As we have seen recently, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet has been quite a popular piece of technology as it prepares for its launch across all four major U.S. carriers. While many were left wondering why there was only a 7-inch version available and not a choice of sizes, it seems as though our question was quickly answered. A General Manager from Ireland has confirmed that they are in the works of a 10-inch version to match their current tablet and are hoping for a release in the first half of 2011. Part of this delay could be that Samsung is waiting for the release of either Gingerbread or Honeycomb, which should be displayed better on a tablet form factor, since we know Android 2.2 was not made for that. [Silicon Republic via Engadget]


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Samsung promised to bring 10-inch Galaxy Tablet in first half of 2011


I'm glad there going to go ahead and bring this out. I still can't think of a reason to get the 7 inch tablet. Especially if you have a current generation smart phone like the HTC Evo. ;)

I thought the larger size ones Google was going to force to use the Chrome OS... or the market won't be be available on the device... is that true?

Although I'm not a fan of tablets, I'm loving the fact that Samsung is making this available for all carriers, and they are also offering different sizes and the option to buy wifi or wifi + 3g models.

All this choice will drive competition and hopefully wake up the other companies to the fact that consumers want options and differing levels of hardware specifications, rather than being pigeon holed into carriers or specifications that manufactures think we should want.

Not feeling a 10" tablet. Once you go outside the area of pocketability (which the 7" tablet is pushing IMO), you have to show me something better than a nice netbook.

Yeah, gut Jerry, some time you just want a living room puter, to check your mail during commercials or what ever.

That's why wifi makes so much sense in the 10 inch. Nobody is going to carry it around much, excepting maybe college kids to class, and office people to meetings and such.

If they add an affordable office suite and presentation software to this as well and full corporate capable mail they will sell zillions.

Not everything has to fit the pocket.