Samsung Galaxy S5

If you've got $599.99 burning a hole in your pocket and a desire for Samsung Galaxy S5 on Verizon that comes with an unlockable bootloader, then this might be the phone for you. Yep, as reported a few weeks back, the developer edition Samsung Galaxy S5 is now available on Verizon.

Granted, that will cost you $599.99 out the door. But for that price you get a Galaxy S5 with an unlockable bootloader for your development fun, plus one that only comes loaded down with Samsung's bloatware and not also Verizon's bloatware.

If that's really important to you, the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 Developer Edition is available for purchase now directly from Samsung at the source link below. If not, just buy it from your carrier store.

Source: Samsung; Via: Droid Life


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Verizon gets a Samsung Galaxy S5 developer edition


How much use is there, really, for a Dev Ed phone when people with the regular version of the phone can't install custom ROMs? I mean, how many developers are going to spend time developing for this phone if nobody else can use what they develop?

Very interesting.... I literally just got the S5 on VZW this morning. And yes, I paid full $599. Wondering if its worth it to return it and get this one....

If you paid full retail to get your phone, then return it and get the dev edition.
Get Square Trade because, Verizon will replace dev edition through insurance with the retail phone.

Absolutely get the Dev Edition for the same price. While Safestrap is out for other Galaxy devices with locked bootloaders (not sure if the S5 got SS yet) it allows customs Roms....but not kernel changes. With a Dev edition, there may be less development, but I'm sure there will still be some development out there.

Maybe I'm just misunderstanding, but what is an "unlockable bootloader"? Does that mean is arrives unlocked, and cannot be locked? I would expect that the Developer version would include an unlocked bootloader.

Actually, Derek's previous article on the same subject, said it ships with an "unlocked bootloader", which I think is probably correct.

My point was that I never seen a phone shipped with an "unlockable bootloader:, nor would I ever expect to see one, and the article probably needs correction.

it means you can pretty much do whatever you want with the phone as far as customizing. I have a retail Note 3 and although I can run custom roms, I won't be able to run official custom recovery or custom kernels. Basically, CyanogenMod is supported by the Dev Edition and not the Retail Edition because it requires a certain kernel. If that makes any sense.

The bootloader comes unlocked. No unlock codes or unlocking procedure needed. I have the DevS4. Unlocked at the factory. However, if you accidentally install/load updates/firmware intended for the Retail S5 it will relock your device. Since you lose your warranty from Samsung once the software is changed or 30 days has passed, you are pretty much stuck with a locked device.

Unlockable bootloader means that it comes locked, but can be unlocked.

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If it is like the Note 3 Dev Edition, the bootloader is already unlocked when it arrives. You do not have to do anything to unlock it, but you can screw up and flash a retail Odin .tar and turn it into a "retail" device with a locked bootloader and no way back.

++++ Exactly! I have the S4Dev and have seen some poor souls do this unfortunately. Read, read and read again. Retail firmwares for the S4 were I545VRUAMDK, I545VRUEMJ7 and I545VRUEMK2, while DevS4 firmwares were I545OYUAMDK, I545OYUEMJ7 and I545OYUEMK2. Easy to make a mistake.

This phone, if like the S4Dev, will never receive any updates from Samsung/Verizon. What you get is what you will always have - Android Verison-wise. Better get used to flashing custom ROMs!