Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III (or lack of it) has the Internet ablaze once again, and this time it's based on some information industry insider Eldar Murtazin claims to know, and has hinted at in his Twitter account.  According to Eldar (and nestled in with words like "flagship" and "so much better"), the next-generation Galaxy S device will feature updated hardware with a 1.5GHz or 1.6GHz quad-core processor, a 12MP camera, HD screen (we're assuming it will be part of the AMOLED family), Ice Cream Sandwich with Samsung's TouchWiz tweaks, and it gets great battery life -- yes, he says he has used it.

Eldar says we'll get a to see the Galaxy S III in February at Mobile World Congress, which would make sense. (The Galaxy S II was announced in Barcelona last year.)  We'll see manufacturers' new products at a show designed for manufacturers to show us their new products.  The Galaxy S III will most likely be released in the Far East and Europe before the United States, so Barcelona would be the place to see it.  The specifications sound about right for the next generation of hardware, so Eldar's news seems feasable, and a natural progression that we've seen before.  We'll know more soon when we head to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress.

What does concern us is once again seeing new and better handsets from Samsung, while their current models sit and wait for updates.  The original Galaxy S line is (and we hate it as much as you do) a write-off by now, but there's more than a few Galaxy S II devices which are more than capable, waiting for an Ice Cream Sandwich update.  Samsung's gorgeus screens and state-of-the art hardware has made many of us give them a second chance with the Galaxy S II, but another year-long saga of waiting for device updates just isn't going to fly.  Hopefully, the right people at Samsung and the carriers realizes this as well.

Source: @eldarmurtazin; More: Samsung Galaxy S III forums


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Samsung Galaxy S III rumor-mill going strong, will we see it at MWC?


When this comes to the states it better be sprint bound, cuz just look at sprints line up... We need new better android phones on sprint!

They are waiting for LTE. It sucks waiting. I am rethinking the Nexus because by the time it gets here, it will be 1 generation behind the technology (a big deal with a 2 year contract). I'm guessing a Galaxy S III should hit in the summer, about the same time Sprint starts rolling out LTE which would be perfect.

At what point do you Samsung fans get it through your damn brain that the lack of updates is a sales tactic by Samsung and they do this to drive sales of the next model. Customer wishes be damned.

Every time I eyeball a Samsung device, they have the best QWERTY phones out there, I have to remind myself that whatever OS is on the device is likely to be the ONLY official update to it. XDA's dev community may very well port something over to it, but at the end of the day that is a hack and voids warranties.

you want Samsung to stop this shit? Stop enabling them by buying their wares.

exactly the reason i've been sitting on my upgrade. my epic 4g is rock solid and more than capable (for now). i'm in no hurry.

i strongly agree that samsung is dragging their feet with updates on purpose to get consumers to upgrade early. given the fact that they have all the drivers, the source code, and well... everything - they should really be on top with updates. it took OVER A YEAR!!! to put GB on Captivate! really Samsung!?

instead of wasting time and effort to make 10-15 different models they should have concentrated on updates! Samsung, at the end of the day (or year, whatever) you still sell X amount of devices, be it the same model or different ones.

im not much of an Apple fan but to be honest i like their business model better: they release just 1 handset a year but it is butter smooth, well supported, and customers know that when they make that purchase its a solid investment for at least a year, and not a couple of months like an android phone is.

Root to the rescue! I'll never wait on a manufacturer or phone carrier to update my device when there are so many great custom roms out there.

But then your warranty is gone, along with significant chunks of functionality that just doesn't work (and which the root+rom fans sort of hand-waive away as if it didn't matter).

lol dumbest reply towards rooting i've ever seen. Warranty is never gone. ONE SINGLE flash to stock and warranty is back. "significant chunks of functionality" that don't work? The only thing like this I experienced was building roms for the thunderbolt. My current rom that I have built for my gnex has ZERO problems. Acts just like stock but quicker and more options.

Close minded people like you have no say in this matter

a customer shouldnt *have to* root for the sake of an update to the OS. if you want to root and run a custom thats fine but it should be to customise your experience and not for the sake of updating the os.

when ppl say "oh, just root it" they are brushing off the fact that manufacturers/carriers are *barely* showing support and giving a green light for them to be doing what they are doing.

I agree. If their strategy is to not support devices to get us to upgrade to maintain a stream of income, they could at least update the software and charge us $10-$20.

I'm tired of seeing a new handset announced every week. It's ridiculous. Why can't they come up with good, better and best handset, and then support it for at least a year. We buy these phones and there are known bugs, and we have to be content until we want to buy a new handset.

I love what Google has done with the software, but I would love to see some support from the hardware manufacturers. Even HP and Dell offer some support for the Windows PCs they sell.

Samsung usually outs Android updates promptly, it's the carrier who often drops the ball. I have a Samsung Galaxy S "Mesmerize" with US Cellular and it has been updated twice. The first being 2.2 Froyo, and the second being 2.3 Gingerbread. I have a friend who has the exact same phone from Verizon, (theirs is called the "Fascinate"), and they haven't seen a single update yet from Verizon.

I bought the Motorola Photon last year a month before the SGSII came out. I had the opportunity to exchange it for an SGSII, but I knew Samsung's track record with updates so I stuck with my MoPho. I'll be sitting happy when my MoPho gets ICS and the SGSII is months behind on the update. Of course, I'll eat my words if it doesn't work out that way!

I went from the Photon to the Epic Touch. Clearly a better phone in every way even if it never gets ICS. I loved the Photon so it pains me to be honest.

The only problem with this logic is that they've already announced an ICS update for the Galaxy SII due sometime around March, and Motorola has never committed to an ICS update for the Photon.

Not sure what you mean by not having a good lineup on sprint. The only phone it is missing right now is the galaxy nexus. Evo 3d, epic 4g touch, photon. What else do you want?

Agreed, I left Sprint for Verizon to get the Nexus (and still would even after their announcement since it'll be months before they get it). The Evo 3D & Photon were underwhelming when they debuted & the Epic Touch, a great phone, was essentially 6 months old when it came out. Sprint is slacking. Verizon, T-Mobile & AT&T all have far superior Android lineups. It's just a fact.

Facts? Are you kidding me dude? They're more like opinions to me. Sprint has a good lineup. Last time I checked at&t and t-mobile got the GS2 later than Sprint. So I don't know what the hell you're talking about. And the year just begun.

So umm which phones have come out in the year 2012 so far? Those phones have very capable hardware to where they will not be obsolete within the next year.

I love my SGSII but the ICS update can't come fast enough. On that note, I'm curious to see if Samsung creates a new TouchWiz for ICS or if they're going to go mostly stock. I think stock ICS would be an awesome move and mostly solve the main problem people have with Samsung, which is lack of updates. However, vanilla android apparently doesn't assure anyone of quick updates. People I know with Nexus S 4G's have been waiting patiently for ICS and though it should be a pretty straightforward update, they still don't get it.

It will be at MWC, no doubt.

I will probably be getting the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III Epic 4G LTE Touch HD to replace my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G.

Same! The deciding factor for me will ultimately be whether or not this device supports Sprint's new LTE network. My current E4GT is wicked fast, but I have to be honest, Wimax blows (and I have good coverage, too). Very excited for this device!

Also, I'm really hoping for a big camera upgrade. I don't really care about the MP's, I just want to see something good. iPhone 4S has an excellent camera. I'd be very happy with something like that, or something slightly better.

Actually, the iPhone 4S has a horrible camera. Don't take pics in low lighting, otherwise all you'll get is a big brown blur. Pics from my Evo4g turn out better in lower light than my work mandated iPhairy 4S.

It's been like two months and no one has gotten a carrier-approved update out (besides Google with the Nexus S) give them a break, it will come before this is announced. This being said it will take a long time for it to come to the US just based on the stupid carriers here; if they would just take the damn international version they would also get the updates quickly, but no, they have to get a "special" version because they are *special* (**>read "stupid")

Jerry, you say: "but another year-long saga of waiting for device updates just isn't going to fly" and I whole heartedly agree, with one important caveat.

When I upgrade my UK Galaxy-S2 I want the experience to get better, not worse. I simply cant justify upgrading to the S3 and I don't need to. So when I upgrade to 4.0.3 I want my phone to work properly. Better late and sorted - than early and full of bugs.

They can't even make a dual core phone with good battery life. Yet a quad core phone is going to have great battery life. Yup im a skeptic.

From the little I know, LTE has a much bigger impact on power consumption than the processor. The new quad core chips use a low power fifth core for housekeeping and only bring in the big guns when they are needed.

Consider the GSM Samsung Note. Huge, high resolution screen, fast dual core processor and 2500mAh battery; but it still does quite well. My GSM Galaxy S2 (with a 2000mAh cell) can give me 36-48 hours.

Now if Ice-Cream manages the power better, especially with respect to LTE, we could see real improvements. Then look at the new Razor with a HUGE 3000mAh cell, considering the screen, is that too thick?

Yeah...I think you're thinking of HTC. Samsung is know for making battery-life in their phones last longer than the rest of manufacturers...well, they at least stick bigger batteries in their phones. And twice the cores doesn't mean twice the battery drain, do some basic research.

As far as the apple lover above goes, Apple pulls the same stuff. Get real.
Wheres SIRI on iPhone 4? Dont think it is powerful enough? Most of SIRI is server based....
They try to force you to upgrade too!

siri was beta tested prior to the 4s release on the iphone 4 so it's plenty capable of running on iphone 4

Really, as long as the phone has an 8MP camera I'm happy as long as that 8MP sensor also takes great pictures. No use in zooming on a blurred, noisy mess. I'm hesitant to believe the quad-core hype too. I know that's the next step, but it still seems early for phones.

Let's hope they went the way of the MAXX (hate those all caps names) and put in a gigantic battery for some amazing battery life.

The GSII is an amazing phone and for me it turned the Android platform into a contender on the world stage. To the point where iPhone users tell me what phone I'm using before I get a chance to speak rather than look at it in bemusement (which happened without fail when I had my Droid 2 or my Xperia X10).

Other blogs have mentioned a Texas based Samsung plant believed to be producing Samsung's 2012 line of processors. With any luck this could mean a world wide release is more achievable or at least less of a wait for the US market.

I won't be getting the GSIII as I'm a year away from my free upgrade but this time next year I'll be perfectly in line for the GSIV or Nexus-? which is fine by me because this GSII just keeps on giving.

As for ICS updates from Samsung or any other manufacturer I couldn't care less for there watered down versions. I have no want for any official update beyond its reducing fragmentation because it will only upset me when they fowl it up.
Give me CM9 when its ready and not a moment before :)

Why is everyone who makes a device render obsessed with "edge to edge" displays? Do you just not want to hold the phone with fingers? Maybe it should float in front of you too so that there are no accidental touches....

Does any of this really matter? The sooner we see the SGIII the longer we will have to wait until we have one in our hands, its only a teases. The 4 companies that run our entire mobile industry have shown no sign of changing from last year's phone release strategy and we will be lucky to see this thing by July.

I don't know why people are complaining. If you don't like how Samsung updates phones so frequently, don't buy them. Buy Apple. Even with all their support and updates the iPhone still has quirks and many limitations compared to Android, as we all know.

If you like the phone, keep it and don't upgrade. I'm perfectly fine with my Note and if something better is announced I know that no one, including Samsung is forcing me to buy it. It's my choice, and I'm happy to have such choices.