Raise your hand if you didn't think Samsung had a high-end 10-inch tablet in the works for this year. We all knew it had to be coming, and a source tells SamMobile that it should have the specs that put it at the top of the tablet heap for a while. The rumored Galaxy Tab 3 Plus will have an octa-core Exynos 5 CPU, a Super AMOLED Full HD display of either 10.1-inches or 11.6-inches, and dazzle our eyes with a high-resolution screen. Currently there are two supposed prototypes floating around out there, and the screen size has not been finalized.

Samsung killed it with the ultra-high res PLS display on the Nexus 10, but plenty of folks out there prefer the deep, wet blacks and saturated colors of AMOLED. If this rumor turns out to be true, those folks (myself included) might be buying a new tablet this summer. 

We'll keep our ears open, and if anything develops from this we'll let you know.

Source: SamMobile

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Its only rumor! It will only have 1,9 QuadCore!

TheDu9du says:

Never liked the "Tab" branding. Samsung should consolidate their tablets they seem to be all over the place with many sizes and I'm too confused to tell which one is better Note or Tab tablets? is it just whichever came last?

l00natic71 says:

It's my understanding that the devices with "Note" in the name have the stylus. You get the choice of about the same sizes, but with the option of the SPen... or not, if you are not interested in it. I would like Samsung to turn the Nexus 10 into a Note device... that screen is nice.

impulse101 says:

The problem is the note uses a wacom digitzer and the max resolution is 1280x1024 on it. I rather have a nexus 10 or this gtab 3 plus than a low rez tablet with with notes functionality

playy8 says:

I agree with you I also love the Nexus 10
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TLB69 says:

That's why I agree with Eric S,Samsung is getting too big.Their tabs/phones are all the place.

SlimJ87D says:

The question is, why should we really care? You don't like having options, don't buy any of them. No one is making you.

return_0 says:

This. +9001


Stop whining

I got a Samsung galaxy note 10.1 for my birthday in Feb. 2013 and I love it. There is nothing i can't do with my note. I also have the galaxy note phone it goes everywhere with me and there is nothing i can't do or excess on either of them. I was stuck between the i pad or the note 10.1 my husband made that decision for me by buying the note for me on my birthday, sure glad he got the Samsung for me, my Samsung lap top, galaxy note phone and galaxy note 10.1 all work together great on google+, I get my photos and contacts from either of them anytime anyplace. Good luck with what ever you decide I'm sure you won't be sorry.

Bruh-Man says:

I hope it has a Stylus like the Note 10.1 but with an 11.6" screen

PFKMan23 says:

I'd love to a Note 10.1 or bigger with at least a 1920 x 1080 screen.

impulse101 says:

Wont ever happen unless wacom has developed a high resolution digitizer that i am not aware of

Magnus#AC says:

Don't care about a non Note tablet

TLB69 says:

Is it coming to the states?No,so who cares.

l00natic71 says:

Probably the majority of the world that does not live in the States.

John-Smith says:

What the fuck are you talking about? There are people OUTSIDE of the US?

Sorry for the troll, couldn't help myself.

TLB69 says:


plunder says:

I did play with a Note 10.1 yesterday and found it rather slow. Wake up Sammy put a serious chip in this tab and blow the ______g dust out, before you launch it.

kascollet says:

Samsung really should hurry considering how late they are to the tablet class.
I still don't understand why such a tablet wasn't released one year ago to face the ipad3.

impulse101 says:

It was called the Nexus 10 which destroys the squarepad

kascollet says:

Quite simply : not at all.
In which dream do you live ?

one80oneday says:

10.1-11.6in HD Super AMOLED is not possible at an affordable price. How long will Samsung market octo-core yet not produce it?

Targon says:

Samsung is the company that makes the display, so COULD decide to take a loss on the screen if desired. Also, it could be considered R&D if the process to make a 55 inch AMOLED display is the long-term goal, and cranking out 10-12 inch displays are a part of working out the kinks in the manufacturing process. Samsung COULD also be aiming to just hurt Apple by releasing better quality displays that will show up EVERYWHERE, and make the iPhone/iPad and such look less exciting compared to the alternatives.

How many consoles did Sony and Microsoft ship at a loss initially, just to seed the market for longer term profits? Samsung could easily do the same thing.

zuzonline says:

Samsung could lose 1.4 billion to make apple lose business, it's still a profit for Samsung

descendency says:

They've only marketed a quad core with a quad core slave CPU. I wish people would stop letting Samsung claim it is an 8 core processor.

zuzonline says:

It still has 8 physical cores even if they don't run together, they interact with each other.

Shadowriver says:

It cant use only 1 at the time so they dont interact, only 4 are used so its quad core

impulse101 says:

And Apple still sucks cock regardless with their 4:3 ratio slab of icons

kascollet says:

This squarish ratio is one of the true virtues of the iPad. Everything is better, except full-length movies.

richardodn says:

I think it should be marketed as dual-quads. I'm sure some of you will get the hot rod reference.

Why do I hear comments about Note 10.1 not able to handle 1080p screens when the note 3 is around the corner and of course going to have a 1080p someone correct me please. Would not it be easier to have 1080p on larger screens before a smaller device.

wilfreb says:

While I love my Note 10.1, I will love a super amoled screen on it, my GS3 screen is stunning compared to LCD panels.

slpaige says:

Maybe one day I'll eventually pick up a tablet. Maybe it will be Samsung's new tablet, who knows.

LHL2500 says:

I'm looking forward to a new fullsize tablet, the current selection is a bit boring.
I want a higher resolution than the Note 10.1, and newer/faster than the TF700T.
The Nexus 10 is not available in my country. (Thanks, Google)
So this rumor comes at just the right time for me.
At this screen size, I would however prefer if the screen was of the S-AMOLED HD + variety, full sub-pixels, and none of this pentile BS.

Hey-Zeus says:

Any news on the next Asus Transformer tablet? That's what I'm waiting to hear about before making any new purchase this year.

I agree with you I also love the Nexus 10
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