Samsung Galaxy S II with Ice Cream SandwichSamsung Galaxy S II with Ice Cream Sandwich

For you folks who enjoy poking your heads where they don't quite yet belong, a couple new Ice Cream Sandwich builds have leaked out for the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. And, yes, TouchWiz is there. And still looks like TouchWiz.  Of the two alpha versions, KP4 and KP8, the latter is said to be the "better" of the two. (These follow the KP1 build we saw a couple weeks ago.) And both are built on Android 4.0.3, the new official "base" of Ice Cream Sandwich.

That said, while these might be "official" builds, we've got absolutely no idea how finished they might be, so we're really not going to read too much into anything just yet. But TouchWiz has gotten better with ever iteration, and marrying it with ICS is something we're absolutely looking forward to trying.

You can snag ODIN-flashable downloads at the source link below, and check out the quick hands-on videos after the break.

Source: SamMobile

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Youtube link for mobile viewing

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Samsung Galaxy S II (I-9100) gets a couple new leaked ICS builds


I actually have some optimism as there have been quite a few leaks with updates from samsung for the epic 4g touch. The latest leak on december 26th includes the ICS version of touchwiz although its still running gingerbread.

I have ICS Passion on my Vibrant... After watching the video, I think Touchwiz would be a welcome addition to ICS. As long as you get updates, that is.

Not a fan of TouchWiz in the slightest. It is the only reason I didn't get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Gal S II and from the looks of the ICS leaks I won't be purchasing any of their products in the future (well I did purchase the Galaxy Nexus, but that is much much much different). Why doesn't Samsung see that ICS is beautiful and adds a bunch to the overall look and feel of Android. Minimalistic and Typography will trump bright and candy kid style (or whatever you want to call TouchWiz, to me it comes off as something a kid would wear to a rave, but thats just me and they are selling enough of these for me to know not everyone feels that way. Just one of the great things in Android, OPTIONS)

So use another launcher, "candy kid style" problem solved.

If you've never actually used TW, just dissed it from afar, you don't know what you're missing.

Hell, about half the really cool "tweaks" in CM7 AND ICS were in TouchWiz first, and most of the goods stuff in TW is "under the hood" and not in the launcher.

As for TW on Honeycomb, it actually looks LESS tacky than that bullshit "candy tron kid style" that came with the Xoom and other 3.x tablets. And it works better, with a better browser than stock, more features, and doesn't slow anything down.

But since you hate it, you've never tried it, and therefore keep hating it.

I agree, touchwiz did nothing but make honeycomb a much more attractive and fluid operating system...not to mention it was completely optional on the 10.1

Where the hell did optional come from? It came with the android 3.1 update. You are currently stock on 3.0, or you have 3.1 and above with touchwiz...

I actually have used it for 8 months that is why I came to the conclusion that I have and I clearly stated it was just my opinion so need to protect your purchase as if it was your child. TouchWiz in my opinion is awful and the only thing that is holding Samsung back (in my eyes as obviously TouchWiz has not held Samsung back from selling millions of phones and having arguably the best group of phones this year in the Gal S II). So its all good my friend no need to get upset if you enjoy then ignore what I said and the whole change the launcher thing is not a resolution merely a work around and TouchWiz goes deep in the system and it is not just the launcher effected. Yes, rooting and installing a different OS is a slight resolution as well but not for everybody (I root and flash roms on all my phones and that is the sole reason for my purchase of the Galaxy Nexus). You can deny it all you want, but TouchWiz is a huge set back when purchasing a Samsung Galaxy product. TouchWiz is not the sole reason I refuse to buy Samsung products running the OS. Updates is and they burned me out with promise after promise and then buggy releases once done and the whole update alliance thing is really disturbing as well (to be fair most OEMs and Wireless providers also agreed and have fallen through with this arrangement). I love Android, but just won't buy skins until an OEM(s) can show its consumers they care more about them than releasing 10 phones a year and laughing all the way to the bank and none have shown that yet, but Google and their Nexus devices (the G2 was ok as well).

I have had the Hero and the Evo 4G and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. I loved CM on my Evo and was not a real fan of TW on my Tab because it is super laggy.

Then I got my hands on a Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch and just loved the feel of it, loved the screen, and loved the speed. I thought, well... I will get used to TW I guess until hopefully CM brings some goodness to the GSII.

After having it for about a week I did go with GoLauncher and that helped the whole idea of being about to customize my launcher. There are some nice things about TW that I like. The Task Manager being the #1. The Facebook for Android app would drain my battery in an awful way without the Task Manager.

Will I go with CM9 when it comes out for the GSII Epic 4G Touch? Damn Straight I will! But can I live with TW until then? You bet I can.

I have the E4GT. I don't have any hate for TouchWiz. I use ADW Ex because I like using custom icons and have some widgets that don't work properly on TouchWiz launcher. But as far as the rest of the OS integration goes, I think Samsung did a fantastic job. Heavy use of blacks on all of their apps look gorgeous on the SAMOLED+ screen.

I for one was hoping that ICS would be the death of all these phone manufacturer overlays. The problem is that non of them are "just launchers". Most of the time they add a bunch of crap to the internals of android that drain battery, sometimes make apps incompatible, and also make android less secure... This is probably why CM is so popular. I for one wish that manufactures would make a stock rom downloadable option for those that don't want their "additions" so that we could have the phone of our choice with an unbastardized version of android. I would be more prone to get a nexus if google didn't constantly use older hardware for their flagship phones...

I think, AndroidCentral should organize a petition against TouchWiz! Samsung makes the best phones (displays, CPUs), but their UI is the ugliest! If we sign the petition, maybe Samsung will hear us?..

I happen to like TW. For me, there is nothing wrong with it because it works and is as fluid as WD-40. I know some people hate it but that is soley thier opinion and is allowed to change the look of it as he/she feels through the likes of ADW, GOlauncher, and etc.

I agree that TW isn't the best. But it's not the worst. I guess I just don't need people signing petitions on my behalf when it's clearly not my opinion.

Jeez, what's with all the useless comments regarding TouchWiz? How about some useful comments for a change, like from someone who's actually tried these builds? What's their experience like? Is everything working? Video recording, sensors etc? What's the battery life like? Are these builds worth trying?