Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile

With AT&T getting the Samsung Galaxy S as the Captivate, and Motorola unleashing a slew of high-end devices on Verizon, we can see why you T-Mobile fans may be feeling a wee bit antsy. But no worry. The Galaxy S is coming to T-Mobile as the Vibrant (or T959 if you're into the number thing). As for when? July 21 is looking to be the date of record, though nothing official has been announced yet. Think you can wait a month for 4 inches of Super AMOLED goodness? [via CellPhone Signal]


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Samsung Galaxy S will be T-Mobile Vibrant


I agree.

While the phone has nice specs, not camera flash for a 'high' end phone, and the iPhone looking home screen is a bit of turn off. While Samsung promised 2.2 update...after their last fiasco I'm not sure if I'm trusting them to their words. For way no how.

Why can't TMo just get decent high end Android phones like the rest of the carriers?! They are the one that brought Android to to the world and now they are eating everyone's dust.

Exactly, Samsung hasn't shown their customers they can be trusted. They will ditch the Galaxy S the second their next phone comes out. Looks like an iPhone and with Samsung's background in customer service I think I will pass.

I've read that this device is really impressive in person, but I must admit that I'm still Hung up on it looking SO much like an iPhone. Even the icons (look and placement) look completely derivative and inspired.

I wonder will this model come wit a front face cam cause the ATT model they took it out if they took it out then its a Fail

I don't see the front facing camera on these pics. If they do take it out then there is no way for this to compete with iPhone 4. And I had high hopes for the day this came to the U.S. If this is the final model though, I like the button layout better than the original Galaxy S layout. The search button will be really useful.

After the Behold II debacle and integration of Yahoo! services.. I'll pass. I'm sure the hardware is excellent..but Samsung just isn't.

im still waiting for a high end HTC android phone on AT&T that's if AT&T doesnt cripple it before it hit the market. The only thing good i see from samsung is the super amoled. Hopefully we will see good devices by nov so i can upgrade.

I dont mind the phones look. Plus i thought the best thing about Android phones is customization? Im sure you will be able to change the way the home screen looks.

Exactly! That's the great thing about Android is that you can fully customize it! I think it's a good phone just not on the high end (except for super AMOLED), as I type this on my Evo.

that's not the home screen, its the app drawer! The home screen for this phone looks similar to any other Android device.

don't mean to yell :)


I think it's definitely a high-end device. As of right now, here are the devices I would list as "high-end":
1.) Nexus One
2.) Desire
3.) Droid
4.) Droid Incredible
5.) Droid X
6.) Droid 2
7.) EVO
8.) Galaxy S (on all carriers despite the different names)
9.) Galaxy S Pro
10.) Dell Streak?

If I've left any off, please let me know, but I absolutely think the galaxy and Galaxy S Pro are joining the high-end devices this summer

Based on that photo it doesn't look like it has a front facing camera either. The other Galaxy S pictures at that same viewing angle you can definitely tell there is a camera in the upper right hand corner. IS this a trend with the NA Galaxy front facing camera, 4 buttons on the bottom?

So now all the carriers have had a Galaxy S leak except Verizon. Yes, I'm aware the Moto x and Droid 2 are being dropped soon, however not everyone wants one of them. I want this phone on Verizon.

1. No flash
2. No front facing camera
3. Looks like an iPhone 3G copy = ugly
4. I don't trust Samsung yet with their Android phones

I have an N1 and wait;-)

No, that looks nothing like an iPhone (rollseyes).

Come on, really, Samsung? Aren't the days of making iPhone clones over?

I wish the Galaxy S Pro would come to T-Mo. Or another 4+in screen with hard keyboard. But with all the skepticism about Samsung doing updates. I might shy away. Or I might just have to wait till a 4+ in screen with 2,2 onboard is on the shelf. Maybe 2012 if I'm lucky?

Unbelievable how many people think Samsung is now some intrusted evil corporation because of a "fiasco" lol over one phone. Im so glad I dont play follow the leader for a living in this me too society.

I agree. I own several Samsung products, and if I have an issue, they have always been pretty good to me. I also have no issue with it looking like an iphone, its a pretty solid design. I'm sure I won't be perfectly satisfied with the plastic, but I won't cry a river. It's an android device, a high end one, and pretty bad a$$ imo. So that translates into me wanting it. Everyone can complain about the lack of solid software support, but I tend to believe the rumors and Samsung that they intend to upgrade it to Froyo. I chalk up the moment and BHII as their testing the android market out and getting their hands wet with the OS, and Galaxy S lines as their confident step forward. Now I just need it to be on Verizon soon.