Samsung has not only rolled out a device line that can be purchased on nearly any and all carriers, but now they appear to be offering this device in color choices in some markets. South Korean's will soon be given the option to pick up the Samsung Galaxy S (M110S) in a pink flavor, as well as the original. While unfortunately at this time it does not appear as though this color will be making its way to to the states, we can always hope for some color choices to find their way to us. [via SamsungHub]


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Samsung goes pink with their Galaxy S in South Korea


Color choices make people all picky choosy... which means if you have pink and most people want black... technically your store is out of stock...

Samsung was so dumb for not putting a flash on their Galaxy S phones and no LED notifications. So dumb seriously, even dumb phones have a flash to taking pictures.

Fan-freaking-tastic! PINK! Thank the stars they're releasing a pink Galaxy S and not a fix for the GPS/Compass issue. Seriously, I'm starting to get annoyed at the press releases from Samsung about screen production increases, color variations, number of units sold and NOTHING on a release date for the GPS/Compass fix. Come on already! I'm not even asking about Froyo, I just want my GPS to work as well as my last phone!

Get real guys. The little third-party factory that's cranking out a few thousand pink backplates for Samsung and a marketing blurb from the front office has nothing at all to do with the engineers dealing with (highly over-blown) GPS issues.

I know someone with a vibrant and the power/lock button is hard to press and even worse with a case on it! Its placement on the side is even more questionable. Did they have a crackhead design this phone. Bad power/lock placement, no flash(for some Galaxy S), no LED notifications, and feels cheap feeling, though it is alot lighter then my dInc.

I'm waiting till november on VZW to get that new HTC phone thats like the evo. I was going to get the verizon galaxy s, but the name sounds gay, no LED notifications, and the phone feels cheap and plastic.

"Yea I just picked up the Samsung Fascinate, you silly goose." See sounds totally gay, imagine Big Gay Al from Southpark saying that...

This phone will be my next!

I can't even believe that the name is an issue for you because it sounds "gay".
Good to know that social progressiveness doesn't extend out to my fellow nerds, that not only don't you understand the devices your bashing (the Galaxy S) but you don't understand how to react or treat real people.

The issues you listed aren't even big issues why not to buy the phone. As for cheapy feeling? Going to assume you've never even picked up the phone.

Seriously, think before you speak.

Everyone laugh at oOoBoNgOoO, he's so homophobic he's afraid the NAME of his PHONE is somehow equivalent to sticking his dick inside of another man's anus. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

"Oh, hello boys, look at me, I have a thexy new eighth tee thee Deeeeeethire."

Don't start going all sexual orientation with phone names, you may not like where it ends up, your beloved Taiwanese phone maker ain't immune from incewedibwy bad naming choices.

I'm glad Sprint made some changes to their galaxy version. Loving the led notification and the flash on the Epic. No gps issues here either.

Also my wife would kill to have the pink version.