Galaxy Note

AT&T will begin to take pre-orders today for the Samsung Galaxy Note, the 5.3-inch phablet will be sold in carbon blue or ceramic white, and check in at $299 with a new agreement.  Orders are set to be delivered by Feb. 17, just a bit too late for Valentine's Day.  Also scheduled to be in AT&T stores are a few accessories, notably a desktop docking station, a spare battery charger, and a flip cover case and pen holder.  Speaking of the flip cover, if you head into Best Buy and pre-order your Samsung Galaxy Note they will hook you up with one for free.  Everyone loves free.

The Note is big, bad, and just what a lot of folks are looking for.  It's huge as a phone, but has enough size to it that it could function as a tablet for many.  The lure of carrying one device to cover both use cases is bound to attract quite a few folks, and the fact that LTE data is built into the unit is certainly a big plus.  The rest of the specs are certainly no slouch either.  That 5.3-inch Super AMOLED screen has a 1280x800 HD resolution, there's a 1.5GHZ dual-core processor (word is it's the same Qualcomm as in the Skyrocket), a 2500mAh battery, 1GB of RAM, and Samsung's excellent 8MP camera all running Android 2.3.5.

If you're going to do the deed and sign up to buy one of these big beauties, be sure to head into the forums and join the discussion.  It won't make the wait any shorter, but it might help make it feel that way. 

Preorder: From AT&T | from Best Buy
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Samsung Galaxy Note now available for pre-order from AT&T and Best Buy


no exynos makes me a sad panda...

why cant att just give us the damn international version of this or the nexus without the battery suck of an lte chip

There is a simple solution to your problem. Move over here and join us! I still consider this recent trend sweet justice for us getting the shaft for almost everything else.

1. does the Exynos really make a big difference in real world everyday usage? if so, how?
2. LTE chip is only for Verizon and Sprint versions. and it can be toggled off to save battery life.

No one but us will even notice the chip specs. This was just rated the best phone on ATT and with good reason.

Watch for the Super Bowl commercial during the fourth quarter.

I have placed my order. This wait is going to be maddening, but I've waited this long so what's ten or eleven days or so? Our AT&T LTE in the Dallas/Fort Worth area rocks so I am pretty pumped.

You'll see what it'll be like in 12-14 months, speeds will still be great, just not 30+mbps as often as it is when LTE is new

I was excited about this phone until at&t started throttling me. and i know i'll use even more data with this phone. thinking of just importing the international one and going to tmo?

After a certain amount of data, TMO will throttle you too. So the reason to move to them should be more for monthly costs then anything else. I happen to agree with you about getting the international version but for different reasons. I just want to remain off contract, doubtful I will get LTE here anytime soon, and the hspa+ speeds by me are good.

congrats AT&T customers. i hope Sprint gets the G-Note and the G-Nex soon!

p.s. props to Big Jerry. up at 4am on a Sunday morning to get the word out! the rooster in the back yard must have gotten him up early!

Wowww 2,500mAh battery? Really ? :O this phone have the best specs in the smartphone market at the moment !

I ordered mine right after it went on pre-order at 12:15 am. It cost me $703.61 after tax. I had to pay full price due to having already purchased the iPhone 4S. I can hardly wait to get it! :)

I was wondering what AT&T was going to charge contract free. Thanks for the information. If I do decide to get a Note, I just might go for the international version. Would cost me a little less, its unlocked and has the exynos cpu. (which I doubt will make much of a difference in real world use)

Expansys has it for $690 with free shipping which is also a good price and have dealt with them in the past.

Awesome news! I have the GNote (int'l version) for a week now, and just can't get myself over it. This phone is really amazing. After week of using this phone, it really felt funny holding my old Captivate. I mean seriously, no exaggeration here.

My other contract will expire in March, and I'm seriously thinking of getting another one for my wife.

I've also had mine (the international version) for a couple of months. I too can say this is the best smart phone I've had. For those that still think its too large, you will get use to it and cant believe people are using anything smaller. Web browsing is actually a pleasure now.

In the pic, the Note looks small in their hand.
But when I hold my "huge" Dell Streak 5 the same way, it looks about the same size.
They must have some big hands.
Not sure if I will upgrade to the Note, I am not in need yet. This Dell is a Great solid device, that is keeping up just fine with whatever I throw at it.
Hoping Windows Phone comes out with something in this size range, I would like to give it a try. I still miss WinMo, but Android is getting better at filling the void left when my Tilt died.
Enjoy your new device. Be sure to come back and tell us how Great it is, Please.

I think the thickness of the Dell Steak 5 makes it feel even bigger in your hand. I've held both devices, and while the Note doesn't feel big to me, the streak felt very large.

Just pre-ordered mine from Best Buy. The free case was enough for me but Best Buy is also giving away $50 giftcards for phone purchases through them at the moment. That is about $80 in promotions on a $299 upgrade for me. I'm glad I waited and didn't spend $700 to get the international version. I can almost fit a GSM Galaxy Tab 7 Plus from ipmart in the savings.

*** HEADS UP ***

I want to confirm this. I just pre-ordered mine form Best Buy and here's how you get the $50.00 off:

1. You have to go to Type in your cell phone number and the e-mial address you want the notification sent to when the phone comes in. They were having technical difficulties when I did mine, so I had to call the toll free number, either way is good.

2. Go to Best Buy. Pre order and pre-pay $50.00 to reserve your phone. They make sure your data plan stays intact or only changes to your preference.

3. When notified by e-mail, you have 72 hours to pick up your phone.

This is unreal. People are paying about $700. for this phone, and you can get it for $250 on the first day of its release. Sweet! You might even be able to get them to toss in the Samsung phone case that replaces the back cover.

People need to stop and think. Has anyone here considered what actually taking notes on a 5.3 inch screen will be like? Cut a 5.3 inch diagonal piece of paper and try it out. Right.

Imagine taking serious notes on a large postit note.

Taking notes on even a 7 inch tablet is tough unless you write really really small. Also, writing with a hard tipped stylus on a slippery glass screen is hardly a comfortable exercise. Think your handwriting is bad now? Try it with the head of the pen slipping all over the place.

I'm not saying this isn't a great device, but the note-taking aspect is more a gimmick like 3D than something really useful on a daily basis.

** I'll go and play with one at the AT&T Store when they come out and see what I think. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Dude, you are clue less. Check out some you tubes on it. The S pen is very practical for numerous things, or you can forget about it and just use the phone for all the other features that blow away every other Android on the market at this time. Your choice.

Well, if someone's serious about note-taking, they usually wouldn't take them on a 5" screen device. Apple-sized tablets or *gasp* actual PAPER NOTEBOOKS would be more practical for that type of usage.

Tight game up until the end so I’m sure a lot of people saw the commercial. If it were a blow out /one sided game, not so much. I’ve had the unlocked Note since early December. I lost count of how many people that asked me “what’s that?”
I love mine. Allllll of my friends and curious on-lookers do also.

Best Buy's wretched system apparently crashed so I couldn't order one there or get the case. Also for some reason, Best Buy is charging $100 more for the Galaxy Note when you buy it off contract than AT&T does so I bought one there and Dominios Colombia

All I know is that the wait for this device is making me want to gouge out my eyeballs. The fact that I need them to see the beautiful 5.3" HD Super-Amoled is the only thing preventng it! 7 more long days!