Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

AT&T this morning announced that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom — an Android-powered camera with LTE data — will be available on its network starting Nov. 8. It'll run $199 with a two-year contract, or $25 a month if you sign up for AT&T Next.

The camera-phone hybrid has been around for a few months now. Here's how Alex Dobie put things in his full Galaxy S4 Zoom review:

"The Galaxy S4 Zoom's hardware is best described as a head-on collision between the Galaxy S4 Mini and the Galaxy Camera."

Fair enough. 

AT&T also notes that you're able to get a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 if you go with either of the payment options above. And if you trade in an eligible device, you can get a $100 promotion card from AT&T.

Source: AT&T 


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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Android camera gets official on AT&T


I just don't see the shutter lasting after the number of times your phone gets crammed in your pocket.

Yeah, this seems much better suited to someone who carries the phone in a purse, or at least something with a dedicated soft pocket for a phone or camera. They way I carry my phone, the shutter enclosure would start showing wear within a week.

The one product from an otherwise great company that just doesnt make any sense the Galaxy Zooom.

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This is getting so very close to the phone I want, though. Just need a camera on a phone that does optical zoom in a usable size. Anything to end this nonsense with the ultra-wide lenses that distort anything close on all the smartphones today.