Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung has just released the source code for its new dual-core flagship phone, the Galaxy S II. Developers wanting to use this newly-released code to get started on custom firmware development can hit the source link and download to begin. The Galaxy S II is a beastly piece of kit, and we're looking forward to seeing what Android developers can do with the hardware in the weeks and months ahead.

Source: Samsung Open Source Site


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Samsung Galaxy S II source code now available


What's the timeline on this thing getting to the U.S? And will they make versions for all carriers, as with the Galaxy S originals?

I'm a little surprised that there has been so little commentary of US versions and availability. The original Galaxy has been an enormous hit for Samsung, so it's an obvious assumption that all the carriers will be getting the SII yet no real commentary has been forthcoming. Anyone know anything that they can share, and for me it would be Sprint that I would be particularly interested in. Thanks everyone-