Samsung ChatON

Samsung has just updated its universal chat service, ChatON, with a whole host of new features. When first launching the app, users are now greeted with the ability to sign in with their Samsung account, which makes syncing smoother. This means that all of your devices -- up to 5 in total -- with ChatON will receive messages simultaneously, which is a feature you'd expect from this type of service. Version 2.0 has added the ability to send multiple images at once as well as changing the font in the chat room. Samsung has also made improvements to the profile page that lets users have multiple profile images.

The ChatON app is preloaded on all Samsung devices, is available from Samsung Apps and can be downloaded to any device from the Google Play Store at the link above.

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Reader comments

Samsung updates its ChatON service to version 2.0


I must be the only one who doesn't see the point of this service. Isn't that what sms, email, Google Talk, or facebook chat is for?I need another venue for mimindless texting like I need another hole in my head.

You might need a doc if YOU don't! One eats, breathes,hears, and smells through various holes in one's head. Now an extra hole might be a problem!

from the screen shots on Play store, it looks like you can do inline sharing of pics or video. If that's a feature in GTalk, then I haven't figured out how to use it. That could be useful when you are chatting with someone and you can just take a pic and share it, instead of sending a separate message. FB chat allows inline pic sharing, this one also allows the following:
1:1 Chat, group chat, broadcasts, Animessage, pictures, videos, audio, document files, location info, contacts, calendar.

For me, the only downside is that I don't know anyone else using it.

Its about time. This would be irrelevant if gtalk actually allowed attaching pics, videos, and such. Also with chaton being available to other os's like ios, its more used in my circle than any other chat app.
Also, i like how the update actually sync with the desktop app, like gtalk. So you dont have two conversations going with the same person. what you have on the desktop is now displayed on the phone.

Line is doing a better job than Samsung's. I don't know why. I like Line very much :) Especially the PC client! And the fact that you can add someone via user name and not only by phone number. It's pretty versatile.