Galaxy W

The much rumored 7-incher from Samsung is real and it just got an official announcement for SK Telecom over in Korea. While big on size the Galaxy W isn't so big on specs with a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU, 1.5GB of RAM, a 3500mAh battery, 16GB onboard storage an 8MP camera and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Despite Samsung's recent launches coming with Android 4.4 KitKat, the Galaxy W for some reason takes a step back in time.

The larger screen – which is pegged at HD, so 720p we're guessing – brings about some more tablet-esque features such as a landscape capable home screen. The Galaxy W also has the same stitched, faux leather back we've seen previously on the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 Black Edition.

Right now it looks as though the Galaxy W is a Korea only affair. What is notable about the design is that despite its gargantuan size it still looks like a smartphone. Compare this then to something like ASUS' Fonepad – a similiarly sized phone/tablet crossover – which certainly looks more like a tablet.

It'll cost 499,400 won in Korea which equates to around $490. So, not the most expensive device in the world, but certainly one with a niche audience.

Source: Samsung

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Uh..questionable device. Definitely not for me.

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D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

Too big for my taste.
Same thing can be said for anything bigger than a Note 3.

Also, where's our new Touchwiz update for the S4 and Note 3? I wanna see Ultra Power Saving Mode on those devices. HTC could do it, so there's no excuse why a bigger company couldn't.
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At least they're finding a good use for all the older parts they have lying around.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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deuceja says:

I Think HTC One Max is okay even LG's G Flex is comfortable enough anything over those two devices are ridiculous

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medianemesis says:

This is funny. Really...

Brady KEITH says:


Urvaksh_S says:

Samsung going overboard with the number of devices they are making ONCE AGAIN. Each device looks no different from the other and this device has really poor specs for the price. Come on, Android 4.3 (probably the worst update in recent Android history imho) seriously? Even the Moto E shipped with KitKat. Samsung really needs to stop flooding the markets with the same looking devices and using a different letter for each Galaxy. This is coming from a Samsung user FYI, not a hater.
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I think this one is not going to be released world wide. I do like how Samsung has a lot of handsets gives you a lot options at a lot of different price ranges which is nice because not everyone can afford an iPhone or a high end galaxy.

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D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

Wasn't there a Galaxy W before?

The one where W = Wonder

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TommyQ94 says:

Yeah it was released in 2011 I think

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ricokyle says:

The girl took a front facing picture of the group, and is pointing out at how ridiculous the guy looks with that tablet near his face.

arutemauepon says:

Samsung will convince everyone that is a phone and its normal to make phone call with it. They'll make a larger version of it next

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rlbrooks says:

No kidding. Horrible marketing picture to show someone having it to their ear. Is it meant to be used like that, sure, but don't show a potential customer how ridiculous they will look with it up to their ear. Some things are better off undiscovered until it is bought.

JasW says:

It's all a matter of perception. There were people who felt awkward about putting the original iPhone up to their ear in 2007 because it was "so big." Ditto obviously the Note series. Some people are just more self-conscious than others. Me, I could give a flying rat's petootie what people think of whatever I happen to be holding up to my ear.

Analyss14 says:

Really? No snark intended but is this anecdotal? Because I've never heard anyone say that or read that before in all my time online. The original iPhone was the same size or smaller than many smart phones of the time and is actually smaller (shorter) than an open flip/clamshell phone. It was same height as many candy bar phones only slightly wider. I have never heard of anyone complaining that it was too big when put up against the ear.

rlbrooks says:

I was thinking the same, but I've noticed a lot of people like to twist history in order to fit their point. The iPhone was high fashion and trendy on release. His example of the note series was more on par.

Kegman says:

yes remember that back then the trend was to get the smallest phone possible. cell phones had gotten to a point where they were too small imo. then came the touch screens and the trend became to go bigger. 7" phone might be too big, but I definitely want to try it out before I judge it

johnc3po1 says:

I hope the W stands for wumbo. Come on guys it's first grade

That's probably why it's only gonna be released only in Korea. It does look funny bringing it up to your ear to make a call hehe...even I think it's a little too much and I have a note 3.. And who the heck ever thought original iPhone was too big? That thing was amazing, granted things have changed over the years when it comes to screen sizes but we gotta put the iPhone up there with the coolest things ever.

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Wow Id def be getting one

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BldyIdt says:


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jomarr says:

I cackled.

Hahahahah, oh Samsung... You make me laugh.

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sprint4lyfe says:

Taking a selfie.

WolfpacDAR says:

In which the photo itself on-screen is larger than the person in real life...

ricardios says:

It does not look like a smartphone

jrsnively1 says:

The W stands for "Why?" Which is the #1 thing people say when they gaze. Upon this device.

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DocToxyn says:

When I showed him the picture my son said "Whoa", so maybe that's what it stands for.

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alackthereof says:


cappy718 says:

Hey look... It's Zack Morris!

... Only some of u will get that

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rlbrooks says:

LOL, minus the moussed up hair...wait...yeah it is Zack.

Took me a moment of recollection to get that, hahaha.

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floriyann says:

Oh Christ no, please no! Dont tell me they actually did that shit! Next, a 10 inch fridge "phone" is coming....

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DIPPYNA2 says:

Looks like back in the day where some people using big bulky cellphone, not it's thinner big phone. Hahahah... as long as they won't mistakenly pick up a book LOL

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rgao007 says:

Looks like TK Tech News called it again

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mlee19841 says:

Lol. So is this going to be marketed toward people 7 ft and over.

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yankeesusa says:

This is great for older folks who need a big screen. Other than that I don't know.

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QatarHero says:

Gotta love Samsung's throw everything at the wall and hope it sticks marketing strategy:)

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jimbo says:

No S-Pen. What? Wait!

TheDu9du says:

Could they make a Galaxy Bed?

arutemauepon says:

Then can make anything they want, including galaxy g

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vpblaze says:

I don't get this! Why does it seem any phone that Samsung makes with a screen 6 inches and above is a weak device compared to the rest.
My thinking would be, if you are going to make a 7 inch device make it a hell of a device. Make it a device that will be the one device that person needs. Their smart phone, camera, tablet, all in one.
Not a weak camera, outdated OS, small battery, etc!

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NoNexus says:

compromises have to be made, or you could be looking at 1000$ phone...

Kegman says:

with a phone that big you could probably use quality tablet parts that would make it cheaper and not suck.

applejl7 says:

From a business standpoint, it actually makes some sense. Why sell a phone that is good enough to be your phone, big enough to be your tablet, powerful enough to replace your computer, and has a camera good enough to replace your old digital camera, when you can make a sub-par device for the same price, and still convince everyone that they need it, plus a new Samsung camera, Galaxy Tab, and a Samsung laptop?

quailallstar says:

Redunk is all I can say...

LG Optimus G Pro - Beanstalk 4.4 Bitches!

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Gekko says:

I love big phone displays. The bigger the better. But they have to be reasonably comfortably pocketable in a pair of normal jeans and a business suit. I think 6" will be the practical limit with future end to end bezel-less displays given the bounds of physics. Perhaps flexible displays will change that.

hitzand says:

Finally it has come that a phone looks more ridiculous than me talking on my Tree 300 or Visorphone.

Kegman says:

i really didn't notice much of a difference in the pocket between my note 3 and the mega 6.3"

KidCuda says:

The 7" line has finally been broken. I no longer want to live on this planet.

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Tigrisan says:

We've regressed yet again. From carrying a huge boombox next to our ear in the 80's to carrying a huge phone next to our ears now...looked ridiculous then, looks ridiculous now...

Kegman says:

function over fashion

NoNexus says:

This is not the first 7" phone on the market. Asus and Huawei have had them out for awhile if I remember correctly...

seanjenkins says:

In Asia it's very common to use 7 inchers as phones. Everyone deriding it is clearly unaware of their market. It makes perfect sense for people that have one device. Most can't afford phone, tablet and computer. That said, I was expecting a much lower price. I think they are now trading on their brand

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MoreFayah says:

Excuse me while I whip this out.

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c0ldburn3r says:

Why did my comment go under someone else's profile?

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rlbrooks says:

^^^^^^this! Lol!

teepea says:

I have a note 3....But 7 inches is too much but I'm hoping for a 5.9in note 4

Trollolol says:

When will this madness end?!!!!

TKL74 says:

Just a crappy galaxy tab2 7" with a 3G radio..

The tallest man or biggest man or woman probably has a HTC mini...LOL

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Oh...the underwhelming massiveness...

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El Platanero says:

I feel like the size would sell if they would make an oversized note and it's specs. I don't hold the phone to my ear unless I can't find my headphones. I would tote this around if it had the right horse power.

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eltico40 says:

Sorry but if you make a real phablet then you should give it better specs to enjoy the phone and tabet of this device. You cannot accept a phone now a days because it has the latest software, sorry kit kat. Better off to save your money for the Mega 2

krx100 says:

coming soon on Saturday Night Live

n-strike says:

Haters gonna hate. I don't even see why, no need to bash what other people find interesting. I would buy this in an instant.

pug_ster says:

It reminds in the old days (in the 80's) before headphones became popular, people used to put boomboxes next to their ears.

Jay Shank says:

For me..5.5in is enough..
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Xopher says:

If they made something like this (7-9") with Note series specs, I'd buy it. I never hold my phone to my ear anyway (rather use a headset or speakerphone while taking notes and doing other things on the screen), so something this size would mean I could go back to carrying one device. But, with the specs listed, it's not for me.

I think the market for these can be kids and teens. Parents can get one device for them, instead of a smartphone and a tablet.

dangeorges says:

This has gotta be an article from The Onion

jonyee7 says:

Look at the guy using it as a phone, smh - thanks advertisement you definitely helped make my decision for me.

wshwe says:

This would be perfect with my new eHolster tablet holster!

Too big for a phone. Great small tablet.
Just purchased Samsung's 65" ultra high def TV (curved) and fracking amazing.
Just waiting to see what the Samsung S5 Prime has to offer, in comparison to Oppo's Find 7 or LG's G3. Price vs performance.