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A report from BGR today, citing anonymous sources, stating that RIM was hoping for a $10 billion to $15 billion purchase by Samsung apparently has fallen flat, but not before the Waterloo company's stocks climbed 8 percent on the day.

Samsung has not "considered acquiring the firm and are not interested," a company spokesman told Reuters.

Stock in Research in Motion closed the day up 1.30, or 8.04 percent, but had fallen nearly 5 percent in after-hours trading. A previous report from BGR that RIM would bring its popular BlackBerry Messaging client to Android in 2011 also has been rebuffed by RIM.

Source: Reuters, Google Finance; via CrackBerry


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Samsung says it wants no part of RIM; BlackBerry maker's stock falls in after-hours trading


HP bought Palm for $1.2B. HP probably burned through another $1B on the ensuing debacle trying to save the business. it ended up being worthless.

RIMM's current market cap is about $9B.

don't catch a falling knife.

I stopped visiting that site a long time ago. They have been responsible for so many bull shit stories. They fabricate their own news and hope people visit their site. Their should be some kind of investigation to see if anyone from BGR made any money on Rims stocks today. Rims stocks bumped up over 8%, there was money to be made. I smell a rat.

It does seem a bit suspicious, doesn't it? Although I doubt anyone at BGR is conspiring to commit securities fraud, they might well have been conned by their "anonymous source."

Doesn't surprise me. Like I said in a earlier post. Just let BlackBerry die. It is a boring old OS that no one needs anymore. Good move Samsung not to buy RIM. Smart.

BB does have some important patents that may be used to fend off Apple. Then again, maybe Apple should purchase BB so that they can sue more and make it a nice fruity family of phones.

As for Samsung, they need BB to teach them how to make a good, solid phone with good reception (something lacking in Samsung phones by my experience).

Add the great features of BB (yes, there are some) to a Samsung with Android and you would have a killer phone. (My opinion.)

Other than their keyboards, BB has nothing going for them. Nothing. The reception on their crippled phones is a joke.

It's only the patents that would be of value to a purchaser, maybe QNX. I still think Samsung should do it. I've certainly bought things out of spite.

BGR should rename themselves BSR, I dont remember the last time anything they quoted from a "creditable source" ended up being accurate.

While I don't generally think highly of BGR, their article was titled "Research In Motion pushing for sale to Samsung". It said "Jim (RIM's half CEO) is going hard after Samsung". In other words, RIM is trying to sell themselves to Samsung. That much is probably very true. I'm sure that RIM is very much interested in having somebody offer them 12-15 billion for their company!! I bet they'd even say yes! Doesn't mean Samsung ever had any intention of doing it.

I read the article as saying it was RIM trying to pimp themselves out. It speculated on reasons Samsung could be interested, but didn't actually claim any insider knowledge saying that they were, or that a deal was in the works. Only that RIM wants someone to pay them a lot more than they're worth to buy them.

Still sloppy journalism on their part, but I think people who bought stock based on this report really only have themselves to blame.

If I were Samsung I would not consider buying RIMM unless and only after firing the board and those two buffoon ceo's that have run a once great and innovative company into the ground. Those guys are a business case in poor leadership.

RIM has done a handful of things real well for a long time... Email, BBM, build quality, battery life, and a selection of form factors that professionals (and some others) find very appealing.

So why not go out and grab the one component that they lack? Why not start building BBs as an android (or perhaps Windows is a better fit) phone themselves and overlay their BB functionality as their 'sense' or 'motoblur'???

A Verizon LTE BB Torch running Android? I'll go stand in line right now.

I don't think it's necessarily BGR's fault. I don't visit the site but I got wind on the rumor right here on AC. So who is really at fault? Is it BGR for "fabricating" news or AC and all the other bloggers that reported this on their sites?

RIM???!!! Pssshhhtt!! Let it fade.. then that will force corporate IT to adopt to Android for an Enterprise solution.