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Samsung released their official promotional video for the Galaxy 10.1 today with several Touchwiz elements in tow, notably several widgets and icon skins.  But this is what we expected would happen.

Remember, even though the Tab shipping now is stock honeycomb, Samsung plans on shipping future devices with their Touchwiz UI, as well as offering it to existing customers via an optional over the air download at a future date. Since this is a promotional video for the "final" product, featuring Touchwiz made the most sense because it meant they only had to make one film instead of two.  In fact, the description from the video's YouTube page says as much:

The official info clip for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi. The tab used in this video is 3G version and may differ from the Galaxy Tab 10.1 sold in the U.S., and some of the features and services highlighted in the video will be available through software upgrade in the U.S.

We've received no word from Samsung that Touchwiz was being pushed out to tablets yet, and devices purchased in NYC last week are still running the stock honeycomb they were shipped with.

Be sure to keep an eye on our forums as Android Central readers nationwide pick up their pre-orders and start posting feedback.  In the meantime, crank your speakers to 11 and enjoy the video.

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Samsung releases official video for Wifi Galaxy Tab 10.1, Touchwiz included


Can you guys do a video review detailing the white back cover versus the other back cover? Need to know which to buy and if the material is different for the covers.

Completely there with you. iPad was cool, showed me why I wanted a tablet (thin, light, very portable computer-like device), but iOS isn't for me. Can't wait to get this thing. Loved the soundtrack, btw!

I normally don't care for skin overlays, but HC is kind of barren right now. I think TouchwizUI looks pretty nice and will add some extra functionality.

... How does that look out of place or out of date. The only way you can tell it has Touchwiz is by the widgets and iOS clone? HOW?! How the hell does that look like iOS?

TOUCHWIZ looks horrible with the honeycomb OS (MY OPINION) also the out of date comment is derived from the fact that touchwiz has relatively looked the same for a long time and the iOS clone comment is derived from the fact that TOUCHWIZ looks exactly like iOS, its a direct ripoff of apple's springboard

Okay, good that the Touchwiz update is optional, but what if we don't get the Tab before they start coming stock with Touchwiz? Are we just SOL or will Sammy let us roll it back without hassle? (I'm buying it regardless, and I know that there will always be stock ROMs available for rooters, but just a thought)

When I talked to the samsung people at the meetup, they said that there would be no downgrade option for tabs that sip with touchwiz, and he wasn't sure about stock devices,. But things might change