Samsung Galaxy Note

The the Samsung Galaxy Note is finally available in the United States, hitting Best Buy and AT&T's websites right this second, and brick-and-mortar stores just as soon as the sun rises. (And, you know, the stores actually open.)

The Galaxy Note is no stranger to these parts. We reviewed the European version some months ago -- it's already shipped more than 1 million units worldwide -- and we've had the AT&T version for a few days now. They're larger the same (large) smartphone. It's got a hulking (but beautiful) 5.3-inch Super AMOLED display -- with a whopping 800x1280 resolution -- powered by a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor running Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread.It's got an 8-megapixel camera in the back, and a 2MP shooter ujp front.

The AT&T version varies slightly by switching to the traditional 4-butoon scheme below the display, whereas the Euro version opts for a larger, centered home button. That's not unusual -- the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II lines did the same. AT&T's Galaxy Note also throws in a 4G LTE radio in addition to the HSPA+ radio. (Take that, Europe!)

It's a smartphone, to be sure. Makes phone calls and everything. But the noted feature of the note -- and really the reason it's so big -- is the included stylus, called the S Pen. It brings a whole 'nother level of functionality to the traditional Android experience. And when not needed (or wanted), it tucks away neatly into the phone itself, out of sight, out of mind.

There's your teaser. We've got lots more coming in our full AT&T Galaxy Note review. If you're the early adopting type, head into a store today, or hit the links below.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy note: AT&T, Best Buy
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Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy Note available today on AT&T for $299


Not bad AT&T ,y'all guys are stepping up for reals lol This is a beast of a device but too big and wide for me (pause) lol

I recieved mine early. On the 17th to be exact. I have software issues. My 3g and 4g won't connect for longer than 5 minutes. Also the blacks on the screen are coming out distorted and two of My live wallpapers are not functioning properly. Hardware wise it looks fine but I must've recieved a bad batch. since All the reviews never said anything about this. it sucks and I know the stores are going to give me a hard time exchanging it. my psvita preorder was perfect tho.

sweet. if this was on Sprint it would be a hard choice between it and the G-Nex.

i have to hold it in my holds and pocket test it.

i'm leaning towards the G-Nex at the moment but this G-Note looks sweet.

It's funny rich said that... My original g-nex the screen looks perfect but I had vzw serve me another die to LTE issues and im on my 4th return in a week cuz the display doesn't match up. The blacks and whites are off.. So I went to my local store to check their floor models and and 2 reps agreed with me that they don't match my original and their floor models.. I noticed right away.. But You'd probably never notice it but put the 2 together and It's there. So I don't want to start a nit pick but id go check yours too the floor model cuz Samsung quality control is horrible!

Anyone who can handle the size will love it. I've been using the international version and can't go smaller (or larger). It doesn't get any better for games and browsing on the go. It is the perfect size and resolution. The screen is awesome. As more apps support annotation and drawing, the pen will get more useful also.

this device is sick people need to get over there insecurities of what others might think once you use it youll love it

My friend was fretting whether to get the Nexus or the Note too...and he settled with the Nexus.
Anyway the Note is wildly popular (unexpectedly) here in HK. I see it everywhere (hmm, apart from the SGSII and the iPhone, of course)

I remember when people did nothing but bitch about Verizon's $299 subsidized price on LTE phones. Well looks like its gonna start being the norm across the board.

Nice phone.

Will the S-Pen work on any capacitive screen? All of the other styluses I've seen have big ol' fat tips. This fine tip is exactly what I've been looking for my sketch apps... Anyone tried the Spen with a Gnex, perchance? :-)

The S-pen isn't capacitive. Fantastic. On that note, has anyone seen a capacitive stylus with a fine or at least more-fine-than-a-sausage tip?

What the heck are you talking about? The pen and screen are both WACOM and capacitive, and the pen itself has something like 150 levels of sensitivity.

What would you prefer?

Although I prefer it to be an htc phone, I would break down and get this if it was available on its your turn.