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A report out of South Korea claims that Samsung shipped 10 million units of the Galaxy S5 in 25 days, toppling the Galaxy S4's previous record of 27 days. The 10 million figure is number of units shipped, and does not reflect sales to end users. These numbers are not from Samsung, but from a South Korean publication called Hankyung — no official announcement has been made just yet.

To put things into context, it took Samsung 50 days to get to the 10 million mark with the Galaxy S3, five months for the Galaxy S2 and seven months for the original Galaxy S.

While initial shipment numbers are higher than ever before, Samsung is facing a decline when we take a look at overall sales figures. The South Korean manufacturer managed to sell 60 million units of the Galaxy S3, but only 40 million units of the Galaxy S4. Although the device is still on sale' it's unlikely that the Galaxy S4 will get to the 60 million mark, considering the pace at which Samsung is launching new handsets.

Sales of older handsets could be affected by Samsung's decision not to bring the latest software updates to some older devices, as evidenced by last week's statement in which it announced that the international Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S3 mini will not be making the switch to Android 4.4 KitKat.

Furthermore, an increasingly saturated high-end market has led Samsung to look for other growth drivers, like its upcoming Tizen smartphones. All things considered, it'll be an achievement if the manufacturer manages to achieve the 40 million figure with the Galaxy S5.

Source: Hankyung, Via: PhoneArena


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Report: Samsung ships 10 million Galaxy S5 units in 25 days


Versus how many sold to consumers?? How many of these are sitting on shelves - that's what I'm interested in.

That was a stupid comment, mate. From everything you could have chosen you picked the best selling tablets...

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I guess you don't follow the news much then. :) Cook said the iPad sales dropped a lot the last quarter because there were so many unsold of them left on the store shelves after the holidays...

And to be fair. It's in no way stupider than that OP comment about the Android flagship phone which sells as much as all other Android flagship phones added together...

(edit for clarity)

You may have a point that sales are indeed in decline but I still think that is a bad choice of an example. If there is a single product that clearly leads its respective market right now, tablets or smartphones, it is the iPad. Using exactly that as an example of a product not selling well makes it sound like you just hate Apple and try to bash them even when they are irrelevant in the discussion.

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Which brand is leading smartphone sales? I made an obvious connection, showing just how fecking dumb the OP comment was. Too bad you aren't clever enough to get that, because the iPad is the one that is really in decline while he was just trolling without facts about this phone.

True but if it's not getting into consumers hand and these are stuck on shelves(I doubt many are) then carriers and stores won't order no more. It makes no sense for carriers to order more if they haven't shipped there current stock to consumers. Also even if all haven't reached consumers yet, it still money in the pocket for Samsung as carriers are there real consumers.. If we hear in a month times they have shipped like 15 million then chances are these shipped devices have reached consumer hands.. There are data which shows which devices have been served ads etc which shows which devices are in actual usage shows during the same period the s4 was out last year the s5 had double the usage of the s4 online so I wouldn't be surprised if many of these s5 have reached consumer hands. I could be wrong but if your a carrier you wouldn't be ordering more stock if you are struggling to shift current stock.
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Stores often pre-order a certain amount in order to satisfy the estimated consumer demand. Shipped is not an indicator of sales.
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That's why I said will know if these have been shipped to consumers if Samsung in a month or 2 times say they have shipped 15 million for example cause it makes no sense to order more if the current stuck hasn't been fulfilled. Also as I said the actual usage rate of the s5 being twice as high of the s4 in the same time period imo suggests there is a lot of s5's out there in consumer hands.

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Ask verizon, att, tmobile and etc. Samsung does not sell to consumers directly. Whatever samsung SHIPPED is going to be counted as SOLD in the books and records. So I don't think samsung is doing anything wrong here.

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Hahaha..... wait... let me guess you are CrAppleholic iPhone fan and Apple only reports sold through to customers, ever since they made deals with Best Buy and other 3rd party retailers they don't control. ah..... yes...... the Holier than thou Crapplewellian Thought Police been working your neighborhood over real good...... haven't they? ;-P

Only back in the days of Apple being sole distributor of their products, could they claim to only be releasing sell through to consumers.... you asinine fool. They can't do that anymore and they proved they stuff channels more than anyone last year. When they deliberately tried to claim phones only shipped to Docomo as sell through on their quarterly report. They got caught RED HANDED when a reporter called to their attention they were also in projected sales for December Quarter. Oh.... but that was just a mistake they could fix! lol....... Asked why they shipped such staggering numbers to Docomo in Japan? Tim responds with because they were a new retailer and they wanted to make sure they had enough phones when they went on sale there!

The subject was dropped faster than their claims that iPhone 5s Fingerprint sensor was..... UNHACKABLE!!! lol.... Well at least until it was Spoofed and continues to be spoofed even now! iOS 7 sucks green donkey ****s with more updates than any iOS version to date. Holes are canyons and it's been crashing just trying to load little apps. It looks like Jony Ive "Invented Everything, Steve and Scott Took My Credit For It All wah... wah... wah..." stole Lisa Frank's Design Themes then to get back at Steve and Scott! lol.....

laughing because the s3 cannibalizes their sales for newer flagships.

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Not everyone cares about having the latest and greatest. I know a couple of people who went for the LG G2 because it was nice and for their criteria while being cheaper than the 2014 flagships.

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Still using my GS3 till I find something other than an LG, HTC, or Sammy. Waiting for the new X + 1 or one of 2 devices Google said would come to Verizon this year, just hoping it is not a tablet, watch, or glass.

I'm only using an S3 because my insurance gave it to me as a replacement for my GNex

Quite interested in the stats regarding the overall sales of the S4 compared to the S3. I expected the S4 to go past the S3 in terms of sales (even if it wasn't groundbreaking). Even if the S3 stops production tomorrow, I doubt the S4 will sell another 20m units in the next year and overtake it unless the price really drops.

I guess the other question is why are they still selling the S3? They are not prepared to support it anymore (I regard the memory issue as an excuse) so why not EOL it, clear out the inventory and focus on newer handsets that they may be able to manufacture more cheaply to fulfil mid-range budgets.

Well, instead they just do both and have hundreds of models on sale at the same time, no wonder people get confused!

One thing to keep in mind is the S3 has been the "free with upgrade" option on a lot of carriers, and is cheap for pre paid carriers. As the S4 takes that role, I'd image the numbers would start to even out.

Another reason S4 will not reach S3 numbers is, peeps who got the S3 on contract aren't necessarily going to pony up out of pocket for a new device. If everything is good w their S3 they're going to hold off and when they are eligible for a upgrade they can go with the newest, better device. Putting out a totally new device every year is silly especially since they're not varying all that significantly anymore. That would also be 2 yrs of R&D and market info to deliver a better device.

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makes me think many noobies or S3 users still crying out for the KK update think it will have the new Touchwiz look of the S5 they have seen in stores. As a Note 3 owner I can tell you it won't - sob!
If you have an S3, you are not missing anything.

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You'd know because your on the older version of TW? Makes a lot of sense. The jump from the s3 to the s5 is ridiculous....besides if people want to complain about old software and care that much ...cough up the $ and get a new phone...2 years might as well be 10 in technology.

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Yes I got 4.4 on my Note 3 but it looks the same as my 2011 S2.
4.3 on an S3 is still pretty good.

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yeah but I would say that after the S3 & Note 2 KK updates, the next thing in line is to update the Note 3/S4 to the S5 software.

I hope that's true. Though there'll be more panic on the forums.

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Right so u don't have the updated look and feel and TW and have no clue if people are missing anything or not. Good point.
If u have a s3 get a s5 it's a massive upgrade in every way.

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Are there any Samsung apps that are only available on the S5 in the play store? Someone could use those stats the way AC recently did to get a ballpark idea of M8 sales.

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I'm not surprised. So far the people who have bought it seem to be pretty happy with it and even the people who didn't liked the S4 at all seem to be happy with it as soon as they could spend some time with the device. I think they've improved on many parts people didn't liked about the S4.

All things considered, many people like Samsung's products. Ones who complained about software updates, TW is ugly, etc. is pretty insignificant compared to the whole smartphone population out there. Opinions in tech blogs are not the representative of market. Thus, I will be surprised should S5 fail to exceed S4's sales. That said, even Samsung is still behind Apple for sales and profits for, dare I say, unforeseeable future. A big chunk of people who buy Apple products are getting it for pride, lifestyle and convenience (trapped in the Apple's walled garden) not feature, function or value (benefits relative to price). Sammy is still lagging far behind Apple in this case.

What I would like to know, and it must be out there, is how many months to stockpile that many units, or however many at launch plus a month down the line to reach 10 million. They must have finalised everything way early, and there was no going back.

Samsung will expect to produce 10 times that in total at the very least, if some previous models hit the 90 million mark, from memory.

I read Foxconn employees in China can process 2000 - -3000 units a day on their part of the iPhone production line. 'S all I have!

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All manufacturers selling ten millions of a new device the fist month has to "stockpile" for a month or two ahead, simply because it is above their production capacity. I think Samsung said last year that the max monthly production capacity for the GS4 was around 5m a month. Sure, there are only two manufacturers who actually sell those numbers, but both of them do that. :)

5 million a month would be very impressive logistically. But it seems to come at too high a price for the employees, at Foxconn at least. See "Samsung is shocking" in General News and Comments.

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Hahaha, it's funny how you root for them like many root for their favorite football teams. Don't understand it.......kind of odd.

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While my last few personal devices have all been Samsung, I have to agree with you. Minus the camera, HTC and Motorola have made great phones, and the G2 is a mighty fine overall device. My work doesnt let me play with Sony because of the limited adoption rate here in the US so I really cannot comment on it.

Samsung selling only 40 million is WRONG!

Samsung reported 40 million sold back in October - AFTER JUST 6 MONTH!

Do you really think they sell 10 million per month on average - and in October sales just stopped? BS

Smartphone get 2 big sales boost in their life: Launch and Christmas. And Christmas came AFTER the reported 40 million.

Samsung sold AT LEAST 60 mill S4. The article is just wrong.

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And HTCs sitting at maybe 500,000. Samsung has another winner as usual.

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Unrelated news: I've held the S5 yesterday for the first and o'boy does it feel really cheap with that plastic material lol

A friend of mine dropped their M8 the other day and now it is scratched and dented in more than one place. Metal is a dumb material to make a phone out of.

It's shipped not sold. The S4 sold 20m less than S3. The ipad may be on the decline but so is the "S Series- S4,S5 etc". Especially since many carriers now give them away (buy one get one free).

All smartphone makers need to start innovating again. Samsung needs to give us something we can actually use... NFC chips that don't work in stores. Megapixels that still don't out perform other phones with less megapixels. Announcing a Heath watch a few days before apple but not having a launch date of at least 6 months and no real details lol. Really come on.. STOP the madness.

I am not knocking any one manufacturer, they all play the game.