Samsung Galaxy S3 colors

Samsung this morning announced four new colors (OK, three new colors and the black one we already knew about) for the Galaxy S3. Officially, what you see here is "Amber Brown," "Garnet Red," "Sapphire Black" and "Titanium Gray."

The new colors, Samsung says, follow in the "designed by nature" theme that's surrounded this phone from the outset. Each of the colors is said to "take their inspiration from the Earth's richest materials." (Jerry's hoping for a beer-colored phone already.)

Samsung stresses, however, that the availability of colors will depend on your country, retailer and carrier.

Source: Samsung


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Samsung Galaxy S3 gets a new range of colors


Getting an S3 next month from big red so I hope one of these shows up before then. That gunmetal is looking prettay, prettay, prettay good.

I want to get an S3 on Verizon but I have heard a lot of people talking about the sim card not detected issue. Have you heard about this at all?

No issue with mine.

Upgrading from 3G to 4G device:
Activate SIM card first by calling the Verizon number provided. Once that is done, insert SIM card into device and power it on for device activation.

Transitioning between 4G devices:
Insert existing SIM card and power on device for device activation.

I upgraded from a Droid Incredible (3G) and had to activate the SIM card with Verizon. Otherwise, the activation would fail.

Best of luck and enjoy the Galaxy S3!

Why would a carrier carry all these colors? . . . what if the majority of people don't want the Brown for example? THey're just going to sit in a warehouse

And they're all finger print magnets! :( Myself, I prefer black but in a soft touch material, not glossy and slippery (don't say put a case on it, prefer naked).

A coal black, slate grey, brick red, and s*^t brown would be good for the "no fingerprint magnet" alternatives right? all colors are natural right?

The titanium looks good and since the pic is only showing the back of the phone, this would be nice if it were a battery cover.

Now add to that no matter the color it would be in a case anyway..

I also agree about having these available at launch of the device instead of coming out after release..

I just hope we can get replacement back covers in these colors. I'm thinking they (except the brown) will look good with my pebble blue.

Ah, hell. Hope we can at least buy the colored battery covers soon - that 'titanium' cover would look pretty sweet on my white GS3.

When I bought my S3 I had 2 options, blue or white. So I chose the blue. Now after seeing the grey I want to ring Samsungs freakin neck for bringing these out months later. I guess it pays to wait sometimes.

I like the grey, but the brown is horrible. Its basically fake wood, which i know is popular in the US, but is cheap and tacky everywhere else.

I think it looks more like antiqued brass, like faucets and door knobs are popular in now. I don't see wood grain there at all.

They all seem to have a nice appeal to me, yes even the brown. So thats six different colors, pretty damn sweet.

When do we get a list of which carriers/retailers will offer which colors, and when they will be available?? I'm eligible for an upgrade next month, but I might wait for a while to get they grey, if it's available on my carrier.

Neato. But aren't people just going to put a cover on it anyway and cover up the colors? Like my RAZR MAXX - I couldn't give a crap what color it is, since I keep a CruzerLite Androidified cover on it. I only see the front and the buttons.

I'll second that. For some, the S3 is too slim to not put a case on it. Even though my extended battery makes it feel better in the hand, it still feels naked without a case.

Does the color really matter than much? I like adding some color to my S3, but I did that via the case I choose.

Silver and black should have been available at launch . Insted pebble blue even tho blue is good too wish i had eaither silver or black . Stupid samsung always late on everything

It it's a dark green like Forest Green then yes, I like. If it's a lighter green like Lime Green, then no thanks.

I know. If they're going with the "designed by nature" theme I would think a forest/emerald green must be at the top of that list.

Exactly @ cyber, clear case and even if not a clear case. You still have to take the case off and enjoy the color of your choice. Options are always nice,
thats the big deal about color. Even with a case that hides color, you know your phone is just a
bit unique. So koodos to colors and yes more