Samsung press event

They're not being coy about this one, are they? That giant Roman numeral II in the bottom there sure makes it look like Samsung's got Galaxy S II news headed our way on Aug. 29. You know we'll be there, which means you'll be there with us. Stay tuned.


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Samsung's whipping up something Aug. 29 - looks like the Galaxy S II


I could never understand why it takes samsung so long to release these phones here in america. I mean seriously the gs2 as been out over seas for what 5 months already?

Because it's not really the same phone... they get the big button, we get the standard row, they got Exynos, we probably are only getting Snapdragon or Tegra 2. Throw different carriers and frequencies in there and you get 5 months of delays.

Because of carrier agreements. Hopefully it will be the same phone this time though. And yes, if Apple can do it, Samsung should be able to right?

please be so kind to inform all of us, how you can tell we're not getting exynos by looking at the fcc reports? cause the only thing the fcc deals with RF spectrum.

blame your carriers...overseas evryone gets the same design where as in your case all the carriers want to design their own versions..basically you lot dont get the galaxy s2 that samsung really wants you to have sadly

Because the US market is a completely different dynamic. The carrier is in control here and they usually want changes to the device.

Why does everyone keep saying 5 months? It's been 3. Three. Two months less than five. Yeah, it's been out there, but it's still spec-wise the best phone on the market. Obviously there's something better around the corner, and there always will be. Just because it's *3* months old doesn't mean it's still not a good purchase. Or, with LTE, a great purchase.

To be fair, the SGS II was released on the 28th of April.
I got mine on the 1st of May. (3 days later).
The phone will be announced on the 29 August and probably released at least a few weeks after, is not going to be on shops the next day, and some carries will get it even later. So...
If you count August and September too, is will be more than 5 months after the original release.
Pretty bad for you Americans, I feel for you.

The carriers tell Samsung what to put into the phone screwing everything up and delaying the phone. Blame your carrier not Samsung.

I wonder if you need an invite to attend. I live a few blocks from the Experience, and have been bugging those guys about the SG II for months.

God. Shouldn't this conference be earlier in this month to drum up hype. The phones won't be out the same day as the conference and is it really smart to have something so close to apple's day where no matter how great the American GS2 is will be overshadowed by the ievent. (apple sure as hell better fix the nano)

FINALLY. Very happy to hear this. I will be reading intently for dates and details - specifically for Verizon in my case. Also hoping it's not Bing'd out like the Fascinate, but I bet I am dreaming ..

Anyway, this is great news. It sounds like there will be many many fine phones out in the US in the next few months now. Great to have choice !

Oh wow, you mean Samsung is about to release more phones over here with all kinds of software and hardware issues that render their phones more suitable as paperweights than the functions it was designed for? This is good news, for motorola and htc.

so many people would not be buying or be excited if they were so bad as proclaim..seriously though in the uk/europe we generally get updates etc quicker than others so maybe its just US thing due to carriers you have..

I was excited for this until I saw the GS2 Celox, now I want that and will have to wait until...who knows when. So sad...

I bet it's a $300 million investment in Bose to bundle noise canceling headphones with their phones.

Mmm, so end of August will be the announcement. So I would expect the availability date to be end of September. So another month to wait plus with possible new phones coming out in the fall/winter....I think the delayed release will hurt the US sales.

The roman numerals are seen on the Galaxy S II in Korean dramas as the caller ID pic during incoming calls. Another way of advertising it there. Looks pretty certain to be it.

They're going to announce a partnership with Beats.

Man, Samsung sure knows how to squeeze more hype out of the hypebeast.

So, why is everyone saying that we won't be getting a GS2 with exynos? I feel like generally speaking, in past the US has gotten same awesome smartphones as everyone else, just later. For such a large market with as much global relevance and publicity as the US has for tech, why would we get a worse version of the phone?

The Sprint version has some benchmarks floating around that indicate it does have the Exynos processor. I would be seriously dissapointed if it didnt. If it has the tegra it is really just a photon with a different screen.

i feel you on that, if it doesnt have Exynos, kinda just ruined it for me; i'd would probably consider just waiting around for the nexus. But if it does, i'll be smooth at the sprint store, been waiting for months!!

Very true.....there has not been one SGS2 spotted without the exynos processor! I'm sure that Samsung would have trialed one in public or leaked it out by now if they intended to change

there is nothing to get excited about just yet. they just announcing it. there are still no launch date, so it could be mid/late sept before we even see it in stores. heck it might be november before we see all 4 carriers launching it. That and we have no idea what changes they made to the devices like the whole which processor is in the device.

Even if you blurred it out... I can still make out the words Columbus Circle on the flyer.. the last line reads (cant make it out) in Columbus Circle (cant make next word out) So this event is going down at the samsung display store in the time warner building in Columbus Circle

why does everyone say along side iphone to compete? No manufacture wants to compete directly with the iPhone(you cant compete). They want to release a few weeks before. Preferable before Apple announces iPhone info. Then, after iphone is release you cut the price to compete. My contract is up on 8/29. I'm glad I will be able to make a decision on what I do from there. Carrier, phone, wait, etc.

I had hoped the Stratosphere was going to be the VZW GSII released on the same date as the Bionic. Looks like I will just get the Bionic and keep it until the next Nexus comes out. My Costco return policy only extends till 9/16/11 so I need the device I will get to come out prior to that.

It has to be "Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus" not the regular "Samsung Galaxy S2"to compete with A-5 which is coming out around the same time.

It's funny how Samsung keeps blaming the US carriers for the delays and bloatware; I suppose it was Verizon and AT&T who put the gun to Samsung's head and said, "you will create a lame media hub that no one needs/wants or we won't carry your phone.". Nice try. The 2 stands for the number of companies Samsung is trying to rip off with their product offering. First, just apple. Now Apple and Motorola. They don't know how to make a single good phone. Just an extended family of less than great phones. And for all you Samsung fellaters: why does the Vibrant, Fascinate, Captivate and Nexus S all have a key feature missing or bundling error? (camera flash; side-loading apps; no SD card) Because Samsung is a crappy company with no real strategy beyond vomiting on a wall and waiting to see what sticks.

As a disgruntled Captivate user (I had to break the warranty on my phone to get the proper phone update that should have come PRE-INSTALLED), we Android users have to stop being so anti-Apple to the point where we don't realize that players like Samsung are slowly KILLING Android. No one who supports Samsung in a debate against Apple is helping Android.

Wow, i hope you called the police the day the samsung rep kidnapped you and put a gun to your head and forced you to buy a Captivate. i'm sure you could have taken it to court and had your contract invalidated because of the coercive manner in which you were forced to buy it.

oh wait, that didn't actually happen. you walked into a store of your own free will and bought a phone that had the android version and feature set clearly labeled on it.

Oh wait, you know what also didn't happen? Any half-@$$ed attempt at defending the product in your catty post. Thanks for the high five.

well it must be if they were able to release everywhere else on schedule...dont think its got anything to do with the software as you will get the same as everyone else but with your carrier bloatware...i think the actual delay is due to the fact that every single one of your carriers want to make their own design because eveywhere else eveyone gets the same design and right on time...if the delay was samsungs fault then it would be delayed everywhere else too...i just dont get why US carriers just dont keep the design that samsung envisioned and be honest your not even getting the s2 that samsung original had planned for you.

Samsung is so dumb sometimes... The Samsung Mobile President said that the SGSII would be released in the US sometime in August. He didn't say it would just be announced! In my opinion, they "announced it" months ago, so everyone wants it released, not just announced a second time!

So basically, now they pushed the announcement out another month, buys them another month to release it "sometime in September". Same story every month..."maybe next month".

So what's going to happen? Samsung and the carriers have waited so long to release that people are perfectly fine waiting the now small amount of time for the iPhone 5. Another scenario is that people get the SGSII when it finally comes out, and then the iPhone 5 comes out soon after and they return the SGSII.

Samsung had a huge opportunity here for an iPhone 5 killer released months before it comes out and stealing its thunder and they dropped the ball! I'm going to just go to the Bionic because at least I know the release date is coming up soon.

I have been using this phone for a will be very difficult for Apple too beat this phone with their "5".....These phones laying beside a new iPhone will still be Samsung's advantage. Also there's nothing saying that these phones couldn't ship out next week to be in stores for the end of Aug....with a do not open tag!

Hey, does anyone know if the US version of the SGSII will have NFC? I heard about a "SGSII Plus" that will have it. Is that this one or will we have to wait on that?

Just my two cents worth. I live in Canada....Windsor to be exact, which is right across the river from Detroit Michigan. I bought the Samsung Galaxy S II back in July when it became available here and it truly is a remarkable phone that lives up to all of it's hype. The dual core processor that it comes with here in Canada is the 1.2 GHZ. Exynos. I don't know if that's what it will be in the U.S. But I read in some earlier posts that people were hoping it would be the exynos processor and chances are it will be because we tend to get the same configurations as you guys do in the States. With that said when you get the SG II finally, you won't be disappointed !