Galaxy Note 2.

Another sign that the US release of the Galaxy Note 2 is now on the radar: the phablet itself, in the flesh for the first time on American soil here tonight in New York. We stopped by Pepcom where Sprint was onhand with its holiday lineup, including its just-announced iteration of the Note 2, which the carrier says will be on shelves no later than "this Fall." It's nothing you haven't seen in our in-depth hands-on of the international version; in fact, Sprint's demo model was identical, lacking any carrier branding whatsover. Regardless, we'll take it as the obligatory first sign that the Galaxy Note 2 is nearly ready to make its American debut. Hit the break for some hands on shots.


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marisdaman says:

Can't wait to hand my gs3 to my wife for this bad boy! Just hope it's not the $300 price that I'm hearing, that would so kill the sales!

This is an EXTREMELY Premium device, there's not any chance it will be less than $299 on contract. It wont hurt a device that's meant for niche market at all, this isn't the GS3 after all which is aimed at the more mainstream consumer.

Madness87 says:

Yes it will... While you may think it's a "premium" device, it's actually made out of the same flimsy polycarbonate plastic that the galaxy s3 is made up of.

You're really only paying more for the larger screen. I bet this will be $199 on a 3-year contract in Canada, maybe $249 in the US on a 2-year.

Also, it's launching on almost all carriers, so there will be competition to put it out the cheapest.

the larger screen and the s-pen. and the extra battery. and the r&d that went into the pen apps.

that being said... the original note sold for 199 at att. i dont see why this one would be any different. verizon even brought the gs3 in at a 199 price. who woulda thunk?

tomdg07 says:

the original note was sold for $299 with att, it was actually a few months, iirc, before the price dropped to $199.

Madness87 says:

Double post...

marisdaman says:

Can't wait to hand my gs3 to my wife for this bad boy! Just hope it's not the $300 price that I'm hearing, that would so kill the sales!

luke31 says:

Assuming the GS3 stays at 199, $300 sounds about right for this phone (phablet).

No Carrier branding at all?? NOt even on the Back Cover?!! .......I think I love you Samsung, I love you for doing what no other Android OEM could accomplish. It really means a lot for the industry and says a lot about you. I'm Proud of you Samsung! and congrats on being the Number One Phone Manufacturer in the world.

luke31 says:

It would be really easy to slap a Sprint logo on the battery door before it gets released... just saying. This doesn't really prove that the actual production model won't have the branding.

Sadly you're correct and I was thinking that when I was writing that comment but I'm hoping against hope none of the Carriers do put their branding on it, although I'm sure I'm wrong and they will. *sigh*

Madness87 says:

There have been others as well... In Canada, I don't think any of the GS3 have any carrier branding.

The carriers do pay more for branding, but it's nice to see Samsung finally care more about the unifying aesthetic of the device, rather than just profit from carriers.

I just gasped to myself in the middle of a Taco Mac. Sprint, I will love you forever if you get the jump and pull a mid-October.

Touchpaddle says:

wait a minute... if Spring was showing this demo unit, was it running on GSM service?
(Sprint doesn't use GSM)

Evo4g says:

The phone will have both CDMA and GSM

International Voice and Data capable with GSM/UMTS/CDMA networks

SteveIowa says:

$300 for this beast is a steal. You could pay $800 too if you like?

I'm all in. I have been waiting all my life for this phone. I am pre-ordered already :-P

P.S. - I want to also go on the record now too, as hating this whole "Home" button idea.

Thanks Anndrew

Madness87 says:

I'm almost betting it will be less...

severinj says:

This'll be $650 from carriers guaranteed

Brian_d says:

Whoever is holding the note 2 in the photos above must have really big mitts because the phone doesn't look that big...

Uncle Louie says:

I was thinking the same thing...

OceanView says:

Can't wait to get this bad boy in my hands.
Hope its under $250.

Tech feed says:

This is no doubt Best Smart-Phone of 2012....

Note Lover says:

I agree, can't wait to get it!!!!

corymcnutt says:

The Bionic even came out at $300, so I can see Verizon charging that. Hopefully it will be $259 since all the carriers will have it.

Asterisk says:

I get jitters just by looking at this pup.

va2azerik says:

I am def going to get this phone but I will be buying without the contract. I am with Sprint now and my contract is up in May of next year. I am debating just buying it and staying with Sprint or get a GSM unlocked version and go to Tmobile prepaid. I really miss having a GSM phone.

Having been on VZW for two years after ATT and before that TMo, I feel you.

major payne says:

BTW which Fall... Arizona's fall which lasts like 2 weeks or someone elses

Shuckster says:

If you have a SG3, would you leave it for the note 2? If so why? I'm a iphoner who is making the jump and leaning heavily towards the sg3.

severinj says:

I don't have an S3, but I was considering getting one earlier until I found out they don't have the quad core exynos in the US. The GNote 2 WILL have the quad exynos as well as 2GB of ram and the better GPU.

Also the pen looks really nifty.

hopefulfarm says:

Wonder if Sams Club will have this as well, I would think any member would get it at a slightly cheaper rate with a Sams membership? If I recall I got my 3VO slightly below asking price by purchasing at Sams club.

yankees177 says:

What a tough call for me coming up. Im still rocking the SGS2 and am up for full rebate right now. I think I am debating between the Note 2 and the LG Optimus G which is slated to come out Q4. The specs on the LG are unreal and the UI looks different and great in its own right but there are some downsides(2100mA non removable battery no expansion SD slot and of course its LG). The Note 2 is great but I have no use for the Pen and I value camera quality.

Decisions Decisions!

Note Lover says:

Then you may want to go with the Note 2. Personally, not being able to replace/remove the battery or ad more GB is a turn off for me. Camera is supposed to be a little better than the Original Note (I've heard a few more upgrades and options). The pen is only an option which you wouldn't have to use if you didn't want to. I can't see me using it a lot but I would use it at times. Other than that, I want it for the large 5.55" screen size, 2GB of internal RAM, 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, 16GB of onboard file storage (64GB of additional memory with a microSD® card if you choose), Android™ 4.1 Jelly Bean, 3,100 mAh battery. Those are my reasons and i know that this is going to be the phone of all phones! Can't wait, I'll have it on day one!

graze81 says:

Can't wait to get this bad boy in my grubby hands. Maybe I should line up outside for it ;)

nboatr says:

I was leaning toward the galaxy note 1" and rooting it but, after reading the the reviews and looking over the spec sheets- this looks to be the Fastest,Baddest,Phone/Tablet on the market- my New Christmas Present to Me. the wife and kids will get what they want but, this puppy will be Mine!lol -take that Icrap 5!

severinj says:

Whatever you do, don't get the Note 1 unless it's the international model. The Note 1 with the snapdragon is just not worth purchasing at this time.

vincentma1 says:

I need some help. I am an ATT Note user and I live in Chicago. I notice when other people have Notes and always try to talk with them. Today I was about to do that when the man moved his hand and I noticed that he had a large physical button and two virtual buttons on the device. I looked at it for a while and finally asked what phone it was. He looked confused and said it was the Note. I asked if it was the Note 2 and he looked shocked and said, "umm, I dont think that's out" then he looked away. He was a normal middle aged man in casual atire. The phone had no 4G, but he had wifi on (probably a mobile hotspot). Does anyone know how the heck he could have gotten the phone. The only thing I could think of is a big time executive, but there would be no reason at all for him to be in my neighborhood and on the bus.

bobvanjr says:

That was the International version of the original Note. It's the one that I have.

I'm waiting to see what the no contract price is. I'm planning on using it with Straight Talk. High price in the beginning but big savings over 2 years.