Huawei showed the gathered press a number of different videos during todays official unveiling of the new Ascend P6. While we hope you enjoyed the liveblog coverage, we appreciate that describing a video isn't quite the same as seeing it with you own eyes. So, here they are, all the videos that Huawei used to show off the Ascend P6. Enjoy. 

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Watch Huawei's promo videos for the new Ascend P6


The white and pink ones feel pretty good actually. They have a nice soft touch plastic back, the black one has a metal back and it's not quite as nice feeling

I want this phone now! I sick of waiting for Apple to copy this Ascend P6 and then call it the new generation iPhone 6.

I'm sorry. I'm not an iSheep, I don't like Apple and I have a Nexus 4 and a Lumia 920. But MAN, some things look like an iPhone, like (most of) the sides of the phone and the camera app (looks like the iOS 6 camera app).

This does look like a nice phone though.