Samsung Galaxy S3

We heard just yesterday about the relative success of the Galaxy Note 2, selling 3 million units in just over 30 days. That was quite a feat, but how about this? 30 million Galaxy SII (S3) units sold worldwide since launch. That's a serious number, especially considering that the device hasn't had worldwide availability for that long.

It's surely outpacing anything else out there, including the amazing sales numbers of the Galaxy S2, and we haven't even hit the holiday season yet. We'll likely see tens of millions more Galaxy S3's sold in the coming months.

Source: Samsung Poland (Twitter) Via: The Verge

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levelm says:

Best phone available in my opinion.

icvos says:

Now for that bag of jelly beans from AT&T?!?!?!

XChrisX says:

+1 AT&T needs to stop being so lazy, and release it already.

BcSirstaroth says:

Just flash CM 10.....I did and its amazing. The ONLY thing I don't like is that the vibrate only function doesn't work. If you can live with only silent or normal sound until the fix it, its amazing.

MBonus0716 says:

Notice that Apple only said "25 million iPhones sold in the quarter" without saying what portion of that is iPhone 5. Does it mean it didn't sell well?

ImDaBes says:

No, the iPhone 5 was only on sale for like 9 days in that quarter. It's still supply constrained, so just like every release before it, they're selling them as fast as they can make them.

even tho I really like the new phones coming out, honestly the Galaxy S III, One X, and the iPhone 5 will all eventually be looked upon as the best smartphones of 2012.



bdmridgback says:

I think the supply constraint is a excuse for low sales. Local stores in this area are advertising iPhone 5 in stock. Sprint has them in stock. I don't think they are selling as well as previous versions.

They don't want stock prices to fall so they will blame parts suppliers!

SpaceAged says:

I agree completely. The iPhone and Apple's entire line up for that matter is not doing as well as they had previously. There stock has been downgraded and I too have noticed that here in Memphis, Tn....EVERYONE has that phone "IN STOCK." The headlines read today that the lines for the iPad Mini were not very long at all at any retailer worldwide. Tim Cook has been firing EVERYONE that Steve Jobs trusted. What does all this mean? Apple is in panic mode and Tim Cook knows that if he doesn't figure something out soon, then the board at Apple will put HIS skinny neck on the chopping block. I like Apple laptops, but I built my own desktop for my recording studio and I will never use their phones because I can't fathom spending $300+ for a phone just so you can tell me that I can't unlock it or use it any way I want to. Apple sucks in that way. Google dominates that market worldwide and Androids are the most exciting phones and devices on the market hands down.

briankurtz79 says:

I don't live in the middle of no where by far and I walked into my local Verizon store on day 1 at about 2 in the afternoon to get my girl the ip5. I asked if they had any. The guy said "do you want white or black". It was that easy.

Macboy74 says:

Their selling them as fast as they can have them made. As for them only having Sprint phones I think you can answer that question yourself. And not to down the SGSIII in anyway but there is a lot more going into building the iphone 5 .

DWR_31 says:

Sprint only has iPhone 5's in stock because no one in their right mind would buy an LTE iPhone on a super slow 3G network.

I know of a couple of people who bought the 4S on Sprint, but on the 5's release day they were first in line at AT&T.

giograves says:

Hate the look and feel of this phone, but Sammy's marketing was pretty epic on this one. If you watched the Olympics, you wanted an S3.

John-Smith says:

That sounds like a big number, I wonder if they can get it up to 50 million by years end? I'm sure they can sell 10 million in december alone, but then again it now has to compete with the Note 2...

benthe1 says:

Is that the Galaxy SII or the S3? Lol. Autocorrect?

casperi says:

My vzw rep said it was between 1&15 to 1&20 that have come in for the new iPhone 5. Oddly he said more than avg, people were bring there's back and asking for a "Droid". Not android so apparently vzw marketing is working.

cobrakon says:

On iPhone 5 launch weekend, they sold 5 million+ of them which was STILL 3 million and change short of how many Android phones sold that week.

SAMSUNG *ALONE* was outselling Apple in the quarters preceeding the iPhone5 launch. After the initial launch bump, SAMSUNG will again be out pacing iPhone sales.

#all iDevices will be 10% of the market Like Mac.

SoreAintya says:

I got two, wonder who the other 29,999,998 are?

TekNiKal says:

My wife and I both bought GS3s. So you're down to 29,999,996. Lol.

xZet2 says:

sadly half of them are in Romania thanks to ar gipsy friends

mojosingle says:

Just read on one of the other mobile blogs that this "sold" figure is actually what they have shipped. Meaning 30M is what they have pushed out to the various retail stores, not what has actually been purchased by customers. :(