Galaxy S II

We're going to wait for the U.S. carriers to announce things before we get too terribly excited, but Samsung Mobile president JK Shin recently told Korean reporters that  "We expect to release the Galaxy S II in the U.S. market sometime in August."

Again, we're going to take that with a wee grain of salt until we get word from the U.S. carriers. Not that the man wouldn't know -- you just know how our carriers are.

Source: Yonhap News; via The Next Web


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Samsung Mobile's JK Shin says to expect Galaxy S II in U.S. in August


Wooohoooooo Still got my original EVO... 3D wasn't enough of an upgrade. I expect this to have NFC on the way to sprint... and 2.3.4 according to the last leak... i'll be all over it.

I wish it has NFC.

It hasn't shown up w/ NFC anywhere else, so I doubt's been 4 months since it was announced...

Excited for this phone. Running MikG 2.2 on my current EVO but with the beastly specs this should sport, how can one refuse?

I was on Myn's 2.2 before and since switching to MikG, haven't looked back. It's got alot of Sense 3.0 going on in it, but it's very fast, very stable and has all features working. Netflix, Hotspot, etc..
look in the EVO development page on XDA for info and other more updated ROMS.

God I hope he's right. That's when I plan on cashing in this upgrade I'm sitting on. I have had an HTC, a Moto, and may just get a Sammy. If that screen is as good or better than the 25" Sammy beast on my desk then it's a go.

If any phone would make me, a long time exclusive HTC fan, switch manufacturers, THIS would be the phone.
NFC, 4G, AOSP and I am in!

About time!! This is the only phone that will make me leave my Evo 4G! I hope Sprint doesn't change it too much!!

Ima lmao when they release this phone In the U.S. but with a tegra 2 Chipset. Then you will all be running to get an evo 3d. Haha.

This is hands down the best phone ever... I don't see how the bionic is the most awaited phone.. Verizon isn't even marketing it! If your gonna compare the bionic to the Samsung, you have to at least show how it compares.. the sensation couldn't even touch this phone... Good luck iPhone 5. You have your hands full lmao

The thing with Claro is that it's a Mexican based company, not other words they are smarter than american carriers and buy the phones without changing them equaling to faster release dates.

Well I returned my evo3d yesterday and went back to my original EVO. This phone is the reason I did that. I was hoping it would not be a crazy long wait. Seems like it won't be. Although my OG EVO is still a great phone.

I think you made a bad decision. Samsung's support for their products are really poor. HTC's support is second to none.

There are major bugs in Samsung's phones that are not addressed, like a major texting bug that chops off the adressee's contact number and causes texts to fail, that Samsung has known about since last year, and is still not fixed.

The HTC Evo 3D is an awesome phone. No way I'd swap it for a Samsung product (and god forbid a Motorola product).

LOL are you really trolling now. I have the Evo and the Epic. There is no way the Epic raped the Evo. The Epic was stuck on 2.1 for months after the Evo, and it's still stuck on 2.2 while the Evo 4G has had 2.3 for two months now.

Plus there are serious bugs with the Epic that Samsung still has not fixed, like a major texting bug that makes texting almost impossible to your important contacts.

I like my Epic, but no way I'd choose Samsung over HTC now, ever.

Yeaa, You Must Have Gotten A Bad One. My Epic Hasn't Had Any Bugs Except From Unfinished ROM's. And Performance And Hardware Matters More, Which The Epic Has The Evo Beat, Than Updates. Besides That's What Rootin' Is For, I Have Gingerbread On My Epic And Have No Problems At All. What Other Argument Do Have Left? None. Except HTC Sence Go Hard In The Paint. Can't Wait To See First Hand What TW4 Fully Has In Store.

After servicing Android devices for over a year, I learned pretty quickly that Samsung had produced a better device than HTC for that generation of phone. 2GB of onboard storage made for an excellent 2.1 experience, and I still have an original SGS with 2.1, because Samsung's builds of 2.2 were all garbage. HTC launching phones with around 200MB of onboard storage was just downright unacceptable. For power users, people who know what they are doing, this isn't a problem, but for the general masses, this doesn't work. They install 50-60 apps on the phone, and it's finished. At that point, they hate HTC and they hate Android, and that's a bad first impression if you've never used Android before. In that generation of phone, the GPU that went with the Hummingbird was much better than the GPU with the Snapdragon. You have to remember, not everyone is a power user. These phones are sold to everyone.

I'm wondering how verizon will handle having both sg2 and the Bionic in terms of release date and competing with each other?

Rumor has it that the VZW version will not be LTE. So they will not be competing with each other since Sammy has the Charge already.

releases in US could mean anything from launching on all carriers to just 1 carrier. imma be skeptical and just say i wont see this on att until september-october. (but for god sake come out on all carrier next month.)

Uhh!!! Finally some official word about the GS2!

Thanks Mr. JK Shin for the good news, and I surely hope JK doesn't stand for "just kidding"!! lol enough with the teasing about the darn phone! Just unleash the dragon!!