Samsung Galaxy S Cellular South

The Samsung Galaxy S is available today on Cellular South. This version of the phone resembles the Fascinate on Verizon. Though Bing Maps and Bing Search are pre-loaded on the phone, this device is centered around Google's apps. The Galaxy S is the fourth Android device to hit the regional carrier in the past 12 months, giving consumers good choices when deciding on a handset.

If you're a Cellular South customer and have been in search of a solid Android handset, Samsung's Galaxy S is an attractive option. The phone is available for $199 (after a $50 mail-in rebate) with a 2-year service contract. [Business Wire]


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Samsung Galaxy S available now on Cellular South


I just upgraded to this phone... it is the Samsung Showcase. Yes, it seems IDENTICAL to the Fascinate in hardware, and I even used instructions for the Fascinate to root my phone. Although, it does NOT have Bing pre-loaded!

It is truly an awesome Android device.... now, where is Froyo. :-)

@GigabitDrew what phone did you upgrade from? I've got a Cell South Hero and the phone is on the verge of pushing me into going postal.

Aww cellular south, you're late again. Like 3 months late. Better than being a year late like last year on most of their phones..I have the HTC diamond with them I used it to run android one time. But yeah I'm about to drop these guys since I'm moving. They good people with good prices BUT it's not all that much of saving. You have to pay extra for the goodies like picture messaging(6 dollars) but you also HAVE TO HAVE a data plan before buying a MMS addon plan lol. So yeah they're not all that much cheaper. Good service for people that are trying to get by but can't compete with the big dogs like Verizon/ATT/Sprint(It they get the Evo than I might go back to them lol) but I doubt it.

Yes I know a wrote a lot. lol