Galaxy S4 Mini Galaxy S4 Mini Galaxy S4 Mini

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini hasn't exactly set the world alight, but Samsung looks set to continue the "Mini" line of devices with a new entrant later this year. The Samsung GT-i9190 -- rumored to go by the name of Galaxy S4 Mini -- has appeared online via the Twitter account a fellow named Ermek Kubanychbekov. Ermek, it seems, is also lucky enough to be in possession of a Galaxy S4. The shots posted on Twitter show the "S4 Mini" from various angles, along with some comparison pictures next to the Galaxy S3 and S4.

Physically, it's the spitting image of the Galaxy S4, right down to the patterned back cover and flattened sides.

On the software side the GT-i9190 is running what looks to be TouchWid'z Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, just like the full-sized S4. Specs, however seem to fall a little further down the food chain. The device is rumored to pack a 1.6GHz dual-core CPU with a 4.3-inch qHD (960x540) SuperAMOLED display.

Samsung has a track record of shipping many, many devices in the mid-range space, but it's interesting to see it once again breaking out its top-shelf branding for what might be a relatively humdrum phone. That said, we'll wait for more official info before passing judgment.

Source: Ermek Kubanychbekov; via: SamMobile


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Samsung 'Galaxy S4 Mini' sighted, looks like a miniature Galaxy S4


Seriously, whoever writes the headlines needs to get a new job. "Phone torn apart, phone parts inside", "Tablet torn apart, tablet parts inside", and "then this one. The shtick is getting pretty old. You don't have to be cute when writing a headline to a story; sometimes writing one that is short, sweet and to the point is perfectly fine.

I can do better and I have. I did that for a living for 12 years in the media. When you use the same headline over and over and over, it is redundant and not a sign of good journalism -- and this site is a form of journalism, as they are reporting on news from the Android world.

Also, when you resort to having to use "STFU" to get a point across, it really degenerates what you have to say and makes you sound like a 12-year-old child.

I am glad someone has nothing better to do than troll tech blogs in search of headlines to critique. Now we can all sleep better at night. The next time the editors need a headline suggestion, I'm sure they will be contacting you.


If they could pack in all the internals of the S4 into a "mini" form factor, I would buy it. I think Android phones are getting too big.

Sadly, the only brand that has enough engineering power to miniaturize a high end phone doesn't offer an Android one.
Only Samsung could be the other one to do it, they could make this effort I think, but they prefer the easy marketing path based on "bigger is better".

agree completely!!! I like the size of the razr M or what looks to be a smaller S4 mini (hopefully smaller than the original s3). Not everyone wants a tv on their hip or in their pocket. I have a tablet for that! I want something powerful but more pocketable! I know its only a dual core (which I have not in my razr maxx) but id strongly consider it if it were a little faster and alot smaller/lighter!

I think this phone is perfect for those owners who prefer a smaller screen with respectable specs; but not necessary "yesterday's" phones. This, along with GS4, will cover a lot of consumer base.

Nothing S4 about it other than the name. Just like the S3 mini. They're junk phones riding on the coat tail of real ones. If this were truly a small S4 as in quad (or octa) core CPU, 2GB RAM, and a HD screen in a smaller form factor than then they'd be pretty great.

Exactly. My Partner has been hanging out for a high spec 4.3" phone with awesome camera. It is starting to feel like it won't happen.

My N4 is just a little too big in her hands and she has been regretting the Desire HD she got a few years back for the same reason.