It's big, it's thin, and it's coming to the United States (finally). It is, of course, the Samsung Galaxy S II. We've got less than a week before the big event in New York (we'll be there, of course), where we should find out all the little tweaks the U.S. carriers have done this time.


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Samsung releases new U.S. Galaxy S II teaser


Hopefully it's not too little, too late with all of the rumors/speculation and hype over the Nexus Prime that everyone seems to be clamoring for and skipping the GS2 for.

It is a better commercial then Bionic one. Wonder how they good battery is with tegra chip and LTE

How about getting our EPIC 3G's fixed first before we keep promoting the hell out of new stuff? Where's the ingerbread update? Will it fix the 4G and make it actually work?

If you did not know that's how Samsung works, you should have known. ANY amount of research would have revealed that Samsung is among the slowest to support existing devices.

I did know. I had the moment, but I thought a flagship phone? With a promise of upgrade to 2.2? (8 months later) I guess I don’t live in the cell phone world. Where I live there are deadlines, responsibility, accountability, stuff like that. But now I know. So, I won’t be lining up for this or any other Samsuck phone. I guess it’s true about a leopard and it’s spots after all.

The Galaxy S was the first non Nexus phone to get 2.3 Gingerbread. Just not the US variants, sorry guys. Hope things are better with the S2 as far as updates on US models go. Otherwise there will be even more people who shun Samsung and rightfully so. Here's to hoping they get it right this time.

At&T users, I would just cough up and get the international version or the one from Bell Canada, it's the same, it will have the most support from Samsung and the mod community.

Do you think Samsung had legal approve the apology text they are going to have to send out at the same time as the video was approved? Religious icons on unicycles and with a phallic phone profile between the legs. Sexually suggestive images all around them... wow, it's like they were trying to be a little offensive just to get press from it.

Maybe you're right. The phone side profile between Buddha's legs wasn't phallic. It was just to say he was fat and show how thin their phone is by comparison.

I don't see how the Monnalisa, Statue of Liberty, a British guy, a Ferris wheel, a mountain, and a dancing guy resembles anything close to any culture's religion. The only one I noticed was what seemed to be Jesus?

Watching it again, I think the funniest part is that Samsung thinks David has equipment big enough to imply their screen must be huge in order to cover it with a fig leaf. I guess his junk is big to them. LOL

I could've been spared the "so called" tweaks if it would've provided an earlier release date. I've been waiting so long for a duo core LTE, that I might snatch the first one that has a reasonable price.

if u look at time 47 sec. it shows the galaxy s 2 with the 4 keys at the bottom rather than the 3 in the international one.

Do some research. You will find that Apple copied that design from Samsung who copied it from LG.

Edit: Ops, sorry. Samsung copied the UI from LG, not the phone, that is theirs and has been since before the iPhone. :)

I did not notice that the first time I watched it. I would say that is a pretty good assumption. Cant wait.

That commercial sucked, I am open to artistic and hip advertising, but that was just strange, didn't make me want to run out and buy a new phone. Even though I realize the galaxy S2 is the best phone on the market right now, but that commercial did not convey that to the average Joe at all.

I agree. If it's the Tegra, I won't buy it. It's got to be as fast and energy efficient as the Exynos, or I'll just wait on something better.

Along with the 9/9 date on the phone, you can also see the city in the weather widget is Kansas City, sprint??? You can also see what looks like a 4g icon in the status bar.

I realize Kansas city is not the headquarters,its Overland Kansas, but it's pretty close.

I've been holding off on my upgrade since June for this thing. Hope it doesn't disappoint when more details are released.