12 days ahead of Samsung's Unpacked IFA 2014 press event in Berlin,Germany on September 3, along with a similar event in New York City, the company has released its first video teaser for the upcoming Galaxy Note 4, with an emphasis on how the Note family has handled handwriting in the past.

The clip begins with a montage of people handwriting in various forms (with an ink pen, with a quill and even in the sand) along with quotes from media sources claiming that the skill of handwriting is still needed. Then the video jumps to how the first Galaxy Note introduced the S Pen for handwriting on the smartphone's display.

The clip then shows a bunch of folks writing on the current version of the Android smartphone with the S Pen to take notes, write messages and more. Finally, the video ends with the September 3 date and the slogan, "Ready to note?"

It's likely this will just be the first of many video teasers for the large Galaxy Note 4 before the big September 3 reveal. What do you think of this first teaser video from Samsung?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 video teaser campaign begins with handwriting


Just look at your Note 3 and the same touchwiz... Guessing nothing new here from Samsung as usual.

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Right on course for my yearly purchase as usual. The GOLD STANDARD of technology only gets better.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Are you suggesting Samsung won't update their Bloatwiz user interface on last year's model? Other manufacturers do!

As I look at my Note 3 with the chrome around the edges, how could you not know that was a Note 3? You can't be keeping up with the phones!

The clip then shows a bunch of folks writing on the "current version of the Android smartphone"

The phone in the video is the Note 3.
They're just showing how people already use the current one to tease the new one.

Catch the number 9 when they were mentioning the date? Could be the release day... They said they wanted quick turn around

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I think the 9 was just there becuase Sept is the 9th month.. it was a picture of a calender.. could be wrong though..
I wouldnt read into it too much.

I don't think it's a mere coincidence that Samsung worked the number '9' in there, since September 9th is the date that Apple is supposed to be revealing the IPhone 6. ;-)

My wife is excited. She's upgrading from the Note 2 and has a few chips in her screen. Young kids and phablets don't mix. Can't come soon enough. She needs a better camera apparently.

Interesting teaser...will be interesting to see if they can improve the handwriting recognition throughout. Love my Note 3 though, so I'll be interested to see if there's anything that would cause me to upgrade.

Hand writing recognition is already excellent since rhe digitizer on Note series is almost as good as professional digitizer.

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very interested to see what the Note 4 will bring. been using my Note 3 since launch day and love it overall. only things that would make me upgrade at this point is a better radio (seriously, this thing drops calls like crazy) and a dev edition (came from a Nexus so I miss that side of Android).

Yep, This note 2 is my last Samsung. I'm done with their crummy radios

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My Note 3 is a keeper for sure. Note 4 and Galaxy Gear 3 Solo as well as the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE tablet are all add on's.

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Omg, you're soooo awesome! Can I be your friend? PLEASE?! Teach me how to be cool like you! Show me how to live!!!!


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Well I wouldn't read a book on anything with an lcd/amoled display.... e-paper is so so so much better that it's ridiculous...

1st tablet is always great and nothing on the market today is better than the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 or 10.1 tablets.

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Why? Because you say so? Must be true then.....now I can sleep tonight knowing you have saved the internets from Samsung. I applaud you.

Are you sure about that? What about the galaxy note pro 12.2?! Can't wait to see the Note 4, I just love the Note phones, they're really up there with the greats.

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I was just gonna say that, the 12.2 is awesome for both productivity and casual

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Kind of stupid IMO. Now for a tablet I can understand but how much can you really write on a 5 inch screen??? You need a quick reminder, there's apps for that. In the time it takes to pull that out, write on it and put the pen back you could have spoken the phone number, grocery list or whatever is so urgent into a voice reminder or recorder app. I imagine some people find this a popular feature, but at my desk I do my handwriting the old fashioned way, post it notes. For the important stuff I use reminders. Worked great last weekend with my 5 fantasy football drafts at 5 different times in one day. From the rumor mill, I've heard this thing should have other features that I would tease besides this.

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I use the pen a fair bit, it's ace for drawing and particular useful for editing photos... something that Samsung don't really talk about oddly. Admittedly, it's a bit fiddly pulling the pen out for making a reminder though.

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I use it alot. I have written entire segments of code using my note 3 and use. G the note 12.2 is better than paper for meeting notes.

You kinda have to force yourself to break the old habits of pen and paper but once you do it is great

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I imagine it's possible. I admit some find it useful. I believe in user opinion. I won't say (insert manufacturer here) is stupid because I don't use that feature. But I would have built the hype another way. And no not by invites lol

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Take a pic.....Open gallery and pull the pen out. Screen shot via pen, edit and share anyway possible within seconds. Yea, it sucks.

Oh yea, action memo is your post it notes in one place, all the time you have your phone. Sucks.

Those are just 2 of the Shitty TW features.

And you know your poking NoNexus with your invite comment lol!

I'm happy photo editing is so important to you. Will I spend MY $ just for that? No. Can I edit photos without the pen? Yes. Can I draw on photos without the pen? Yes, do it all the time

Who said I use action notes.

I didn't say anything about them being shitty tw features but since you did...

And yes I was poking him. He knows what I mean

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He wasn't being rude to you. In fact, he was kind of agreeing with you. He said those are shitty TW features, aka not really worth it. Then you went off on him. Chill brah

It's Friday, it's beautiful outside, i got the day off, last i checked, and it was recently, I'm perfectly chill lol. And I didn't go off on him.

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lol no worries guys! Hell ya its killer out today. I did mean that since you said "post it" notes, that the phone, and tab, basically have them built in. No need to bring them, lose them, etc.
Of course anyone can edit pics, and its not that important to me, but I use it. With the spen, its very easy, and really great at being articulate, and accurate. Not just me with my finger writing. Works great for LokLok. Everybody, mostly is down on the tw, so I should have included the /S with it. Its all preference, of course!

Internal on the Note starts at 32GB
Ram starts at 3GB
The screen on the Note 4 will be quad HD
No S-Pen (I know you discount that but it is there)
Cameras on the X sucked so it they remain of equal quality each, the Note 4 will win

There are a lot of differences.


I wouldn't go so far as to call them a budget company. The X was a good phone and even with the spec compared favorably to the "flagships". That does not include the camera of course...

That's what I was saying. I was expecting more from moto. I thought those 2, the note and x+1 were gonna be the cream of the crop this fall. Looks like the note will be better. Seems like moto has become a more budget company

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I think they're budget. I don't think the cost of the x+1 will exceed $450. That's a lot of $ to me, but the way people routinely drop $550+ for phones kind of sets the bar high

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Everyone was hoping for that price last time and were really disappointed. Might happen just because this is the last one of this series that is going to be Google influenced

I use it quite often now that ink is available in OneNote. I keep notes bout clients information and configuration synced across multiple devices. Pulling out the pen and hitting one note is rather quick and easy.

As an old GN2 user who now uses a GS5, i miss S Pen A LOT. The best feature of the phone (obviously)

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Perhaps he holds the slab in his left hand while scrawling code using his right hand. How do you do it?

I've had my note 2 for 18 months, I've rarely used the spen or any handwriting features, which is funny because I markup drawings for a living. Have always felt that the draw of the note phone is the huge screen size while still being usable and pocketable. I've never been able to comfortably write on this thing. A 12" tab would be the place to use it.

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I was the same on my Note 2. I rarely used it and was usually using AKOP roms with it. Once the Note 3 came out, I use the pen a lot for work use. I guess Action Menu made it easier for me when I needed to jot a note down quickly at work. Hope the Note 4 has more S-Pen features.

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In all honesty, I don't care a about who launched what, or will launch what this year, including the silly iphone phablet.....the note 4 is going to destroy all the competition from a raw power and specs standpoint. This will be smartphone of the year. Period.

The android platform is by far what's most important overall. This is the greatest feature ANY mobile device could ever have... but with samsung finally refining touchwiz to the point of acceptable with the s5 and not being so insanely ugly, and the ridiculious specs this thing is gonna pack......it's a wrap, note 4 is gonna take no prisoners

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Lolol....na man, that Richard dude is a joke....he probably actually uses things like S-voice, smart scroll, and the touchwiz launcher because he's just that much of a dumbass

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Following is edited text lifted from Android Central's review by Alex Dobie of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 mini posted just prior to this article.

Samsung has a reputation of throwing bewildering array of features against the wall, some of which are semi functional and many of which you'll probably never use. But they're there if you need them, and presented in a way that's more attractive than earlier Samsung efforts, even if Bloatwiz isn't as polished as HTC Sense or Google's Material Design.

Couldn't have said it any better myself......they're atleast 2 years late on refining the aesthetics and bloat of touchwiz....and there's still a long way to go....but I like what I'm seeing from sammy in 2014....which is something I never thought I'd be able to say

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Here is what was actually written:

Nevertheless, Samsung's "kitchen sink" approach means TouchWiz is unmatched in its sheer number of features, both useful and superfluous, it can offer. And this is one area in which the GS5 Mini maintains a surprising level of parity with its big brother.

Funny how that doesnt look all that much like what you wrote.

But seriously, you shouldn't be a nexus hater bro......that is android in its purest and most beautiful form.....and if it weren't for google and android, OEMs wouldn't have the most powerful OS in history to play around with

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I'd rather see a video on how the S Pen can be useful to everyone. When I owned the Note 2 and Note 3, I didn't find the S Pen useful at all.

Then a video will not help you.

Note 2 maybe. If you ever pulled out the spen on the note 3(and the note 2 for that matter), it almost walks you through it.....at least until you tell it not to show tutorials again...

I think that's more about habits than usefulness. If you don't remember to use your Note for things like, well, taking notes, then it will appear that it's not useful. However, digital notes are far superior to their physical antecedents. Those willing to make an effort to use the Note in this way can reap huge benefits. I've seriously thought about getting a Note tablet just for this feature alone. I hate paper notes that much.

I don't have a Note though two people in my family are currently using the Note 2. I would love to have the note-taking ability of these tools for my own use but the size overrides the productivity I'd gain. I need something pocketable. That said, with every iteration of the Note I come closer to taking the leap regardless of size issues. Maybe I will this year.

Cant wait. My gs3 is going out so ive been waiting for this. I have to take a ton of notes in the military, keep track of soldiers and appointments, reminders for meetings and events up the wazoo, so this is going to help me a bunch. Ive tried with voice notes, and other apps that use touch for notes but it just doesnt work. Plus if im in a meeting i cant speak to the phone so having one device/thing in my pocket is great space saver. Plus the gaming, video and browsing will be much improved on the nicer res screen. This comi g from a gs3 though so obviously huge upgrade. Size factor is no concern, i have multiple large pockets on my uniform, so for others like me, a great phone to have.

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Awesome bro....i commented on this thread earlier and just read yours....i was also a tank mechanic (63A) for 8 years active duty , unless they've changed the nomenclature since I ETS' d about 3 years ago....i wish i had S-pen functionality when I was keeping track of my soldiers, lol..

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hmmm i wonder if that first scene with the spen popping out is a new mechanism??

auto pop out so you don't have to grab and pull it .. that would be kind neat, but another part to break ; <

EDIT: just watch it again.. and it's not the case haha.. finger just flicks the pen out... but it would be cool if they did have some sorta push and pop out feature

I thought the ad was nice, I just disliked the TW noise they added when people when tapping on something, kind of threw off the whole momentum of the ad, also the guy at the end had some serious case of "text neck"

The Note 3 is the first phone I've had where I wasn't looking for my next device within a few months. I love it and can't wait to get the Note 4. True, I don't use the S Pen all the time, but when i do need it for a quick note without having to open up a note-taking app and everything, it's a godsend.

I have the note 2. And I really don't use the s pen. Come to think of it when I do use it it's is for scrolling or jotting down a phone number or similar when I'm on the speaker phone and don't have a pen handy. But never really any form of note taking. I do like how the note 3 can create contacts from notes.

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This seems to confirm the rumors of a metal frame, like the Galaxy Alpha. And disprove the rumors that Samsung might ditch the physical home button.

Samsung is the new Apple people love to hate on them. I love the note series I think it's probably the biggest change in the smartphone market since the iPhone released

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Its just that God awful ui. That is my only issue. It might sound sarcastic, but it really looks like it was designed by a teenage girl. The blocky app icons, the bloat. The app launcher last in the dock. If they change their ui to something closer to stock and have more timely software updates, I would be very interested in then again. Some things I love about Sammy, Odin, kies and their camera was pretty good.

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Tough choice but you may be waiting awhile to get all the information, Nexus is later on if at all (still not convinced there is one, but 75% there)

Yes, my S3 is on life support and I've been waiting to compare this to the S5 (I hate having to wait two years for the huge discount)...By the end of September I've have a new Samsung.

Haters are going to hate!! I happen to be a big fan of the note 2,3 and I am anxiously awaiting the 4!

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I really liked my Note II...It was a awesome phone after I rooted it and loaded up custom roms for it.

This new one looks even better...If they would just add in some front facing stereo speakers on it...

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And look where apple is now... Oh right!!! Trailing Sammy... So sad, so sad. Are you gonna go cry now...IN YOUR DAMN CAVE?? HOW DID YOU GET OUT ANYWAYS?

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I'll join in with your joke.
Jobs also said the iPad was the perfect size and no-one would want a "tweener" size. And the iPhone was also the right size and bigger phones were not wanted.

bzzzt Wrong!

Never had a Note. Coming from a LG Optimus G. Exactly how bad are the radios, particularly on Sprint's network?

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Couldn't get past the bratty going Picasso on the couch.... made me so mad didn't even think about the phone.

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Let's hope Samsung don't do their stupid region locking of the phone this time. It's primarily the reason I now have an Xperia Z Ultra rather than a note 3.
Of course, if Sony did a Z Ultra 2 with an SPen-like pen, I'd be queuing to upgrade.

Another disappointing Samsung releases , better be huge changes or I'm leaving this time , tired of mediocrity .