Jet Set Radio

I'm not normally one to worry about the size of Android applications these days. Twenty megabytes? Download without thinking. Fifty? Sure. Why not?

Sega's much-anticipated Jet Set Radio, however, clocks in at a whopping 587 megabytes. Not exactly a record or anything, but this sucker's big. Took about 8 minutes from download to first push. 

This game is worth the $4.99, though. If you're into the skate culture at all, you'll find something here. The premise, if you're new to the game, is that you're a "Rudie" in Tokyo-To, with magnetically-driven in-line skates. They're powered by some sort of "netrium" battery -- and you're powered by Jet Set Radio, "a pirate radio station manned by the DJ Professor K that plays nothing by non-stop hardcore music." And you skate around, tagging stuff and giving the finger to the man -- all that jazz.

Gameplay is pretty good. You get the feel of the on-screen joystick easily enough (and I've never been a big fan of those). The four-button layout is simple, and the tutorials get you going. The graffiti tagging gets a little more intricate as time goes on, so pay attention to that.

Hit the download link above to give it a go (again, remember, it's $5, so keep in mind that 15-minute refund window if this isn't your thing), and we've got promo video after the break.


Reader comments

Sega's Jet Set Radio is a half-gigabyte, $4.99, and available now


Game looks decent, will have to check it out at some point.

Just gonna say it although I know everyone has different needs. This is exactly why there shouldn't be 8GB phones any longer. To those that can use 8 that's great but 16 really should be the minimum now days on any mid to high end device.

Could you imagine if they tried to recreate a game like Shenmue to put it on the phone? They may have to start putting games on microSD cards just to sell them. Our phones and tablets would start becoming like handheld consoles.

Omg... Please don't mention shenmue. My all time favorite game that was never finished. Matter of fact a few weeks ago, I sat down and beat shenmue 1 and a European shenmue 2 on my Dreamcast again. Mind you, I have an Xbox 360, a ps3 and a Wii and I was playing my Dreamcast.

I never had an XBox so when I got my 360 I bought the XBox version of Shenmue II. Shenmue was my favorite game also, but for some reason I couldn't get past the catching the leaf with 2 fingers on Shenmue II. I got so frustrated with it. I wanted to finish chapter II, but never did.

I'm with you 100% on that!!! I waited in line on 9/9/99 for the Dreamcast at EB (remember them?) and I was the firs to get it. I was 16 at the time and the Dreamcast is still my favorite system along with Shenmue!!!

I fully agree with you (Mobius360) that there is shouldn't be 8 GB phones (which are actually 5GB if running Android after installing OS) because of some of these apps. But I can top this 500MB game. I am currently playing two games on my Nexus 7 (16GB which is actually 13.24GB) first is Asphalt 7: Heat that comes in at 1.51GB and NFS Most Wanted that comes in at 2GB. Apps are getting bigger and bigger and especially games and people need a place to put them on either there Smartphones or Tablets.

I agree that there shouldn't be anymore 8GB phones. I personally think we really need to have at 32GB or more now. I have a few games on my phone over 1GB. I have one that is 2.26GBs, The Dark Knight Rises. I have a 32GB phone with less than 12GB left. This is of course because I have a GS3, can't move apps to sd card on the GS3. If they are going to allow apps to get this big, they need to make the phones with the storage to store them.

Looks great i like the game just wish i could use my nyko controller would make it easier to play or i guess i could just play it on my Dreamcast still hooked up to my tv.Update game doesn't work on Asus TF 300 just goes black then back to home screen also been reading it does the same thing on Nexus 10 game runs fine on Nexus7 and Galaxy Note II

This, is exactly why I bought a GS3 over a HTC One X or Droid DNA. SD card space is where all the data for my games go! Bring those gigabyte games on!! :)

I feel you man only reason I bought the EVO LTE sd card or wouldnt have bought it since moved on to Galaxy note 2 kid gets the Evo lte for xmas

Oh my God!!! On download now!!! Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!! Just need Shenmue now then I'll be satisfied..and Sonic 2!

Awesome port of a excellent game! Looks just like the Dreamcast version. The weird thing is that the original fit on a GD-Rom disc which holds 1 gigabyte and this takes up a whopping 1.75 GIGABYTES!!!

This sucks so bad. I mean.. Last year the whole sonic cd fiasco and now again. I am able to install but then it crashes and back to my home screen. I've read that many are having the same issue. Sega can't get android right. They better fix this quick.