T-Mobile Galaxy Tab

As a reminder to everyone, T-Mobile today becomes the first U.S. carrier to sell the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and it is available online now and should also be showing up in stores. You can get one for $399 with a 2-year contract or $599 with no contract. Plans will run you $25 per month for 200MB of data or $40 per month for 5GB. Check out T-Mobile's site now to order one of your own. [T-Mobile] Thanks to I_Am_Incredible for the reminder!


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Samsung Galaxy Tab launches on T-Mobile


Woohooo! My first acknowledgement for a tip i sent in on ANY SITE EVER!

I'll just celebrate here on the helpdesk by ignoring tickets for a couple hours!

Does the Galaxy tab really record in HD? T-Mobile is listing it on their site. Can somebody shed some light on this.

Listed in the Features at T-Mobile.com
HD Camcorder
Record videos in 720p resolution.

Which reviews would those be? I picked mine up a couple of hours ago and am loving it so far. It's not perfect, but definitely great for what I wanted it for.

I've read a few reviews, all have been negative. Android Central doesn't count because they give all Android phones good ratings--yes, they're biased. Go read Gizmodo's review--they said the Tab takes the worst of the smartphone and tablet world and combines them for failure. I tried one out today--it's slow, laggy, and not worth the asking price. I love Android, but I'd rather get an iPad if the Tab is the best Samsung can do.

Great for what you wanted it for? How about "great" for the price? Not a whole lot of people have or want to spend the money on a mediocre piece of equipment at a high end price. That's why it fails. Not because it sucks, but because consumers are interested in it because of it's quality vs price.

T-Mobile 3g sucks. And the tab is not even HSDPA+(4G) compatible. That does not even make any sense to me. I tried to play with it, and discovered that they have their displays running off of wi-fi. I tried to switch it their data but it would not allow me. I brought this up to their reps and as usual they try to make up some type of excuse. Since they are not nearly as up to date on their products as I am, I had to put them in line.

I just found out that the Galaxy Tab has the 16gb onboard memory that we were promised. The Sprint version has only 2gb, with a 16gb sdhc card. Not sure about Verizon and AT&T.