Samsung took to the streets of New York City to see who favors the Samsung Galaxy Tab S over Apple's iPad Air. Since this is an advertisement from Samsung, for Samsung, it comes as no surprise that everyone in New York appears to be a huge Galaxy Tab S fan. But one can't help but think Samsung fell short with its latest attempt to draw consumers aware from Apple's stronghold.

The company itself is known for its rather questionable marketing and we're sure many are still pondering at this latest video, attempting to work out why Samsung is still flaunting specifications. Sure, the Galaxy Tab S is technically better on paper than the iPad Air – there's no disputing that on either side of the fence. But when there are so many tablets available, and often offering similar or identical specifications, one has to wonder why Samsung doesn't focus on the experience.

In any case, if you're mad about specifications, the Galaxy Tab S is the better choice, but if you'd rather have the best experience for you, that's a tough decision to make and this advert doesn't lend a helping hand. Personally, I'd rather see more Samsung adverts like this. What do you make of the Tab S advertisement?


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Samsung's latest ad sees New York choose between Galaxy Tab S and iPad Air


I never thought I'd say this, but I think I'm done with nexus products. I'm just so tired of the quality control and playing the RMA game.

I am on VZW so can't get Nexus phones (minus the Galaxy Nexus), but have had 2012 Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10 with no issues. Most of my T-Mobile friends seem to get along nicely with the Nexus phones too. Sucks you have had a lot of trouble, so good luck on your next device!

I've had every nexus device since the Gnex. Went through 3 of those, the screen kept burning in, and it was an overall horrible device. Had to RMA 3 Nexus 7 2012s. First couple had a digitizer that stopped responding to touches when the device got hot, the last just wouldn't turn on one day. The 16GB ones also just have super shitty NAND storage that likes to slow waaay down after you fill it up a few times (even after the TRIM updates) Had to RMA two Nexus 4s. One do to bad hissing noise in the earpiece, and the other's glass back shattered an hour after getting it simply from placing it down on a cold surface (known issue). 2013 nexus 7 has a lot of screen issues and battery drain problems, but I haven't RMAed it yet because I can live with them and I don't want to get one that's worse. First nexus 5 had significant light bleed issues to the point where the entire left side of the screen looked almost white on a black screen. Second one is almost unusable with my AT&T SIM. I can put it side by side with my wifes nexus 5 and it has close to no signal and is on 3G where hers is on 5 bars LTE.

I will say Google Play customer support is fantastic. They even took me for my word on how the Nexus 4s back glass shattered not from abuse but from thermal shock. But, I just don't have the energy for Nexus Rollet anymore.

Guess its just bad luck. I have had 1 of every Nexus device ever released, including tablets, and never had a single defective device.

I have had a very similar experience with Nexus devices and I'm hoping their QC on them improves this go around. I had a number of Nexus 7 2012s. So many that I really lost track. The vast majority of them had the screen lift issue. They would look fine right out of the box, but the second you got that thing going and it got a little warm, the screen would pop up. I understand it was a cheap tablet, but that still shouldn't happen. I also have gone through a good 4 or so Nexus 5s. One of them with a band of light bleed along the bottom that looked like an arch of white on any black background, two more with significant light bleed on the left side, and one more for a non-working vibration motor. Now, to be fair, I went through a few iPhone 5s (the 5, not the 5S) when I had that phone. One for a broken speaker straight out the box - you couldn't hear anything no matter what. And a couple more that came completely scuffed up straight from the factory. So iPhones are not immune. But if I don't like what I see from the next batch of Nexus phones, there's a good chance I'll jump ship and go straight to Apple for everything.

I forgot about the screen lift issue. I had a couple nexus 7s do that as well, in addition to my an additional RMA I forgot about on my wifes nexus 5. I actually ended up fixing it on the Nexus 7s myself as in my case it was a pretty easy job, and I had to take the back cover off anyway to fix some creaking noises that drove my OCD crazy. On the nexus 5 it was the actual adhesive coming up though.

I went completely opposite way. I couldnt take Nexus 10's lags and severe light bleeding and had to find a snappier tablet. I have a GS5 and samsung smart tv so a lot of features work great each other. Also i love the AMOLED screen.

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I'm quite happy with the build quality of my tab pro. It's Samsung's stupid software that lets it down.

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Sorry Samsung would be correct if the rumors of an HTC made Nexus are true as my next tablet would not be a Samsung.

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I've never used an iPhone, so I can't comment on that. I will say, though, that the iPad Air has been the best tablet that I've ever owned. Best experience and best battery life, in my opinion. The only other tablet to come close to this level of awesome was the 2013 Nexus 7. I friggin loved that tablet. I needed more screen real estate, though, and wasn't about to buy a Nexus 10.

I ttried the iPad Air and took it back for a note pro 8.4. Will not go back. Oh God how the keyboard frustrated me.

I wanted the Note Pro 8.4, but I needed a Verizon tablet. I wanted to wait for the Tab S 8.4, but needed another tablet right away and there were no confirmed dates (still none) for the Verizon Tab S 8.4. So, iPad Mini with Retina Display, then iPad Air. So far, I'm not disappointed.

I totally meant, as I suspect you did, tab pro 8.4. I want the tab S as well - but it was announced just after i had this one too long to return. Not enough of a new machine to replace this admittedly great device, and I like the stitching better than dimples anyway looks-wise.

Yeah, the iPad Air is a beast. The battery life alone is enough if a selling point to put it above most Android tablets. I finally retired my Nexus 10 and considered the Air, but there are so many games I'd have to re-buy that it wasn't worth it. I went with the Shield Tablet, and I've been really happy with it so far.

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Except for that putrid OS, and the ridiculous update experience. My wife had an iPad, and she almost cried when an OS update came through because the stupid thing lost her data on more than one occasion. (Disclaimer: It was an iPad 1, they may have gotten better)

She went to a 2012 Nexus 7 (Fit better in her purse) and then a 2013. I haven't heard her bitch about her tablet since.

She's just this side of being a luddite, and she had no problem moving to the Android UI, and now doesn't like messing with iOS because it's absolutely NOT the best UI on the market.

What if I told you there is no best UI? Imo it's the metro/Windows 8 UI. I'm sure people disagree with me.

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I got my wife an iPad mini retina. She loves it, takes it everywhere with her. I just don't like using it. it's probably from having Android devices for so long, but I just hate the interface and the lack of intents.

I agree. I hate their closed system and their high prices but comparing my wife's iPad 4 to my nexus 7 and even my friends note pro it's almost no comparison. Everything is just so smooth and their apps are tablet apps and not just expanded. But I'm still not buying an iPad. I love tweaking my nexus and can't wait for the next nexus tablet from htc.

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It's not the processor ! The Mali t628 GPU has issues pushing the 2k display.....the FPS can be low on transition animations , causing studder. ....this could be seen as lag, but it's not. The tablet itself is a very high performer, as is to be expected with the hardware it has

I actually didn't hate that. It showed a couple of key points that people want: Size and brightness. If both are in fact much better than an iPad Air, then I'd also crow about them.

I actually really like the Tab S line. they are thin, light, and that screen is fantastic. if Samsung would just ditch the physical buttons, I might be able to get past the idea of the thing running touchwiz (I'm not a fan, but I can look past it most of the time, and I would probably root/ROM it anyway if possible) i was playing with a friends and I constantly went to hit the on screen buttons that were never there. google put them on the screen so they were in the same spot (on a tablet) no matter which way you were holding the thing. its one of the main things I love about the Nexus 7....GD those physical buttons suck so bad.

Men lie, women lie.... Numbers don't!

I wish Samsung would spend less time comparing their products to Apple counterparts!

Also, lets be real, Samsung aren't going to put clips of people preferring the iPad on their Ad, are they?

Just love how when something is "thinner and lighter" it means it is better. How on earth did that become a standard in developing technology? What happened to create software that stable and didn't produce lag and issues down the line.

Lol yeah there are loads of people begging for thicker, heavier tablets...

Seriously, everything ever made has subsequently been made to take up less space, and be lighter.

I have the 8.4 s. The screen is great and that is it. TouchWiz, the bloat, the lag and battery life ruin it. Wish I would have waited for the HTC Nexus.

Jim Lloyd

I really don't know why anyone would choose the iPad over the tab s I mean I think tablets are useless but if I ever wanted one I would choose the tab s

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Yes, people are choosing the Tab S, but keep in mind that the iPad is last generation. Let's see how it compares to the iPad coming out soon. And before accusing me of being an Apple fanboy, let me just say that my devices are a S5 and a Note 8.

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I'm sure all the video footage was super bright and colorful and maybe in the Samsung's tablets resolution. They should compare the camera indoors as well.

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The Tab S is a serious tablet....the amoled display alone is the best I've seen on any device, period. It really can't be overstated, what samsung has done with amoled tech is's a very high performer too, as it should be with the hardware it has

However , there is some studder due to low FPS rate caused in part by the mali-t628 gpu having issues pushing the 2k display. Never any lag, just transition animation studder at times

In my opinion, i think Sammy targets a certain demographics in this advert. I think they're targeting metropolitan/mobilecentric types (Think: Why New York City? Why ask New Yorkers?) that are bent on chicness and media consumption . 'Is it thin & light?' 'Does it look good?' 'Will i impress the person on a crowded train, who's peering over my shoulder, with the awesomeness of the display?' I think this is what that advert was communicating. Remember: Apple's consumers (no pun intended) are not known for their geekiness. If Sammy were to compare ease of use, they'd fail. Nothing beats Apple in that category. Samsung stuck to their strengths by communicating clear winning points in the comparison.

Good job Sammy

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Every tablet is easy to use. Naturally there is a learning curve if you switch OS, but it is no shorter going Android to Apple than the opposite. It is no easier starting from scratch either.

Well, I didn't think much of the ad since it didn't deal with anything but esthetics and screen resolution. However, from performance characteristics, connectivity, and reliability.

1. The availability of apps for both tablets is about the same, though I personally believe that the quality edge now belongs to Android. Many of the apps for Android seem to be far more capable.
2. Android is infinitely customizeble, whIle the Ipad is not.
3. Expandability is capable to the Samsung via the sdcard (I have a 128 Gig card in my tablet) while the only way to expand the Ipad is to buy a new tablet!
4. Though I've not seen reliability tests for the Samsung Tab S, everything I've heard about the Ipad Air says that it is arguably the most easily ruined tablet on the market today.
5. I've been to the Samsung section at Best Buy, and the personnel there were well trained and able to answer my questions accurately. I've also been to the Apple Store, and they were equally courteous and knowledgeable. In this area birth seemed to be equal.

Honestly though, from my experiences with my tablet (Not a Samsung, though I am going to get the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2" as soon as I can), and my friends Ipads, I'd choose the Android every time.

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Pretty nice tablets.
I bet Rene is going to make another defending Apple article on iMore (rolls eyes).

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Oh my god he just went up to somebody, had a two minute conversation about tablets and then took a selfie with these strangers.

He's insane.

I hate to be THAT guy!
But we don't no the questions they asked for why they chose Samsung.
They could of asked "based on weight and screen size which would you choose?"
We all know companies edit there Comercials to fit there needs

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Do you guys think that Apples retina display is out dated? It has been over 3 years now and android screens have gotten alot better. Retina WAS where it was at but now I'm not so sure

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It's definitely lower resolution than most top of line Android phones, but I still think they looks beautiful. There is a different look to them, I don't know what it is.. they still seem very sharp and clear. Their viewing angles and brightness seems to be very good. I don't know if it's true, but I heard the displays are closer to the top glass, so it doesn't feel as separated from your finger.

I'm just guessing here, but I think Samsung edited out the videos of people who preferred the iPad.

There is no "best" tablet.

Well... there can be. If Apple makes a new iPad with the exact same hardware and AMOLED screen as the Samsung Tab S 10.5. Probably will never happen.

I am goldilocks...and love fadgets. I have Mini Retina and Note Pro 12.2 both on VZW and Surface Pro 3 for all my UI fixes. All phones are S5 and N3. IPad is used for work surface pro 3 is my laptop and Note pro 12 is my personal fav.

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Tablet optimised apps are a big reason to buy the Air. Many android apps look weird on a 10 inch screen as they were designed for phones

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