Huawei showed the gathered press a number of different videos during todays official unveiling of the new Ascend P6. While we hope you enjoyed the liveblog coverage, we appreciate that describing a video isn't quite the same as seeing it with you own eyes. So, here they are, all the videos that Huawei used to show off the Ascend P6. Enjoy. 

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Stevo612 says:

The sound made when you navigate between homescreens sounds like a minecraft spider!

Sounds better than the water drop sound on my SGN II phone! LOL

metaldood says:

Really? Impossibly \Insert word here\ everything?

DWR_31 says:

The theming is the right idea, but everything else is wrong.

From the DARK AC App!


Thin large phones feel HORRIBLE in the hand

The white and pink ones feel pretty good actually. They have a nice soft touch plastic back, the black one has a metal back and it's not quite as nice feeling

The name is pronounced "who wa way" in case you were struggling with that as was I for a while ;-)

androidfan1x says:

it's actually only 2 syllables: "wa-way",

darkoman4 says:

Everyone ridicules windows phone 8, and then everybody is coping it.

androidfan1x says:

drag to unlock?
impossibly impossible to be possible?

moises1204 says:

damn i want this phone bad!!!

Harry Wild says:

I want this phone now! I sick of waiting for Apple to copy this Ascend P6 and then call it the new generation iPhone 6.

hodan says:

Forget the videos, I want more pics of that model.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm sorry. I'm not an iSheep, I don't like Apple and I have a Nexus 4 and a Lumia 920. But MAN, some things look like an iPhone, like (most of) the sides of the phone and the camera app (looks like the iOS 6 camera app).

This does look like a nice phone though.