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Today you can head out and buy yourself a Samsung Galaxy S5 all around the globe, but what if you want a developer edition? Well, that might be coming soon as well. As Samsung did for the Galaxy S4, it appears as if an early listing for a developer edition Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 has popped up on their website. Though Samsung hasn't listed any of the features that will make this phone unique, we'll expect that it will ship with a unlocked bootloader for easier development for developers. Apart from that, expect all the same features, software updates, carrier restrictions, and pricing.

Source: Samsung; Via: PhoneScoop


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Samsung Galaxy S5 Developer Edition headed to Verizon


I have always wanted a develop edition. But I will want ir to offer something the standard version doesn't since it is often prices higher.

And as a bonus vzw could offer rhis version for those pating full retail !

Just wishful thinking. .

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Kinda like Galaxy Nexus? Verizon still controls everything regarding timely updates so if you want anything like that you'll still have to load a custom rom.

Except no one has been able to get past the bootloader on note 3, or the s4(after the mdk bootloader exploit was patched) The developer edition won't have a locked bootloader.

This is what I would get if buying a phone today.

I currently have an S4 with the MDK bootloader, custom recovery and GE ROM.

The time of yearly upgrades is gone. My S4 is fine and will be fine for at least another year. I will never buy a locked bootloader device again. Too much freedom I give up. If I'm paying $599 anyway (since I'm not giving up unlimited with average use of 6gb a month) I might as well go the extra $100 for the Developer edition to be able to do what I want with it.

Samsung only sold 30 dev edition note 3's on Verizon. No stock Odin files were made available. Samsung also had two different firmware variants on the s4 dev edition. Screw that route..they suck for dev edition support!

I just got a new Samsung Galaxy s5 and it won't let me use my PayPal card there a patch for old D700 Galaxy allowed it with no problems...I hope there is a patch that willl fix this so my new s5 will let me do Paypal card reads....any words of wisdom out there ???

...Dan Habluetzel.