished, hit the done button. This will bring you back to the"start download" screen again. DO NOTHING! GIVE IT A MINUTE and the "enable swype" option comes up. Enable it and all is good.

If you get the message about not being configured for your device, there us a quick fix. Just go to your app drawer, click the swype installer. You should see am enable swype option. That fixes the problem.

Tried that. It tells me that Swype is already installed. Does not get to "enable". And it force closes when I just wait for the enable message after the install. Now what?

Ok, I finally got to the "enable" message after about 12 tries! I think the problem was that the download and install is so huge I was running out of memory. So I uninstalled some other apps to free up some memory and it finally took. Sheesh what a royal pain that was! I hope this is worth it!

hmm I think I'll just stick with the version I have now that's working fine on my EVO.... this updates sounds way too troublesome.... how long until someone has the apk out for us non-beta peeps?... I'm guess a few days. :)

Swype I think is making some stupid moves. Closed beta for this long. Really. Competitors are coming out, losing potential customers to them. They could have defined the market, rather they will eventually should they ever come out of this beta be just an option. I for one have given up waiting.

It is nice to finally have voice input. And the new double tap to edit a word is quite useful. With the improved accuracy its hard to deny its the best keyboard available, even compared to strong contenders like Smart Keyboard Pro and Swiftkey. But man, they really need to make installation easier. I hate to think I'm going to have to fight the installation battle again whenever I upgrade my OS. That's just brutal.

Sorry, way too long in a closed Beta. As mentioned there are now alternatives and they are loosing market share.

Have given up on this coming to market and gone with SlideIT and find this very accurate and it has voice input already.

Love voice to text integration. Too bad the Swype input is broken now. I'm getting the "wrong device"/"limited functionality" message as well on my Sprint HTC Hero. Hope they resolve this soon.