Galaxy Note 2 Swiftkey

The newest Galaxy from Samsung is expected to have SwiftKey typing prediction built into the software, according to a source of The Wall Street Journal. The next word and sentence prediction from SwiftKey is a welcome addition to the software, but probably shouldn't come as any surprise. The Galaxy Note 2 had the same prediction software built-in, and it would make sense that Samsung would continue those deals on to the latest flagship also.

If this is the case, we'll likely hear about it alongside any other new software improvements Samsung has up its sleeve for the Galaxy S4 announcement. We won't have to wait long to hear about it either, as Samsung is set to unveil the device at 7 p.m. ET on Thursday in New York. We'll be there covering it live, naturally.

Source: WSJ


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Samsung Galaxy S4 to have SwiftKey prediction software built-in


That's a great choice for Galaxy S4 users. The owners of the Galaxy Note 2 have been enjoying this feature day one. It's a excellent keyboard on the Galaxy Note 2. You won't need any other keyboard.

Are you saying that Swiftkey is built into the Galaxy Note 2?

You do realize that Swiftkey is an app right?

The prediction engine, not the keyboard. Unfortunately, the Samsung keyboard doesn't predict the next word until you select the current word from your options. Part of the convenience of SwiftKey is that it immediately moves on to the next word. The Samsung keyboard stays with the current word until you either click a suggested word or push the space bar. This makes the SwiftKey app more efficient, in my opinion.

Oops...I'm sure I've upgraded to the latest Swiftkey. If its callled flow then your right.

Cheers for the correction.

I agree that SwiftKey is the best "typing" app available. However, SwiftKey Flow leaves much to be desired. I've been using it for a month now, and its predictions are an exercise in frustration. I'm wearing out the backspace key!

I'm using S3 and i have a swiftkey build-in if thats the "draw" your finger over the keys your talking about? thats the main feature i love with Android :)

It's not, that's Swype.

SwiftKey now offers a similar option they call "flow" but that isn't what we are talking about here. This is talking about the prediction engine that SwiftKey has developed.

Swiftkey is great and all but anyone can download this app. I don't see how this is a substantial selling point for the GS4. Who cares if it's "built in". If it's not, it will be one of the first apps I would download because Swiftkey has been my keyboard of choice since it's debut. Just like eyetracking and the other hoopla they are expecting Samsung to promote. I'm starting to see myself as a person who once was a fan of Samsung not a future fan. If I sound disappointed it's because I am...I really hope Samsung turns my attitude around after the GSIV unveiling tonight!

My global GS3 with the latest official update also have SwiftKey built in, so this is not only on the Note2

Jesus,next it will have electrodes on our head and u just think,its not that tough just typing the way it is,just call me dated, but that's my take!