Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung told the Korea Herald newspaper over the weekend that it has sold more than 600,000 units of its Galaxy Tab 7-inch Android tablet in the first month of its launch. Available in more than 30 nations in North America, Europe and Asia, the Galaxy Tab essentially is an  upscaled Android device, running Froyo on a 1GHz processor, Some 30,000 units were sold in Korea since Nov. 14, the newspaper wrote. By comparison, Apple announced it had sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 million iPads in its first month. [Korea Herald]

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Deadpool9 says:

Probably didnt help anything that Google announced that Android really wasnt made for tablets at this point....
I would definately wait for 3.0 before buying a $600 device.

MowDownJoe says:

I highly doubt Google saying Android wasn't made for tablets hurt it at all. You think the layman would've heard that? They mostly just know Google as a search engine.

rayz336 says:

Those are really good numbers for the first month.

shoman24v says:

This is not Samsung's tablet version of android, its the same android we know and love just bigger. I believe onlya few apps have been reworked to accommodate the larger screen.

gtg465x says:

What makes an OS a tablet OS? The iPad runs the exact same OS as iPhones, just bigger and with some reworked apps. Had Google not said Android 2.2 isn't optimized for tablets, no one would be saying stuff like this. Google was kind of a dick towards one of their largest partners on that one.

jasonaward says:

Those are quite frankly astoundingly good numbers if accurate. Especially for a product that was barely advertised and certainly didn't have nearly the promotion that the iPad did.

mschviuzg says:

Where do I get that wallpaper for my phone?

Mikey47 says:

Does that mean "sold" to consumers, or does it mean "sold" to carriers, retail locations, etc.?

wagadesa says:

The IPAD was rolled out in NA first. So a large portion of the sells reported for IPAD was USA. I wonder what the USA sells were for the Galaxy Tab. From what I understand, the US is the only market to get crippled units (i.e. no voice calling).

It's a nice device and there's a good chance I would have one right now if not for the calling restriction.

tkfox007 says:

I've played with this in the Verizon store, I can't see paying over $600 for this. Just like the the iPad, it's too much for what it's worth and I think that a 7" screen is too small for a tablet. If you're just going to use it for surfing the internet, there's cheaper alternatives.

I'd rather have the Samsung Fascinate.

Rigelian says:

I took a good long look at the Galaxy Tab. I decided to wait for the Tabs coming out with Honeycomb. I figure waiting for a tablet with an version of Android optimized for tablets makes more sense than me waiting for Samsung to optimize the Galaxy.

crxssi says:

Too expensive. Too small. Too proprietary (connectors).

If you want to see a flood of Android tablet sales, wait for a $400-$500 or something wifi-only 10" tablet from HTC or similar. I know MY checkbook is ready!

deezus says:

This unit is way too expensive and will never compete with ipad. Save your money better tablets are on the way.

davidear says:

Wow!! this is much high than I expected it would be.