If you wonder why we scoff at all these rumors regarding phones that haven't been announced, it's because of things like this: A day after ZDNet cited some marketing sources as saying the Galaxy S3 would be released in April after being announced in March, Korean website MT is now quoting Samsung as saying that ain't gonna happen, at least not before the summer.

In other words, nobody knows when the hell it's coming, except maybe Samsung (and quite possibly it hasn't even decided yet).

Source: MT (translated); via Unwired View
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Samsung Galaxy S3 is/isn't coming, Part VII


Yes Mr. Froyo, I like that. Stalling launch, all the while building inventory. But of course I would think it would be GSM piles they would be building first. Better worldwide simultaneous launches have been mentioned by them earlier. I'm sure we will see some improvement this time around. But for everything Holy, let them start building the CDMA/LTE pile now too! :-)

i think the media should just shut up about the S3... so sick of this shit now.
i know S3 is a big deal but i'm thinking it might not even live up to the high expectations this year.
the reason is..... the HTC ONE X... i think it will only matter and be a super huge deal ONLY IF the S3 can top the One X. if the S3 is all plastic again (which i don't really mind), people will bitch the build quality is crap and blah blah blah... and it seems like the SLCD2 is amazing.

I've always loved samsung but i think this year is One X's year.
but of course, i hope Samsung can prove me wrong.
what do you guys think?

Right now on Verizon the only phone that is worth anything is Rezound, maybe the Galaxy Nexus and iPhone. I was hoping to see the HTC One X on Verizon, but for now that looks like its only a GSM phone.

IMHO, I feel the non-removable battery is too much of a drawback. For the One X to be a clear leader in 2012.

The average user doesn't need a removable battery. They're not going to market a top-tier device toward the few power users.

I def agree with you on the battery issue. I rather have a spare battery than carry a charger with me everywhere i go. It just comes with the new technology all these phones come with. You either are damned with a battery draining super phone or a flip phone from last year!

i dont get it... i was under impression that quad core phones are on the horizon, how is 1.5 dual core on one x so impressive? i think i would rather get the Note then...

because it uses the new cortex a15 processor... the quad cores are still using the older a9... the dual core a15 smokes the quad core a9's.

Where do you get your facts from? The LTE version of One X runs on the dual-core Snapdragon S4, which is NOT an A15. Its based on Qualcomm's Krait platform and not ARM's A15. But yes, its hugely impressive in its performance and almost matches quad core A9 chips, even surpasses in some areas.

Also, there's no A15 chip out on the market yet.

The GSM version of the One X has a quad core Tegra 3 - to answer the guy you were answering to..

Oh well, L o l. Let me get some more of this 'New' wore off of my SGII from U.S. Cellular first. While I'm here, I would also like to say this Exynos SoC is just Crazy Fast! I always thought my 1.6down/.6up had been my limiting factor while doing things such as downloading Apps from the market, or uploading video's. I can tell now after having switched from single core to dual, that is not the case. This phone now just bangs through those operations like nobody's business. All while still getting 1.6/.6

My guess is they will wait and introduce it around the time when the iPhone 5 is being introduced. The way they have been copying Apple it wouldn't surprise me.

+1. Samsung wants the S3 to be compared with the iP5 and win the comparison... Much like the GNex won on paper relative to the iP4S.

Um....copying Apple would be waiting 16 months and then releasing the EXACT SAME EFFING PHONE with a processor upgrade. Take a walk, iDork.

What's the problem with releasing a competitive product in the same time-frame that another manufacturer releases theirs? That happens all the time.

SGS3 overload is in full effect. Samsung is the only cellular worldwide partner of the Games of the XXX Olympiad. Advertise the phone before the games begin July 27th and release the phone sometime during the Olympics. Financially it would benefit Samsung, so in the meantime, I wish companies would chill with all the damn rumors.

I'm sure you are correct Mr Jackson. That makes perfect sense. I also did some reading on this strategy, earlier in the week. Not to mention, SGII's are still selling like crazy.

I am going be getting this new HTC Sprint LTE exclusive phone (HTC Jewel?) with Sense 4.0 I keep hearing about. If it turns out to be a HTC One X variant with Sprint LTE, I WILL BE A VERY HAPPY BOY!

I see websites are already starting to crown the HTC Jewel as the the LTE version of the EVO. SGS3 MIGHT have some competition with the Jewel if the specs are equal to or superior to the SGS3.

Its way to early to have the SGS3 release. Samsung is still killing it on the SGS2 worldwide sales and marketing. They should definitely wait till early Q4 of 2012 to drop the SGS3.

Samsung can take their time to release the GS3 because they took the time to release arguably the best phone of 2011, the GS2. HTC and the others are the ones that need to drum up early excitement about their 2012 offering since they did not do well last year.

I'm not saying they're following in Apple's footsteps but if they were, why would that be a bad thing considering Apple is one of the most successful companies on the planet currently. The GS2 is more than capable and can hold its own even with all the new phone announcements.

I cannot wait for the beast that will be the GS3!

It would not surprise me at all if they Appled Apple and announced the SG3 unveiling event during the March ipad3 event.

LOL.. that'd be awesome and quite frankly, the SGS flagship has come to deserve that kind of attention and popularity..