Samsung Galaxy Prevail

A few days back we saw the leaked pricing of the Samsung Galaxy Prevail that is believed to be heading to Boost Mobile, and today the device has made an appearance on the carrier's site. For $179 you will get yourself an Android 2.2 powered 3.2 inch touchscreen running on Sprint's CDMA network. The device does only have a 2MP camera, not the greatest, but you still got the rest of the bells and whistles, like Bluetooth, GPS, etc. We expect an announcement of the device tonight in NYC, and we'll be there for it! [Boost Mobile] Thanks, Tasheena!


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Samsung Galaxy Prevail on Boost Mobile's site ahead of tonight's event


Why does this site make such a big deal about megapixels?

You don't NEED many when all you do is post to facebook and mms and/or email them to friends. That's what people do with cameraphone photos. They don't print posters with them.

Best prepaid Android phone is the Virgin Optimistic V, same network with unlimited data $25/month.

Given Samsung's history with GPS, the question isn't whether the box says the phone includes GPS. The question is whether the GPS actually works.

Is it just me or is that comment getting over rated already. Stick to the program. This is not a feature phone and its on boost mobile. So that's something to be excited about.

Most of the SGS phones on Froyo have pretty muched worked out the GPS kinks. After my phone updated to EB13 and EC05 (Epic), the GPS has been locking fast and spot on accurate. I'm pretty sure this one will have a working GPS.

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