Galaxy S II 

Samsung's dual-core, Gingerbread-powered Galaxy S II has appeared on alongside a tentative SIM-free price and release date. According to Play, which is currently taking pre-orders for the phone, it'll ship Mar. 31 for £599.99 (~$960). Pre-release prices are never guaranteed to be accurate and are always subject to change, but £599 seems like a realistic price point for the Galaxy S II, as it's slightly higher than current single-core offerings from other manufacturers.

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Samsung Galaxy S II gets price and release date


Are you the guy from that thread?

Look, the Galaxy S version in the UK is completely different than the ones in the states... the closest device to looking exactly like the Galaxy S is the Vibrant...

Most likely carrier's will make a sequal of the device, for instance:

Vibrant 2
Epic 2
Captivate 2
Fascinate 2


Or they could be completely renamed... they could keep the form factor... or not.

So to answer your question, it may have a slider version, but it will definitely look a WHOLE lot different than this device, never heard of a 4.3inch slider...

personally imo they prolly keep the form factor of the gs2 but change the buttons up like they did with the original gs. but we will see what samsung will do

man i am really hopping they keep it the way it is right now, but i know that sprint will find a way to f*** this phone up like they did with the epic, sprint don't like good looking phones.

Froyo came to the Galaxy S in October (maybe it was november). Nowhere near as fast as others, sure, but not the pile of fail that happened in the US for non-rooters either.

They just got it for the Captivate a few days ago. It Still didn't fix my GPS. So, I argued to death with AT&T and got a Motorola Atrix on the way. I will Never buy Any Samsung device Ever Again! They bring you in with their flash but, fall flat on support! I guess, if you never had any problems with your Samsung device, you would think they were OK. Most of us have learned the hard way! Don't have problems with your Samsung device (it's not their fault, it is yours), you will regret it!
** I was not born a Samsung hater, they turned me into one! **

I just hope they don't retardify the Sprint body like they did the Epic. I like my phone but it doesn't look as sleek as the others.

exactly what i was saying, i would have loved the fascinate or the vibrant like on sprint, but like i said before sprint do not like good looking phones, and every one saw the echo thing right? it is a perfect example of sprint taste.

With that pricepoint and crappy support for samsung phones... well, you'd have to be (fill-in-the-blank) if you paid straight out for it.

This definitely won't be the US price, I heard that in the UK and other areas you have to pay extra fees, etc. It could still end up being pretty pricey, but I would assume maybe 500-700, no more than that...

Exactly, that's why whenever there is word of a delay or release date, Sammy doesn't do it, but Sprint or T-Mobile. Blame the carriers for taking so long with their carrier bloat

How do you explain the international version (not from US carriers) having froyo since October if it's not the carriers?

Samsung = no buy, until proven otherwise at least a few times. Nexus S was only a decent phone because they had Google holding their hand the whole time.

These guys even managed to screw up a WP7 patch. WP7 barely even supports any customization and all the phones have identical hardware specs for the sake of compatibility - how do you screw THAT up? You let Samsung get their hands on it, that's how.

Nawoa - Really? I wouldn't bash on Samsung that much. When it comes down to it, most carriers and manufacturers have trouble with Android regardless, problems being traceable to the open source nature. Hardware-wise, I can't imagine why people using Sprint go with a Snapdragon over the Hummingbird/SGX540 combo. I get ~2600 in my quadrant scores, and ~20 in Linpack on my Epic. While I'm not advocate of lying to your customers about no update being delivered when you say it is, I don't sweat it. Community ROMs based on the November DK28 Froyo leak for the Epic are still faster and more stable than the recently and once again pulled EB13 update.

Wanna talk about manufacturers who screw up updates? Motorola is a prime example

The Droid X took a while to get an update... they got it, then it was officially "broken". The Cliq and Backflip, they promised updates to 2.1.... they lied...

The original Droid, ever since Froyo people have complained of just completely random glitches.

Samsung, is not at fault for these updates, it's the carriers. However, people only blame the folks who made the device, Samsung is not in charge of pushing the updates, it's the carriers. they don't add the bloatware, the carriers do. So AT&T users should know, their Captivates don't have froyo, because AT&T is too slow to push the updates.

The Windows Phone 7 update glitch only hit a couple of Samsung devices, not all of them.

So quit giving Samsung so much crap.

Thank you so many anti-samsung heads keep poking their heads out and dont know jack about what they are talking about. The Evo 2.2 Froyo update completely bricked phones! Did you here me COMPLETELY BRICKED PHONES!!! Htc also had the wrong update posted on there website! You samsung haters should be mad about what ever device your running not having 2.3 Gingerbread which has been out for months now!!! Stfu the Epic 4g is still the top dog regardless of 2.1 or 2.2 do the research and quit whining!

samsung is responsible for some delay but not all. those on AT&T know it take at least a year for them to push any updates if they do push them out. hopefully with the iphone exclusive gone...we will see more support, but i wont count on it.

I updated my Captivate two days ago and the update came directly from Samsung. ATT had nothing to do with it. It was not pushed OTA it was downloaded from Samsung through their Kies Mini.

yea like you already forgot what happened to htc evo, how many evos crash and got bricked because of the first update? or you choose to forget about that?

Imo samsung makes really good hardware. Their software beginning with the epic is smooth. But their software seems to be put together quickly. Comparing the evo's 2.2 and the epic's (official eb13) 2.2, the evo's seem so much more flexible and more customizable. But the epic's 2.2. ui is better looking.

If Samsung shows they can get out updates with this phone, I'll consider a Samsung phone next time. This time around, I'm waiting on the Bionic (upgrading my Incredible).

I'd put more faith in community roms for samsung phones than the official motorola roms that you'll be stuck with. All the roms for the DX/D2 are tweaked moto roms. The i9000 and the Vibrant already have somewhat working Gingerbread builds, and the others aren't far behind. DX/D2 users will have to wait for moto to give it to them. Bionic/Atrix users will have to do the same.

No F'N way I'd ever pay $1000 for a phone. Will probably drop to $200 with a 2 year contract or even the iPhone fanbois will laugh at us.

Alright, I give up. I said I hated Samsung because of their lack of support, but then again I've had Froyo on my Epic 4G for at least 3 months now. I have nothing to complain about, I love rooting phones, flashing ROMs, and testing out software. This phone is absolutely crazy. Samsung's hardware can't be beat. 4.3" SAMOLED PLUS, DUAL CORE, 8 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA (Sammy has good cameras too), and it's only 8.49 mm thick...that is crazy to me. I really hope this phone comes to Sprint in a non-keyboard form factor

i hear you man, i will root my phones no matter how good the software is, because with root access you can do to your phone just about anything you want, and Samsung already makes the best hardware out there so yes i will always root my phones no matter what.

why do my pictures look like shit and my videos have horrible background noise( iphone friend and i took same video hers sounded great) I feel like its my settings

sorry i have a fascinate. I really want a front facing camera(waiting on froyo, afraid to root phone, paid for a best buy warranty)I'm willing to pay 600 dollars for s2 but almost a thousand thats a little steep

Rooting shouldn't void your warranty. Flashing a custom Rom/Kernel onto the phone might cause some sales people who would've otherwise helped you turn their noses up at you. But once you have the experience to root/rom the device, you'll hopefully have the experience of getting it back. The margin of bricking the phone beyond any possible repair grows smaller day by day. About the only thing you need to definitely be cautious about it overclocking, as that can actually destroy the processor, which is also unlikely if done modestly. What phone do you have?

??????? Is that a track pad on this phone ???????
Thats the main reason I returned the Nexus S after 7 days, no track pad.


I have the samsung fascinate, only had it since christmas(remember froyo by the end of the year, thought i had a week to go) any who , this is my first android phone(blackberry before - which sucked but atleast my push notifications were perfect, just no good apps) so i'm enjoying my phone alot but most of my friends have front facing cameras and if i can get flash before these damn iphone bastards i work with i will feel like a queen!! So tired of "well i'm watching netflix, blah blah". I would love to root my phone but not too tech savvy. planning on selling this thing (will be the first time for me) on craigslist or ebay as soon as the perfect phone for me shows itself. I gotta say i love this fascinate, girly and fun really nice shape i would just keep it except for the damn ffc