Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung announced today that it has reached a respectable milestone with its Galaxy Note tablet/smartphone hybrid, citing one million units shipped globally to date.What makes the figure even more impressive is that the Note isn't officially available yet in one of Samsung's largest markets-- the United States. The Galaxy Note is currently gaining in popularity in France, Germany, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Samsung says, and will hit American shores "next year." Hit the source link for Samsung's full statement, via its Flickr account.

Source: Samsung

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moosc says:

Yep sounds the S2 all over well see it next winter

Hand_O_Death says:

Looks like that Niche market is a little bigger than expected then. Nice. Who knew people liked to scribble that much?

wshwe says:

Back in the day many people bought Palm PDAs.

Glenuendo says:

And Apple freaks out and starts to sue in 3,2,1....

If and when this comes to the USA, and hopefully Sprint, I'll be all over this phone. But from the antenna specs it looks like it'll be an AT&T only phone. :(

ronhoney says:

Please Verizon (or even AT&T or Sprint) offer this with 4G LTE. 1st one gets my business (would switch from Verizon).

Dhamp2g says:

as much as they cost you should switch anyway

Gekko says:

cue all of the crying and gnashing of teeth about how it's "too big!!!"

they said that about 4"+ displays not too long ago and now they rule the world!

planoman says:

Received my GNote from Amazon on Saturday for Christmas! Not even a out a week and it has received two updates already!(one was out before I received) It is awesome not waiting on the carriers to update! The GNote is a really neat device! Decided not to wait on LTE since I have a Skyrocket. The HD Screen is simply beautiful! Battery life is great with a 2500 mAh battery!

icedhot says:

what do you guys think, another 6 months (June) till it release in the US?

FireAndGlass says:

Just import like I did. You won't regret it. It's an amazing phone. Insure it with ensquared. also will send it in for you, according to reports. Also, if it does come to AT&T, likely it won't have Exynos, which will be a downer.

Mepaphoros says:

I can't wait for this phone on AT&T (LTE). I expect that we'll get an announcement for it at the Samsung CES this January.

15israellai says:

Really didn't expected the Note to be so popular. I'm seeing it quite frequently on the streets in Hong Kong nowadays, together with GSIIs and iPhones of course.

Rico ANDROID says:

As if the Dell Streak never existed! Dell's total LOSS and Samsungs GAIN!