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Samsung delivers Passbook functionality for select Android devices

If you've been wanting an iOS Passbook clone, complete with zero NFC functionality, Samsung Wallet has you covered — provided you own a Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note or Galaxy Note II. The official Samsung application has been released through Google Play, and provides a way to manage and store things like tickets, membership cards, coupons and similar items.

The application syncs and stores your data through your Samsung apps account, making things easy for folks with multiple supported devices, and supports push messages via the Samsung push services app. Connected to other "Wallet-compliant partners apps", your details are all bundled up into one easy to find and easy to use place. Samsung isn't saying which other apps are Wallet-compliant, but at the original announcement back in February, they mentioned,,, Walgreens, MLB and Lufthansa as US partners.

What it doesn't do is any sort of financial transactions, despite having the name Wallet. 

If you've a need for this sort of thing, and have one of the few supported devices, grab it from the Google Play link above.


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Samsung Wallet now available for select Galaxy devices



Besides, isis is the only way to go it it gets out to the masses

Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.

They have had a huge headstart and have not gained all that much traction. Most of the major carriers in the us are blocking it, and isis has way more weight behind it.

Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.

You clearly have little to no understanding about Google Wallet.

Posted via Android Central App

Why are people so dumb. Samsung never said this was coming with Payments support (the carriers would have blocked it in the US, at least, anyways). It has always been positioned as a Passbook competitor.

This app still fails to do what it is supposed to do. I have a flight next week booked through Expedia. Loaded the app like the app made me do. Signed in, and there is no way to send the itinerary from Expedia to Wallet.

I think these OEMs need to learn a simple lesson:

Your app is one more app/service to install and deal with...

It requires us to install basically 1 app per type of thing we need to track (App for Expedia, App for Amtrack, App for Walgreens). At that point, we're better off just installing the 1st party apps and not dealing with the extra complication something like Passbook or Wallet introduces.

When you go through all that trouble only to have it not work correctly...


I think Play Store is having a ton of issues lately. Friend of mine couldn't update to the new Google Maps last night because it kept throwing that error. I know when I bought my new phone and told it to migrate my Apps/Settings across 70% of them errored out and didn't install correctly because of that...

Package file is invalid.

The article title had me excited that I finally found an NFC payment system compatible with my rooted VZW Galaxy S3 i535, but apparently not.

I downloaded last night. I'm trying to find a reason to use it... still can't? What use is it. I want google wallet.
I535 Verizon.

Posted via Android Central App

No NFC? Pretty much as useless as the iOS Wallet then. No thanks. I'll stick with Google Wallet (just hope it doesn't get killed).

This app does not work with my phone and or network...
Galaxy S4

Posted via Android Central App

I have nothing against this app, lack of NFC and all, but I have yet to see a usage case in which this app would do any good. It seems to only work with a handful of services, most of which aren't in my area. And some of its services depend on other apps (SnipSnap, Amtrak). So I'm kinda left scratching my head asking why or how can I use this?

Posted via Android Central App

I wish Google would roll this in with wallet, your loyalty cards and NFC payment. That makes sense.

Posted via Android Central App

This would be great if it could actually be used to make payments, use nfc and offer companies that actually are everywhere. Even with gwallet nfc payments not taking off as much as it can I use it more and find it more useful.