AT&T Attain, Sprint Within, Verizon Function

Gotta love it when an accessories dealer outs info before the carriers, and that seems to be the case with the Samsung Galaxy S II. While we'd rather see something a little more ... official (and we bet we will), retailer Wireless Xcessories Group has xcessories (erm, accessories) listed for the Galaxy S II Attain on AT&T, the Function on Verizon and Within on Sprint. And those certainly sound like release names. Now we just have to wonder when we might officially see some U.S. carrier love.

Source: Wireless Xcessories Group; via Pocketnow


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Samsung Galaxy S II coming to the states as the AT&T Attain, Verizon Function and Sprint Within?


Sounds sweet that the SGS2 would be coming to Verizon, but the devs have made the Fascinate worth keeping for a while.

I do not get why people have such a boner for LTE. 3G is more than enough for most people. Unless you are streaming video, I dont see what the BFD is. Doesnt Verizon still charge extra for LTE as well? No thanks.

I will be getting this phone even if it is 3G only.

Jeff Denver: you are such a great example of an idiot posting about information that you aren't even accurate or knowledgeable about. As aforementioned, 4G LTE Data is included with the Unlimited $29.99 plan. What's the "BFD" about LTE? An example? Downloading a 1GB movie in 2 minutes. That's an example of what the "BFD" is. And if 4G LTE is included with our pre-existing data plans, why not take advantage of it?

reflekt2099: You are such a great example of an idiot who does not read the post he is responding to. Specifically the part about video. If you are not streaming or downloading large files (like, oh I dont then LTE has limited appeal. Downloading an app in 2 seconds instead of 10 seconds is not a big deal to me. And certainly not a deal breaker for a kickass phone like this one.

You are obviously not on Verizon, 3g is slow enough to make browsing annoying, you can definitely feel the improvement when you are on WIFI. I want a 4G phone, I just hope they expand LTE quickly.

I really have to agree, I had the Verizon 3g hot spot and it was slower then the broadband on my iPhone. Now, that I switched to the 4g Samsung hot spot I'm running my laptop, I pad, and Motorola zoom at the same time. It really makes no sense to buy anything other then 4g devices and you might want to get locked in before the plans change. I'm not buying the next iPhone til 4g comes and a bigger screen.

I agree. I had my Epic since september and used 4G what, like 2-3 times? I think my total 4G time is less than 15 minutes.

Imo 3g is more than enough.

*on a different topic... those are THE worst! names. Sprint "within"? Huh?

They must be running out of original names to call these phones. Next thing you know they'll be using diseases... Samsung Herpes, anyone?

Within is the worst I've heard yet. It's not even a noun, verb or adjective. What's next? The T-Mobile However?

I can't wait! I've been playing with the Infuse the past couple of days and it makes my Evo 4G feel old and clunky.

I'm waiting on the SGS2 though because it's a higher end phone than the Infuse so I'm excited to check it out since I already LOVE the Infuse! Hope it makes it's way to the US soon!

It says it will be the Sprint Within according to the picture and I highly doubt they will put a kickstand on this beast since they want to make it super thin and light. I would like a keyboard version like my epic now. I know a lot of people just like using the screen, but having a physical keyboard is something I have always enjoyed having.

Yeah I saw that too. The galaxy sII doesn't have a kickstand and the case doesn't have a place for a kickstand.

T-Mobile better get this phone too. Unless this means they know the at&t merger will go through.

"Within"? Seriously? Are they just picking words from the dictionary at random now?

I miss the good old days when phones had numbers. I've had a Nokia 5190, 3360, 5120i, a Motorola v360, a Samsung SPH-i500, and a Treo 680. I new exactly what I had, and could compare it easily to phones on other carriers. Now I have to remember that the Captivate is the same as the Vibrant, but is older than the Attain, all of which are better than the Acclaim.

What P.R. marketing idiot came up with these stupid names? And even worse, what moron higher-up actually approved these names anyway?
Within? Attain? Function? Did they just throw names in a bingo hopper and pick names? I would be embarrassed to ask for the phone by name. I got a great idea. Why not call it the Galaxy S II? Just an idea...

Who picks these names ?

Its kinda embarrassing when you have hangout with your friends & one if them asks what kinda phone you have ?
& they go like , i've a Droid X , & i got an EVO , I got a ThunderBolt , atrix , ... etc & then you say I gotta a "Within\Attain\Function" !!!!

The name of the phone is just as good as what it got under the hood (or screen)

It seems they are taking their cues from cars whose names have gotten more ridiculous over the years. What's next? The Verizon Sigh? The Sprint Pensive? Perhaps the AT&T Exasperation?

Ohh FFS, just leave it as the Galaxy S2! I hope these are not the actual names of the US versions. I hope it's just a prank. If it is, it's not funny or clever. These retarded names don't have any meaning or even a good sound to them.
Droid Incredible - because at the time it was incredible,
Droid X - X always makes s*** sound cool,
Thunderbolt - because its lighting fast and the 1st LTE phone in US (Samsung Craft doesn't count cause it's a piece of crap!),
Evo - to signify the evolution of wireless data connectivity

Attain - attain what?!
Function - a phone that has function? NO?! REALLY?!
Within - withing what? Within the mind of the idiot who came up with these names?!

A flagship phone should be top of the line with cutting edge technology. Not Droid branding of warmed over hardware.

I want this phone on Verizon, whether or not it has LTE. I don't see much of a point in 4G, unless you are constantly downloading large files or stream tons of video. Hopefully I find some way to get this phone without having to pay the full off-contract price. :/

Who cares about the name lol. You really that insecure? Just tell people it's the GS2. It's not like it's gonna be a tattoo..

I've been very interested in the Galaxy S2 since it was first announced, but if the US version ends up like this (fragmented into all these different variants, loaded with carrier and mfr. bloatware, rarely getting software updates, and with such silly names to boot), then I won't be interested anymore. I would either get an unlocked, unbranded S2, or just wait for the next Nexus.