Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X

You're going to make me choose, aren't you. You're going to make be choose between the HTC One X and the new Samsung Galaxy S III. Fine. I'm a big boy. I can do that.

The One X has the better display. Maybe it's the slightly higher pixel density, thanks to the slightly smaller display (4.7 inches compared to the GSIII's 4.8 inches). Or maybe it's just that I prefer Super LCD2 to Super AMOLED HD. Regardless, I choose the One X on that spec. 

I'm going to take a pass on processor and chipset for the moment. That's something that's better tested in the real world and not after a few hours of demos. But chances are we're going to see pretty good battery times on the Galaxy S III, due in part to it having a greater capacity (2100 mAh) compared to the One X (1800mAh).

Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X.I'm not crazy about the physical home button on the GSIII, but if history repeats, U.S. carriers might well opt to get rid of it when the phone hits the states. (On the other hand, it's nice to have a menu button, and multitasking by holding the home button is intuitive enough.)

If you've listened to our Galaxy S III podcast, you know that I'm not crazy about the latest version of Touchwiz. As far as home screens and the launcher go, they're functional, but they're more of the same. But Samsung's camera app, and the S Voice and motion tweaks are pretty killer. We'll call that one a wash, perhaps, because a third-party launcher will cure some what Touchwiz ails. At the end of the day, though, it doesn't feel like you're using an Ice Cream Sandwich device like it does on One X.

When it comes down to that "feels good in the hand" factor, though, the Galaxy S III wins out. It's more curvy than the One X, and it's a full 0.3 millimeters thinner. It's 3 grams heavier, though, but it's nicely balanced and doesn't feel overly hefty.

So which one would I choose? Which of my children do I prefer more than another? 

Gonna sleep on it. In the meantime, enjoy the hands-on video after the break.


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Samsung Galaxy S III versus the HTC One X!


3mm thicker? Looks from the specs like it's 0.3 mm thicker. (0.35 inches vs. 0.34 inches). That's not exactly significant.

So his opinion is incorrect? Out of all of us here on this site talking about it, he's the one who has seen them both. You haven't and neither have I. I would prefer the One X screen based on specs and technology, but I want to see the GS3 first. Not all pentile screens are pieces of shit (hello Moto Photon).

SLCD2 vs SAMOLED. SLCD2 wins easy.

SAMOLED are over saturated, have worse viewing angles, have problems outdoors, and have a pentile matrix.

That may be true in general, but until you hold both in your hand, you aren't qualified to say anything about these two phones.

Phil held them both. You still want to argue?

I'm holding an HTC One X and a VZW Galaxy Nexus in my hands right now. I actually prefer the Nexus' display. I'm using a kernel that allows gamma and color corrections on the Nexus, and after a minor adjustment, the GNex screen is much more pleasant to look at for me. Blacks are inky black, the whites are a bit cooler, contrast and daylight viewing excel. I don't see the pentile effect that some complain of.

It's really just a matter of taste. Since the GNex and GS3 have same display, I think I am qualified to render an opinion. ;)

I think you're just looking for something to complain about. I don't read my phone with a microscope nor magnify glass. If the results are the same to the end-user, what does it matter what it looks like at 100x? I absolutely love my GNex display at my viewing distance, and that's where it will be judged.

Exactly....key phrase in your post....your viewing distance...I cant stress this enough. I have been trying since last

Yea...whenever I read a Pentile, screen tech thread and see images, pics zoomed in 100x for comparisons....I just laugh.

I had a G Nex, have a RAZR and Rezound. And I would rate the Rezound screen 3rd. After was...nothing special.

The Pentile issue is waaaaaay overblown. And I used to think Amoled screens were over saturated...until I compared an LCD screen to an Amoled screen. If thats over eyes like it. My eyes dont really like the more accurate colors LCD produce.

Phils opinion is just that, an opinion. It doesn't make the One X's screen better. It just means he prefers it!

the pentile argument is pointless on an HD display unless you are closer than six inches, the only thing that degrades the viewing angle of an AMOLED is the thickness of the glass, and never had a problem outdoors. You are right about the colors. However, people who prefer AMOLEDs, like myself, love it because of the contrast. Every LCD...even the SLCD2, looks washed out. The only concern with AMOLEDs, however, is screen burn in

I have used before the One X the SGII and the colour are very realistic and not "washed out". You can try the One X before comment about the display ;)

In the case of my RAZR and Rezound....its the other way around.

Amoled screens have great viewing angles. It doesnt wash out like LCD when tilted. And looks better outside.

If you mean the whites and viewing angles than yea LCD wins in that category. Amoled screen I have seen have a blue tint, extra blue when tilted.

That said....I really need to see this One X screen in person.

The HTC One has the better camera as well. I have the Epic 4G Touch, I would like to get the Galaxy III, I just do not see Samsung fixing the GPS issues with their devices. The HTC One has the dedicated camera chip as well. Whereas Samsung is more interested in social functions. That being said, I plan to pick up Sprints version of the HTC One.

Are you sure the ONE has a dedicated camera chip?

Because when I go search for the specs on the processors (S3 or Tegra), the amount of camera operations that are ACTUALLY done by the main processor is astounding. Seems like the camera's are dumb as rocks, and all the smarts are in the main CPU.

After further research, it appears Sprints version (EVO 4G LTE) has the dedicated imagechip. The EVO 4G LTE has the dedicated camera button as well.

The HTC One line has dedicated image chips as well. I'm not sure why people ever listen to icebike for anything, every time I actually look at the comments and see him posting he's been utterly wrong.

I understand your feelings on Sammys GPS issues due to I have the Captivate from day one and it would only lock sometimes. Ive not used the SGSII yet or know anyone with them. I hear the Galaxy Note GPS works fine. I held out to see this phone and its offerings. Its great having 3 options(G Note, HTC ONE and SGSIII). Can't wait for the III to hit the states.

I also had a Captivate... as well as the Fascinate when I switched to Verizon. The GPS was terrible on both. Now I have a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and the GPS has worked perfectly. Locks on quickly. I'm assuming it has to do with the added barometer, but I'm not an expert by any means. Use the navigation in the car quite a bit as well as GPS on the golf course. Very happy with the phone's display as well although I haven't seen the HTC screen in my hand yet. The only thing that might pull me away from the GNex down the road is a better camera, but I'll wait for a few more increments in that technology before I upgrade.

The captivate was a great phone (had one) but yeah the GPS was just not at all good. GSII GPS is much better, good enough to use it as a navigation device. I'm sure GSIII will be even better. That being said, I'm still looking more at the One X, just for the build quality and higher pixel density.

HTC One X uses the camera sensor used by last-gen SGS2.

HOX uses the Samsung sensor S5K3H2YX. This was one of sensors in SGS2. Samsung uses a brand new S5C73M3 BSI sensor.

Also, HOX does not record in High profile. It records at mere 10 Mbps Baseline whereas SGS3 does High Profile recording at 17 Mbps.

don't be surprised...actually, the one x and the s3 have the same sensor. but, different optics. but, HTC compressed the bit rate. the idiots. and they should launch a 64 gb version or a 128 gb version anyone?
i was thinking of the one x, then the s3. now, I'm for sony hayabusa. the 13mp sony stacked sensor technology is awesome.

I just bought the One X yesterday to try out. Had to pay full retail price, but that 30 day return policy sounds really good right now.

The SLCD2 honestly ISN'T that great. I miss the vivid colors that my Captivate had. Sure the images look tons sharper comparing it to my captivate, but the colors on my captivate still look better. People point out that there's a blue tint on the SGS3, but there's actually a warm orange yellow tint on whites on the One X that I'm using right now.

That being said, I haven't gotten a chance to use the SGS3 screen, but I'm not that impressed by the SLCD2 screen compared to my Captivate. This is my personal preference as many of us sure have our own.

To me the SD card is a big problem because without one you can't use your phone as a mass storage unit. I often connect my phone to Macs, PS3, Xbox 360, to my car's stereo system and more. Without the Micro SD card slot, it will only work on Windows computers. I may be wrong about this but I know it's like this for the Galaxy nexus. Can someone confirm this to me?

Second, the removable battery may stir a problem. If I ever had to permanently replace the battery due to damages, I would have to send it in? Or take it apart and void my warranty? No thanks.

These are all my initial impressions. I am going to give hte One X a try for the rest of the 30 days, and buy a SGS3 and do a side by side comparison before I make a decision. But so far I'm more excited abotu receiving my SGS3.

I have to disagree on which one looks better. The finish on the S3 looks cheap, especially the glossy back. The HTC looks great and the matte finish is a little more modern IMO.

+10000000000000. The original Galaxy S back was glossy as well. Cheap, terrible fingerprint magnet, and shows every single scratch. The white matte polycarbonate unibody of the One X looks nicer, and will STILL look nice after holding it and putting it through regular use, unlike the S3.

the s3 is also polycarbonate but with a gloss finish...its a matter of opinion if you like it or phil whos actual used both devices says the s3 feels better in the hand than the one x and he actually likes the glossy finish..again matter of opinion,one is not better than the other.

one thing you have to consider though is the fact that the GS3 will require a case if you don't want it to look scratch to all heel after a month. from what i have read so far the HTC One is designed to go through life without a case. This makes a big difference to me as i dont like having a case on a phone because it will take away from its feel and make it much more bulky.

This is all on camera, a lot of people are saying it looks good, and they are seeing it in the flesh with their own eyes, wait till you hold and see it in real life to settle on a final opinion :)

I agree. The S3 looks like a rounded iPhone 4. I'll see if my opinion changes when I see it in person. Plenty of cars "look awesome" when they're brand new... some time later, not so much. Ex, the Bumble Bee Camaro... Ugh!

removable battery?
memory card slot?

think I'll take the SGS3?

actually, hold that, I'll wait till the SGS3 and the Galaxy Note have a baby, call it the Note2, and I'll take that!

Agree, I still want a removable battery and a micro-sd card slot. Been happy with the S2, often for these specific reasons.

Always take the better hardware, SGS3 hardware is so much better then the HTC. The memory alone is a killer of the HTC, Along with memory there are so many other better features. As far as the screen is concerned, they are so close it is almost impossible to tell apart. The extra black bezel around the edge of the HTC gives the appearance of brighter looks, it's not the pixel is almost identical. The winning feature to me is the SGS3 is so much more hacker friendly. The HTC has the damn locked bootloader and the SGS3 to gain root you just have to flash a kernel with new recovery. Samsung ruoes when it comes to hacking and flashing roms. AS I said hardware is the 1st choice, the rom can easily be flashed to Rom of the week and there will be developers dying to get their hands on this phone.

Ugh, HTC doesn't even lock their boot loaders anymore, genius. And it's just stupid how you continue to refute that the One has a better screen, even though someone who has actually seen both says the One is better.
Anyway, I'll take HTC's build quality over Samsung's flimsiness.

Number one when it comes hacking and roms?

Have you been in a HTC sub forum on xda lately?
Preferably the og evo, evo 3d,or rezound?
I had the epic 4G and the nexus s, now the 3D...
After going back to HTC im wondering why I ever left in the first place.
My gps rarely worked on the nexus and the signal issues were sickening...

Sense is 10x better than touch crap any day.
It's much more refined, everything is much better integrated from calendar to Facebook or whatever you name it.
. This sgs3 is nice and better looking than the one. But sense wins hands down all day.
Don't be a fool. The development area for HTC and the evo line are top notch and always will be.. Take a look.

And all HTC phones are easier to read because it they're the ONLY phones that RE-SIZE web fonts to fit the screen. Not the iPhone, not LG's nor Motorola anything (on the fly). With that large a screen AND the camera AND the ORIGINAL Navigation, it's a NO BRAINIER of a choice.

if the one had micro sd and removable battery the choice would have been harder but the fact the s3 does have these 2 important features(for me) it was an easy decision...s3 here i come lol

Not so easy when they add in the HTC One Evo LTE- then you will have the larger battery, and SD slot too. Of course, carriers come into play

true but am in the uk so dont have that choice...i think i would still choose the samsung as personally have had a great experience with the s2(exynos)..thats the great thing about android,if you dont like one phone theres bound to be something similar that you do like...

Which of my children do I prefer more than another?

I'd probably leave it exactly like that.

A weeks worth of testing and real world use will settle a lot of issues, but probably none of these matter to the person who has only one phone.

You blogger dudes with 30 phones kicking around in desk drawers have to make this choice of what to use for your daily driver, but the rest of us read reviews, then play with them in the store for 10 minutes and live with our choice for a couple years.

Still to be seen:

How they compare in the sunlight.
If the power draw on that screen ends up nullifying any advantage in battery size.
If AT&T cripples this phone with scant memory.
Runtime After you can finally pry it out of your hands for more than 10 minutes.

"You blogger dudes with 30 phones kicking around in desk drawers have to make this choice of what to use for your daily driver, but the rest of us read reviews, then play with them in the store for 10 minutes and live with our choice for a couple years."


I think the One X looks better hands down (cannot stand glossy finishes) and I think the hardware specs are pretty much a wash (I don't need removable battery or micro SD - going cloud all the way) so I am going One X.

Let me get this straight, you are using a Storage method that requires more battery life, but you are happy with a smaller non-removable battery?

yes - not everybody uses their phone for 12 hrs a day straight. I would not consider myself to be a heavy user during the day, so yes I am happy with a smaller non-removable battery.

Do you have and detailed specification on the battery requirements of the on-board storage vs microSD storage?

No. I thought not.

I think he meant cloud (data) vs local storage. I'd guess reading 100mb of data over 3g/4g/wifi takes more juice than reading 100mb from SD.

1. He may have an easy method of recharging during the day.

2. The battery life on the One X can supposedly stand up to that kind of use, the One S more so.

I see no issues with that decision. It's also worth noting that while the phone may edge out the One X at the top spot, it may not be able to dethrone the Evo LTE.

I don't think there is any question that the SG3 is a class act. Besides the physical specs, the S Voice tech and camera app really propel this phone past the One X IMO. The One X is a great phone, no doubt but was crippled by the memory issue. I think I could get passed the no MicroSD and no removable battery but with only 16 gig you're asking for trouble even with cloud storage. You make this a 32 or 64 gig memory phone, then you have a strong contender.

The physical specs are not better on the S3, unless you're solely referring to the SD card and removable battery, or you live in Europe or plan to import and have slow data in the US. The US version of any S3 supporting LTE will have an S4 processor just like the One X. And the One X display is definitely nicer than the pentile display on the S3. Not to mention the aesthetic looks. I can't stand how the back looks especially. S3 is also a fingerprint magnet and will show the slightest scratch from normal use. I am already going with an HTC One X, but the one thing I'm curious to see compared is the US S3 vs the US One X, especially when it comes to battery life through daily use with 4G LTE turned on on both :)

Im not in the US, so yes the SGS3 does slamdunk the One X in hardware specs. Hell id take the dual core exynos over the Tegra 3.

What?! The original dual core exynos over the T3? Sooo, you don't like Nvidia? The original exynos is not on par with the Tegra 3.

the per core operations of the exynos trumps the t3's. general use of an sgs2 (non tmobile and non skyrocket) device is far snappier than my transformer prime. Glad i have an international note now. had an att one but wont have lte in my area for atleast a year but even if i did the international one is so much faster under general use i dont think i would miss lte if i did have it. the companion core one the tegra 3 that handles general operations must cause the lag or something. the quadcore should theoretically twice as fast running at the same clock speed but the tegra 3 barely runs 20% faster under full loads and under real world use after owning both feals significantly slower.

Actually it is. In synthetic benchmark terms is only slightly slower, in real use its better. It simply produces a more fluid experience. T3 is all about raw number crunching on the cores, but the memory sub-system is slow so the cores are just spinning their wheels so to speak. Micro-stutter, and lag are worse on the Tegras, all generations.

They're talking about storage. The One X doesn't have a microSD slot, the GS3 does. Except the new EVO version of the One X. That baby has a bigger battery and a slot.

I think they both look like awesome phones. I'm leaning towards the S3 due to removable battery and microSD card. I don't like AT&T limiting the 1X to only 16Gb memory with no micro SD card option. If I have to make a 2 year commitment to a phone and I already know memory is a potentially limiting factor on day one, how big an issue is it going to be two years from now?

But I'm withholding final judgement until I see what US carriers do with the S3. As long as they don't muck it up, I think that's my next phone.

All memory is always "internal." Memory = RAM. He is talking about "storage" yet saying "memory".

Since I'm on Sprint I will happily get the HTC phone, that's not going to be an issue.

But if you were on AT&T and you wanted the next best thing, the only one you can realistically get is the SGS3 due to the storage.

Now, if HTC figured out that they're dumb and released a 32GB or SD version, then everything would change.

Yeah HTC must be dumb for catering to the majority (by far) of consumers who don't store a computer's worth of files locally on their phones or swap out their batteries. You can always tell the good businessmen on here.

I'm going to switch to AT&T just to get the One X.

100% agree. 16GB is plenty big for the masses. I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out that the majority of people who buy the SIII never upgrade the SD card in it.

I do! I move big files. I have 720p movies that I put on my Epic 4g now and I'm sure that there are other who move huge files as well. 32GB is actually pretty small now, to me! 16GB is a joke!

sounds like you waste the space on your phone by putting 720p movies on it cuz your phone can only display 480p. doesn't 720p take almost twice as much space as 480p. something you might want to consider.

What's with the comments that the GSIII looks ugly? It's just similar to the Galaxy Nexus. Did you think that was ugly? If yes then okay but not new ≠ ugly.

The "Ugly posts" you see when ever a new phone is released.

They generally mean "I can't afford it", or "I'm and Iphone troll".

The SIII is not by any means an ugly phone. I like the way the One X did the camera layout on the back better, but both are gorgeous.

The Galaxy Nexus doesn't use glossy plastic. I think Samsung really should have went with a soft touch or matte plastic on the S3

I do agree with that. The soft touch is the only thing I miss from my EVO 4G. Would love for the Sprint variant to get that but I highly doubt it.

I definitely have to disagree with Phil on which device looks better, but maybe I'd have to see it in person. The organization of the materials on the GS3 doesn't look anywhere near as nice as the simple elegance of the One X. Even the camera/flash/speaker design on the back of the phone makes it seem like Samsung didn't try as hard to make the hardware aesthetically pleasing. The plastic material used for the casing looks cheap, but again, maybe I have to see it in person. But I will say this, the One X was every bit as beautiful in person as I thought it would be.

To me it seems just the opposite. Samsung thought out the design and HTC at the last minute just decided to toss this big A$$ lens on the back and leave a ugly looking/scratch prone bulge.

Almost all HTC phones have a lens bulge, it was not a last minute design. And guess what, I have had three of them, and none of them have scratched. I do think it is a strange element, though.

I could always modify the exterior to glossy, matte, stronger protection, or whatever I like. There will be more accessories to come. And so for the battery and externalSD. As long as the manufacturer support it.
Cause I could NEVER modify the specs that are built in to the device. I could never change my battery though I know my daily usage is heavy... It's a shame to know that I won't be able to upgrade the storage when I want to bring more HD videos or take more photos.
So, for me technical specifications and supported accessories has more priority to make my decision.
I'm still using my SGS1 with Case-Mate, 16GB extSD, extended battery, and custom ICS. I'm happy to know that it's still serve me well for about two years.
So yes, despite the 'cheap' looking built quality of it, the SGS III will definetely my next phone...

Sorry for my English, I hope you got my point...

Since I won't buy a phone that does't have a removable battery, my choice would have to be the SIII, although just about everything else about it is underwhelming. But then again, I'm not a bigtime social app person. I use a smartphone to get my business done and educate and entertain myself when my PC or tablet isn't available. I'm going to stick with my Bionic for another year, so it's a moot point anyway.

LOL the specs are soooooo similar.

HOX is definately more eye-candy, & the screen is definately better.

SGS3 has the removable & bigger battery, SD-Slot SLOWS THE PHONE DOWN!, its not a plus-point.

HOX has exclusive Nvidia games, SGS3 does not. (Check dark meadow THD ... best graphics on a game EVER!)

Both have quad core, although the HOX is a higher clock speed per-core, & HOX has the 5th core for battery saving, SGS shouldn't need that. - battery life is it's & buts - nobody knows how the SGS3# will hold up.

Both have 1gb ram
Both have an 8mp camera (although the HOX has a great f2.0 sensor)

The specs are sooo close, but by the time the SGS3 is released, its comparing to a 2 month old HOX - so, well done HTC.

Design, build & SCREEN are big reasons to choose the HOX.

Screen is the most important part of the phone....

I agreed with everything except " graphics in a game EVER!" .... I assume you meant best graphics on a phone ever

I thought it was a bit of an anti-climax, after the launch of the one x with it's media link and it's amazing camera plus the attention to detail and not forgetting the amazing display. The 32 gig of storage and excellent battery life, I really thought Sammy would come out with something even more amazing but there's nothing there that the one x doesn't already have. Infant there's a whole lot of stuff it doesn't. So I think especially with Sammys updating track record it has to be the one x all the way

I can see how people would be attracted to the SIII, but with a pentile display I'll pass. Sure it looks damn good, but after reading txts, forums, etc on it, it will give you a head ache.

I could be wrong, maybe they fixed these issues with the pentile displays, but that Bionic ruined it for me.

Are you zooming all the way to have to one letter encompass almost your whole screen? Because to be honest, one can hardly tell (you also have to be holding your phone ridiculously close your your face). And many only complain because they know it is a Pentile Display. So, more of a placebo effect occurs.

My cousin has the razr I have the evo3d and as soon as I seen his phone I noticed the pentile screen immediately...stuck out like a sore thumb to me

the evo3d has the worst screen i have ever seen even with the 3d turned off. colors are craptastic and the 3d was poorly done. even the lg thrill was even a better phone with a better processor and a better screen. The snapdragon s3 chipset was a major fail when compared to cortex a9 dual cores at slower clock speeds

i beg to differ. the EVO 3D is a really fast phone and the screen isn't that bad... i mean it doesn't have the contrast ratio of an amoled but the screen is really sharp and is awesome for reading (probably something you may need to do more of), it is really easy on the eyes.

I'm happy a few people mentioned the EVO LTE. People can say what they want about design, I'm a function guy. I like the new EVO better than the One X. Kickstand, physical camera button and sd storage are features I REALLY appreciate. Between the SII and the One X though, I'd have to take the SII because with the removable battery and sd storage it would be the more functional device.

S III had the Flipboard app on the home screen....but I do not see it on the Google Play App store.... was that app just custom to SIII build?? Any Idea??

You guys crack me up with these personal screen preference arguments. Funny things is, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which makes every single one of you right.  

FWIW, I've always been an LCD hater, but the One X's screen literally made my jaw drop when I saw it. Pick on it's non removable battery and 16GB of storage, but the screen doesn't get much better than this one.

This decision isn't that difficult if you are considering the AT&T version of the OneX.

It becomes difficult if you are considering the Sprint version.... The one with the dedicated camera button, the one with a MicroSD slot, the one with the 2000 mAh battery instead of 1800 mAh.... THAT'S when this becomes a hard decision. Because at that point its a removable battery and SDXC 64GB MicroSD card support versus a phone that has no removable battery, but a shutter button, a better non Pentile screen and a slightly smaller battery size.

Both of these phones will use Snapdragon S4's in the USA for LTE support, so the Exynos Quads speed is irrelevant to us. The AT&T OneX doesn't belong in this race, it clearly cannot keep up with the EVO4GLTE and the Galaxy S3 at all.


You clearly haven't used the AT&T One X. It's a stellar phone. Dedicated camera button is a plus, but by no means a game changer. 200 mAh extra battery is nice, but the battery life on the AT&T version is fantastic, everyone is saying it's enough to get them through the day, even heavy users. Only having 16gb storage was a very poor choice IMO, but it's something I certainly can live with, and probably most can if they are honest about their storage needs.

So basically those factors are a slight negative for the AT&T One X, but when you add in Sprint's relatively poor coverage in general and complete lack of 4G. It's pretty much a wash, and depending on where you live, a big plus for the AT&T One X.

As far as the S3, Specs are irrelevant if the device is unavailable. It won't be out until late June, and we have no idea if it's coming to AT&T or Sprint or Verizon. Waiting on that device is the same as it was with the GS1 or GS2, it may come, it may not. It's a white unicorn at this point and pointless to wait on, and it will still be 2+ months behind the One X in a best case.

I'd rather have next-gen hardware with 4G now, than wait on a mythical device or switch to a carrier with sub-par coverage.

i just want to throw out there that Sprint's 3G is god awfully slow in my area sometimes(central new jersey). it seems to just be getting slower and slower over the past year. omw into work this morning i was streaming Spotify and it kept skipping. this was while i was sitting in traffic so i was not moving fast and in a populated area so you would assume they would have decent coverage there. how pathetic is that?!

Samsung with the S3 seems hell bent on making iPhone look a likes..wonder why?...Apple must be laughing all the way to the bank.

For once, it actualy doesn't resemble an iPhone at all. It's way too damn big, way too damn curvy, and TouchWiz doesn't even look iPhoney anymore. It just looks cartoony and lame like most Android overlays.

In reality the S2 looks NOTHING like the iPhone. Maybe in a diagram, but not in the flesh, not at all. Now put an iPhone next to the older LG Viewty.. thats a different story.
The S3 is about as different to the iPhone as a touchscreen phone can get.

I saw nothing in the reviews of the S III that indicated an S4 chip would be used in place of the quad core for U.S. versions. What makes some posters sure this is the case? What needs to be done to make quad core chips compatible with LTE networks?

Considering I don't expect the S III to be available from U.S. carriers for about six months how would anyone know the quad core/LTE compatibility problem will not be resolved by that time?

good to know... i am getting tired of the processor arguments going on though. its not like it was a few years ago when smart phones were slow, crippled by processors that couldn't sufficiently handle the software they were running.. its not like any of the newer high-end smart phones are going to be slow. they are all going to be more than fast enough, no matter which processor they use. at this point the more important spec to me is which processor will offer better battery life. Seems like the S4 preforms well in that category.

Would it be possible to get like an instant comment delete for just using the world pentile, and every possible configuration of the word in the comments sections?

Um... how about no? Believe it or not, screens are important to people. The fact that the S3 screen is pentile (HAH!) means it won't be able to stand up to the One X's display. Period.

with the popularity of this phone I don't see touchwiz as a negative. I'm sure there will be some good devs on this device early like seen on the sII and gNex. This is the type of phone that will get devs to switch phones for 6 months until something ewer comes out

Two things that seal the deal with me. First is that the Galaxy 3 has a long screen and I prefer it to be wider. Second is the screen on the One x is so real looking that it untouchable right now.

Removable battery? -check
Removable SD card? -check
Specs about same? -check
No brainer, S III it is!

@phil, you said "At the end of the day, though, it doesn't feel like you're using an Ice Cream Sandwich device like it does on One X."

Can you expand on that, whats "missing" from the S3 in this regard ?
From what I read touchwizz used to mask quite a bit of android but recent versions aren't as intrusive, from what I read htc sense still masks quite a bit? What does sense on ICS have that TW is missing ?

HOX is nice but kind of rules itself out, given the limited storage capability. If I get an S3 I can use it as an mp3 player too because I can put all the music on a card (need ~35gb for my collection).

..about 30GB of which you never listen to i bet.

The trick is to put your most played on the device and the rest in the cloud for that once a year (if that) time you listen to it.

Both phones offer minor spec increases over the galaxy Nexus. It's nothing to drool over. Wait another year and there might be something worth upgrading to.

The Nexus was huge because it had ICS before any other phone and was the only phone officially released with it for a good 5 months. It actually optimized use of the dual core processors everybody likes to boast about but doesn't realize without the hardware acceleration of ICS it wouldn't make having dual core worthwhile

nobody realistically buys a new phone every 6 months. There are certain times to buy phones that are better than others. For example: having the first phone with ICS months before any other phone receives their promised updates. The minor hardware differences between Christmas 2011 released phones and summer 2012 are not worth bickering over.

Just my 2 cents.

Minor? If by minor spec increases you mean 2X or more then yes minor.. The GN was rubbish when it was launched, considerably inferior to the S2 in the real world. The ONLY thing it had was pure ICS, IF you care about that (which most people dont).

relax... rubbish is a huge overstatement. it may not of had the best processor but the phone is really fast anyhow so that doesn't matter, the camera could be alil better but it takes pics really fast and awwwesome video, and the screen looks really great. you hardly make sense...

It looks as though the entire back of the S3 is the battery cover. If so, then when it scratches replace it on the S3 and the OneX. Wait, you can't on the OneX. If too many people complain about the glossy back, I'm sure with probably 20,000,000 on the road, someone will come up with a different cover, non-glossy or whatever. It's an option unlike the OneX.
BTW, I personally do not like how far out the lens of the OneX protrudes. It's got a mini-me boner.

I agree, but there is no fixing the front, thats the worst part for me. The blue is hideous and i hate white boarders to screens, its distracting and ugly.

That glossy looking S3 is butt ugly. Makes me really happy I have the One X actually. This phone is so freakin gorgeous. Perhaps the most beautiful device I've held in my hand. And it's so effing fast.

I was in an ATT store today and played with the HTC One X...this is an awesome as hell switching from screen to screen and app to app.. great size beautiful screen..thin as a ruler(well, maybe not that thin but damn close.) Great looking in hand as oppose to here online..Did I mention, the phone is fast?!? The phone is fast, wow. The camera is hella fast. The only thing I worry about with this phone is having a nonremovable battery that is less than 2000mah and you cannot cut off 4G/LTE for 3G. Im in Delaware(you know the retirement state/tax free shopping) and there is no LTE in sight. I can care less about not having a MicroSD cards. With 16 gigs on board, that's plenty for me...BUT I can't wait to see the SGSIII in hand and make my decision. Online I think it looks great. Though the old GPS issue does pop in my mind from time to time. Hope it has improved a lot.Call me paranoid, I'm coming from a Captivate, the "OG" from day one. GPS issues, random cutoffs once fully charged..ya know. -_-

LOL at Phil! After all that,... you can't decide. :D I think all these differences come down to usability. I have to load up RSA SoftID several times a day, Google Authenticator a few times a week (and always both of these at the most inconvenient times), check the weather, respond to work emails ... and all this talk of processors, cameras, shape, heft, is secondary to how well the phone performs for me day to day. It's okay to like one launcher over another, and something like a butt ugly home button can make a huge difference. Looking forward to your extended use review....

PENTILE!!! LOL it always makes me laugh whenever people bitch and whine about the pentile matrix display. On an HD display like the one found on the Galaxy Nexus and the SGS3, you will not notice it at all... unless you hold the dang phone UP TO YOUR NOSE! And why would you want to do that? I believe that both phones are awesome devices. If I had to choose based on what we've seen in the announcement, I would pick the HTC One X due to the physical design and the fact that I find Sense's rendition of ICS much more appealing than Touchwiz's.

Ok guys, I'm gonna have to ask ya for some treasure hunting.

There was a youtube video I saw at work that did an amazing comparison video of the one x, iphone 4s, sony xperia s, and galaxy nexus. I cannot find for the life of me where it is. Important note that the language was in chinese, and the review was meticulous and precise. Cookies for the person who can find it..