Just a few days ago, we posted right here that the Samsung Android phone was delayed and would not make an appearance at MWC 2009. According to Samsung, we (along with just about every other blogger in the Intertube universe) only got this one HALF right. According to Kim Titus of Samsung: "Somebody decided that we had said we were going to show Android here and then said we weren't. We never said we were going to show Android, and we were never planning to. There's no delay, and we're on track to launch later this year as expected," he said.

I'm glad that's all cleared up. Samsung never intended the delay to show an Android phone at MWC - I mean, that would be CRAZY talk to feature a new phone, new platform at the Mobile World Congress, right? So the question is, will we then see an Android OS Samsung handset sometime this year?


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