Samsung Gear Fit

Software fix brings easier readability to Samsung's sleekest smartwatch

The Samsung Gear Fit is easily the most eye-catching of Samsung's latest batch of wearables, but the version we saw back at Mobile World Congress came with one big usability gripe — a landscape display on what's supposed to be a wrist-readable device. Fortunately, though the magic of a software update with a new portrait mode, Samsung now seems to have fixed this issue.

Images posted on Samsung's own Korean store blog show the Gear Fit displaying its UI in the traditional landscape layout, as well as the new, narrower portrait setup. The new orientation should make it easier to view basic information like the time on the watch's uniquely-shaped display, though as The Verge points out, longer text readouts may remain problematic.

We'll have to wait and see how things pan out when we get our hands on final production Gear Fit hardware later this week.

Source: Samsung store blog, The Verge


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Samsung Gear Fit updated with portrait orientation mode


Despite this not having Wear. This Fit still looks very compelling to buy.

Posted via Android Central App

Much needed. I still think that silver band framing the display makes it look cheesy but I could not get how it was going to be usable with a landscape display on your wrist.

7 months into my ios to android switch,I love my g2. My only gripes are a lack of technical support,outside of what I can learn from this blog.
My question is,do you have more support with Sammy, including maybe the store within a store at best buy? Between that and gear fit,I may be interested in making the switch with a s5.

Posted via Android Central App

I have received the same response. I received my Gear Fit as a pre-order a few days ago but have been unable to use since there is currently no Gear Fit Manager application availablle for my S4. If you find a fix can you respond to this post?

I thought the whole point of the fit was to wear it on your inner wrist, have people actually been wanting to use it on their outer wrist? I guess it's good they enabled this for those people... Rather than just informing them "you're using it wrong".
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Yes I had planned on using it that way, but it's nice to have the ability to show it off on the outside as well. You know if this was an Apple product they would tell you "you're wearing it wrong".

I want one, was gonna preorder from amazon....but I need to test this out first. Currently use a fitbit flex. I really want the time on it and the phone/text notifications are very cool.....but I gotta know it's going to be comfortable. The battery life of 3-4 days is iffy vs my 5-6 on my fitbit. Also, myfitnesspal has confirmed in an email response that they are working to integrate with gear fit....but some technical challenges remain and it won't be ready by launch date.

I was torn about getting it due to this issue but now I'm sold

Posted via Android Central App from Moto X

Me too. I have the original galaxy Gear and love it, but would be interested in this because I have very small wrists for a guy.

Nice option, but I think I would still prefer viewing the display in landscape mode.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

I've had my fit since Monday and it doesn't have that option. I posted a review on XDA under the note 3 section if you guys want to check it out.

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Now, I have an aversion to eco-system locking - so there's no way I would ever consider getting this. You wouldn't be able to pay me to wear it. But god this was the one glaringly annoying issue I had with this product. How did anyone possibly thing it was going to work 90 degrees skewed?

Samsung Galaxy 4 on AT&T was crashing with a "Unfortunately, Gear Fit Manager has stopped working". This was happening every 15 to 30 seconds and almost made my phone unusable. I then had to unistall the application, go to the settings for my phone and do the update to the phone (which brought down the latest android OS) and then the installation worked.