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When we first got a look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch at Mobile World Congress, it was your usual trade show free-for all. But the upcoming Honeycomb device (when's this thing gonna drop, anyway?) has shed its Samsung shackles and apparently paraded around the streets of Paris for the AndroidHD blog, which churned out 11 minutes of quality video in return. Nothing too new here, but you get another good look at the hardware, a good look at the software and some sample pics taken from the 8MP rear camera. [AndroidHD]


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch gets a thorough hands-on in France


i know its only a video, but the screen doesnt look as washed out and looks more responsive than the xoom's. also, it looks a little less laggy.

You're right. I messed with the Xoom at Best Buy and it was super laggy. The only problem I have with this tablet is that it's made by Samsuck. I doubt I will ever buy a Samsuk again after being a victim of how long they take to update their software.
-Epic 4G owner

Android Central's filtering system is ridiculous. I had to edit my above comment about 5 times before it was accepted. I guess AC doesn't allow brand names in their comments?

hahah, yeah im right there with you. i have a captivate. but hopefully since this is stock android that they will be able to get their updates out faster.

Again and again and again. Stock android means nothing towards a hope for faster manufacturer updates.

Motorola Milestone owner. 2.1

Carriers overseas with Galaxy S have already gotten Froyo.

Carriers in the US require a certain amount of money from the manufacturers to release an update that doesn't deal with fixing a bug.

that was just a rumor that was debunked.

Samsung has come out and announced that they are going to be better about their updates. we'll see.... haha

I would get the tab 10.1 over the xoom though.

Yeah I've messed with Xoom at BB too, and it did seem more laggy than on videos. I'm not sure if someone had downloaded a bunch of bloatware and junk onto it as it seemed like someone had been doing all kinds of stuff with it. Also the Live Wallpapers still seem to slow it down.

I'm interested in this samsung screen as well. I've never been thrilled with the screen on my Xoom. IMO even at 100% brightness it looks somewhat dim, and definitely lacks contrast and snappy colors. If this samsung screen looks better I very well might make this my new tab.

I just wish samsung had used AMOLED. I know they didn't because of price but I would have bought one in a second. AMOLED at 10.1 inches would have looked stunning.

This looks like one solid piece of hardware. Let's see how pricing goes for this one. This tablet doesn't have an SD card slot, correct?

Just bought an iPad 1 on eBay and I think it's really awesome. However, I have an Evo and I genuinely think (not bashing iOS) that Android is just as good if not better. I would love to try this 10.1 Galaxy tab and compare. For $399 it will be well worth it!!!

You're right... got my articles mixed up. Hopefully it will not be more than $499 as I wouldn't go higher than that.

For some reason that looked alot smoother than my Xoom. Hopefully they get some more tweaks heading our way.

And on a side note, was that Sylar holding the tab in the video? If you watch the part where he does the video chat and then picks it up, it looks like him lol (Zachary Quinto)

Yes that was sylar. He using the galaxy tab 10inch to take over the world and convince NBC to do one more season of Heroes...Its been a while now.

Have their been any announcement about a wifi only version? One thing in the video is where it mentioned HSDPA+, but with tethering to a phone that would be money wasted to me. (Same reason I didn't get the Verizon anchored Xoom.)

Now THIS looks like a real tablet. The hardware looks like something a professional person would carry and the performance looks something serious and better than the Xoom. iOS isn't even in the picture you ask me. It just isn't as capable. But again it all comes down to price.

This looks great I really hope that they come correct with the pricing. If the price ir right I might consider getting another Samy Tab that will never be updated.

considering its a google experience device I'd not be too worried about samsungs update policy

This tablet looks really nice. I wonder if Samsung will use a better GPS chip than they do on their Galaxy S phones.

Look how long it took Android to take off. Miracles don't happen overnight. Apple has a certain cachet which will be hard to overcome, regardless of whether or not the Android tabs are better. The mfr's need to come out with cheaper tablets. With the economy the way it is, people are more concerned about how much it's going to cost them to walk out the door of Best Buy when they buy a tablet, not whether it's made by Samsung or Motorola, or whether it has 16 GB or 32 GB. While the low end iPad has mediocre specs, people are going to be looking at the price tag, not how much memory it has. $499 is a very sweet spot.

Looks very kick ass, just hope it don't have Samsung proprietary connections, then you gotta buy all new chargers, an expensive HDMI cable blah blah blah.... but it does look better than the zoom

My Xoom doesn't seem to be laggy. Certain apps suck, but that's the app. And Verizons little demo app that they have loaded on the Xoom doesn't help. That is what makes it seem buggy. I like to looks of this new samsttab. But really its all about honeycomb.

I kinda laughed when i saw the errors they made on this commericial. Anyone saw at 0:31 where it said "Push email to your phone". lol

And this thing look quite heavy.

599 grams is pretty similar to the weight of the iPad 2. So yes, it's still heavy, but lighter than the Xoom.

Anyone read when this thing is supposed to land? Or it is not announced yet? I thought I read a rumor regarding April.

I hate samsung after having my Epic 4g lol...BUT who knows i may give them another shot..still kinda set on getting me a XOOM. I dont want the iPad2 simply cuz its jsut a big iphone really. everytime i try one out at best buy i think its pointless i might as well get a iTouch. and then get a XOOM and be happy lol

I thought that about the iPad 2 as well until my parents got one the other day. Out of the box it of course felt extremely polished and fast, but it just seemed boring. My attitude changed, however, once I dove into the app store and saw the overwhelming number of great tablet optimized apps. That's where the Honeycomb tablets are really lacking right now. Honeycomb itself I think is more exciting than iOS, but that doesn't mean a whole lot until there are some apps to fully take advantage of it. And those apps will come, of course, but it's going to take time.

I'm getting it. It'll go perfect next to my rooted SGS Vibrant. Man I hate those people bashing on Sammy for the late updates... just root damn it! But seriously... this is da best tablet in my opinion, very professional and high end. So far it beats da Xoom n iPad1/2 by a long shot. Win!!!

He had to finish the video by walking into a bar in Paris at night and puting a couple of beers on the tablet, noticing that it is also a great tray.
This tablet looks very responsive. Very interested in the release date.