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Galaxy S2, S3 shipments stand at 40 million each

Samsung has announced that its Galaxy S line of Android phones has shifted a total of 100 million units “on the supply side” to date. Meanwhile, the manufacturer’s leading Galaxy S3 smartphone has reportedly moved some 40 million units, as has its predecessor, the Galaxy S2.

Samsung broke the news through a Flickr post, in which it also revealed that the Galaxy S3 is currently selling at a rate of around 190,000 per day. (Our last update on Galaxy S3 numbers came in early November, when Samsung had moved 30 million units.)

The history of the series stretches back just over two and a half years, to the launch of the original Galaxy S in May 2010. Since then, Samsung has gone on to dominate the Android market, and in many countries its devices account for the majority of smartphone sales.

Desirable specs, broad international availability and aggressive marketing have seen the Galaxy S3 emerge as one of the biggest-selling handsets of the year, going toe-to-toe with Apple’s iPhone 5 in recent months.

As we move further into 2013, all eyes will be on the eventual successor to the Galaxy S3, though at present Samsung remains tight-lipped about any possible Galaxy S4 device.

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Samsung ships 100 million Galaxy S devices worldwide


Hello? HTC? Moto? Are you paying attention? You should be, because this it's how you do it. Make the best device you can, and let everybody sell it. If you want to make special exclusive phones for carriers, fine, but make your best phone for yourself and the end user. Be proud of your creation and don't let the carrier rename it and hide what you've done. Competition is a good thing and if you don't start playing the same game as Apple and Samsung, I'm afraid you won't be competing anywhere soon.

It will be interesting to see, but I think this will have an effect on carrier negotiations. I doubt we will see a future "Incredible" variant on VZW again.


Would you make any mention of a replacement if you were selling 190K of anything a day?

Me thinks this will afford them the luxury of holding off the announcement of the GS4 until just before availability.


AWSOME. MY Skyrocket,Galaxy S3, and Galaxy Note 2 helped that out. Is the Galaxy Nexus included in those numbers too? I wonder if they count insurance claims too? At one time I use to buy nothing but HTC phones than the Skyrocket was my first Samsung phone and I never looked back and than i bought the HOX and wasn't Happy with it and bought the S3 as soon as it came out than sold that and got the Note 2, as long as Samsung keeps doing a good job the will have my money. Does anyone remember when the i850 Nextel phones were the shit and the old Nokia 5110 phones were you could change the the antenna so it would light up or you could chsnge the hole phone up and the Motorola StarTAC?

@thatmetaldude the Note series are not included... the number would be even more ridiculously higher!

I also think that this number is not actual units sold to customers, but to retailers. Which will eventually get sold to a customer. I wonder if they count replacement units or insurance replacements which are refurbished (those count as 2 sales for the same unit if you think about it)

Regardless, the number is impressive.

I wonder how many iphones have been sold to date and average it out to see who has more units sold per year.

I hope Samsung keeps this marketing and business strategy. Its definitely working for them.

Yes this is well deserved no question. My first Galaxy device was the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket that's what opened my eyes to the ability of Samsung's software. I then purchased the Galaxy Nexus followed by the Galaxy S3 and now the Galaxy Note 2. I will be purchasing the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 without fail on day one of launch and might pick up the Galaxy S4 in May or June 2013 just to have it. I started out with the Htc Evo 4g and Htc Evo 3d nice devices in those times of 2010 and 2011. Bottom line NO manufacturer in the technology game has better software than Samsung that's rather obvious sales reflect that 100%.

This will give Samsung an upper hand when negotiating with carriers. Much like the iPhone, the Galaxy phone will remain consistent while the carriers compete to be the better network so you choose them for your device, not choose them for THE device. Good for Samsung.