Samsung Galaxy 4G

Got a few minutes with Samsung Vibrant 4G -- erm, the Samsung Galaxy S 4G -- and guess what. It's the T-Mobile Vibrant all over again, with a new battery cover, a new 4G radio to take advantage of those sweet HSPA+ speeds, a bigger (1650 mAh) battery, Inception instead of Avatar and ... That's about it.

Otherwise? Same phone, for all intents and purposes. And that's not a bad thing,

More pics and video are after the break.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4GSamsung Galaxy S 4G

Samsung Galaxy S 4GSamsung Galaxy S 4G

Samsung Galaxy S 4G Samsung Galaxy S 4G

Samsung Galaxy S 4G


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Samsung Galaxy S 4G hands-on (Hint: It's a T-Mobile Vibrant with HSPA+)


The back looks really nice. And the FFC + HSPA+ speeds is a Nice addition I think. Then again you could argue that this is what the phones Vibrant should have been...

No camera flash, although it is running Froyo, so Adobe Flash should be available :). I personally would rather have camera flash (used as a flashlight) than adobe.

With the update controversy surroundings the Galaxy series and the kick ass looking Galaxy 2 just shown off are MWC anyone buying this device would need a few loose screws.

Let's see... If it is launching with cupcake or donut, it may actaully get updated to eclair eventually...

sweet so we can get to those 5Gig caps quicker and since the GPS won't work Big Brother cannot catch up with me.

OMGShes! a 4G Galaxy S. Yawn, I already have one of those. :D My cappy running Continuum is running AT&T HSPUA, no need to upgrade. :)

I hate you so much Samsung... Let's make a beta phone and sell it to EVERYONE. Then fix the problems what they find and slap ffc on and sell it 6 months later. Did I mention that I hate you?

Will not buy another Samsung cell phone again... Either HTC or Motorola for me from here forward...maybe LG.

Hello All,

My recommendation is not to buy this phone... The Vibrant is a better configured phone... This is a total failure on TMO and Samsung... Vibrant owners keep your Vibrants... Aside from the normal TMO carrier neutering of hardware see my reasons below.

This phone has two major issues... First the way the internal memory is partitioned it leaves about 500Kb for use... This make the phone totally useless to the normal to heavy user... I can't load the same apps I have on the original Vibrant the phone just doesn't have the space the way the memory is partitioned (TMO - Samsung total failure). Second, some of the original Vibrant widgets or missing the on the new phone,,, such as the Daily Briefing,,, this just sucks!!! (TMO - Samsung total failure)...

I own a non carrier Galaxy S, the TMO Vibrant, and the new piece of crap TMO Galaxy 4G. The Vibrant is just a better configured phone for the neutered US market...

I was going to use the new Galaxy 4G for app and product development but with the memory issues I think I'm just going to return it and use an HTC phone. The Display isn't that great but at leased I can use it...