Samsung Galaxy Tab

If these videos of the Samsung Galaxy Tab get any better, you might not have to go all the way to Germany in a couple of weeks to get a real look at the thing. Samsung's 7-inch Android tablet will be announced at the IFA conference in Berlin on Sept. 2, but GizChina got video of someone sneaking up on it. The OS definitely has an iPad-ish feel, but we're going to withhold judgment until we actually use the thing. Check it out after the break. [GizChina via Crunchgear]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab caught on video again, this time for a close-up

What's with the large connector that looks like the Apple dock connector? That I don't like. I'm still looking more forward to the ICD Gemini.

Proprietary connectors = blech. That, alone, ruins the device and would make me totally uninterested in ever buying it.

This thing needs a micro usb port, that would make me happy. I want to be able to use one cord for all of my devices. Also I hope this is priced lower than the iPad.

It's not. I have already seen the proprietary apple-like cable that plugs into that port.

Galaxy Tab = proprietary connector = stupid = no interest in device.

I have a feeling the large proprietary connector is to allow for more than just usb uses, like hdmi out and for sharing control through a dock.

2 questions/concerns:
1. I thought android 2.2 only supported 800x480 as the max resolution? Could it be running at 800x480 until 3.0 comes out??

2. Will it be able to use the android market? Other android tablets have not been able to. If not, could we sideload apps? I'd be cool with that.

Loads of tablets in the news recently. It'll be interesting when all of these are released and we can see a proper comparison. Apple are going to have to update their iPad pretty extensively if it's going to have a chance against this onslaught. Buuuut, I guess iTards will be iTards and they'll keep buying anything with a shiny apple on it.

I'm not an apple fan in the slightest and I have to say from the videos and photo I've seen so far this thing is ripping off the iPad so badly. I could let the Galaxy S phones slide on a few of its iPhone similarities but I think this thing is going to take the cake.

the ipad is just a blown up version of the iphone. minor changes to fit a much larger screen. but nothing different. if you're gonna let hte phones slide you might as well let their tablet slide.

As for apple. you can bet they will do something with the ipad. I got a good feeling we'll be seeing a smaller ipad introduced next week.

samsung tablet debuts 9/2. Guess when apple event is 9/1. apple announced it 1 day after samsung tells us when they will unveil their tablet. Looks like they will be trying to take some steam out of samsung's showing.

Samsung problem will be pricing. Not counting the korean variant which will have features unlikely to be seen in the US. But if its priced too high or tied to a contract you'll have people hesitating to buy.

My guess if apple intros a smaller 7 inch ipad as rumored a wifi version will probably be 299 to 399. Closer to the 399 mark than 299. But I'm sure they'll try to use their sources to see what samsung is pricing theirs at.

I am going to do you guys a favor and show you a real android tablet
Google this "Notion adam ink" and you wont believe your eyes.